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Simply Shredded FAQ - Read before posting! Frostshock 27 4 daysNes (4): Nice post helped me a lot.
S.S(eknight) Questions Thread Pt. 2 Bucky 378 17 minutesgolago (148): @Rawsteel in my opinion leg raise are bad exersices for everyone not only for people who hareniated their disc, due to the fact that your back round what make stress on your disc inccorectly . u can try to do ab roller if it doesnt hurt it is the only exersice i would advise to someone in your situation as there is no posterior pelvic tilit ( good form), and i think that the real movement of the abs is in Isometric form as flank and ab...
cutting question OHPloser 3 1 hourOHPloser (1): Nope I used the search bar and there was a far easier option :/ After reading decided 25g carbs is the first drop cheers for that.
Take more pics of what you're eating ErickFromOmaha 383 2 hourshollyhopeful5678 (949): These are great for busy weeks or using up expiring eggs. Beat eggs and mix in cheese & peppers and divide into mini muffin tin. Pop in freezer to keep and zap for 10 seconds to pop in your mouth while running out the door!
How far can the Old Man go? (LOG) wannabemuscular 143 2 hourswannabemuscular (22659): Going for some Tattoo work today. Have to get finished before spring.
Digestive issues , (food recommendations) Jelet 16 2 hourswannabemuscular (22659): Lately I've been sipping gatorade mixed with water and BCAA intra/post.
Critque FST-7 Routine Styrka 3 3 hoursStyrka (1): I'm all about them gains.
the1 prep log 2014/2015 2 shows the1 172 4 hourskickinchicken (7612): Interesting. So what about the upright alternating leg curl machine?
Bodyfat % estimate? Is it time to bulk? GrakoHD 7 5 hoursFiremanSi (36910): @GrakoHD What @wannabe said u can keep cutting but u won't see more and cause they are not developed yet.. U could see more detail and definition but that's about it. U can bulk without gaining too much fat easily just bulk on a small surplus and monitor ur weight gain weekly and up or lower ur cals accordingly.
My bulking log ,"From launching pad to moon" Sharkoon1 11 6 hoursSharkoon1 (4): Good workout had so much power, heard that while doing squats, i don't know but elliot's voice are like a boost or something lol , 80kg felt so easy 5x5 80 kg Squat 176 lbs Elliot power 5x5 62.5 kg 137 lbs Benchpress 5x5 52,5 kg 115 lbs Rows , said before i work on form a bit so i did last set 5+ . Form is in check now. 3x8 50 kg 110 lbs shrugs 3x8 30...
Log: Consistency is the key to success lolssons 34 6 hourslolssons (676): Arms Hammer dumbbell curls 4x4-6 20kg6:6:5:5/ closegrip benchpress 4x4-6 65kg 4x6 Barbell curls 3x8-10 20kg+zbar 10:10:10 / overhead tricep extension dumbbell 3x8-10 10kg 3x10 Reverse cable curl 45kg 3x8+2/ v-shape tricep pushdowns 68kg 3x10+4(rest pause) do same weight on both of these next week Starting to get a cold so was a really heavy workout feeling like shit now after need to get some quality rest today
2 year BULK? TheSociaLToasT 3 7 hoursTheSociaLToasT (1): cheers man, yeah I already have that sorted out and im currently doing that. but thanks for the rep ranges! ill make sure I hit them!
Cardinal's kingpin log cardinal 94 9 hoursTrev182 (14533): Good lifting man!
My steroid cycle! Help with info Juicywog 12 11 hoursBucky (1318): @Juicywog if I agree to help you with this, will you promise to knock this shit off and leave the forum alone with the annoying Zyzz shit? please? if you will, pm me your questions, I will answer them, and you leave everyone alone.
A new cycle Ehabezzat761 47 14 hoursSOLARSUPLEX (3805):
Time to rebuild swollenscott 11 15 hoursswollenscott (493): Chest/back Incline db 35kgx7x4 Db chest supported row 27.5kgx8x4 Incline db flye 20kgx10x4 Reverse db raise 7.5kgx8x4 Cable flye 10repx50.60x3. 20repx40 Face pulls 10-12x 102,130,140x2 Abs 3xcrunches, 3xleg raises, 3xside planks
log to be shredded and strong csizemore21 32 17 hourscsizemore21 (223): Did 30 min liss today and hit a few sets of forearms, feeling nice and pumped from my carb load which was mainly low-fat chocolate milk and low fat cinnamon rolls lol. Prob lowering my carb intake by about 35 grams Tommorow
Is a surplus really necessary for naturals? TheSociaLToasT 6 18 hoursJelet (2106): Troll of the week
How Much Is An Average Stack? TheSociaLToasT 5 19 hoursTheSociaLToasT (1): Hey thanks man! really helped!:cool: @bucky
Powered By Rage _RudeCrew 68 20 hours_RudeCrew (11023): No clue why, but for some reason before the 3rd rep I flattened my feet and I lost tightness. Dumb.
*Firemans Log: Candito GainTrain Continues.. FiremanSi 413 20 hoursFiremanSi (36910): @cardinal Interesting on the sugar alcohols. Also u have alot of intolerances like myself i was CONVINCED it would come back and say dairy because everytime i have alot of chocolate i get gas straight away. I was attributing problem with milk in coffee though aswell so that explains the prob it being the coffee which is still heartbraking. WILL NOT give up my morning coffee but will give up my evening coffee FOR NOW. OD on sugars and u get bad...
extra day devoted to speed csizemore21 12 21 hourscsizemore21 (223): @_RudeCrew I agree with this completely. I couldn't move 80% that fast either
Mat the frenchie's log MMB 417 23 hoursMMB (2503): @FiremanSi 5'6"...
Your fav pwrlifting core exercises MMB 14 23 hoursWinnersNeverQuit (8376): @kickinchicken I'd completely forgotten about the ab wheel, I love using them
Newest member of SS family!!! mikew 22 1 dayDem41 (256): Congrats man !
DUP log Rand 116 1 daywannabemuscular (22659): @Rand I'll bet that the fact the first 550 attempt came up uneven thru you off. You would have had it. NEXT TIME!
Duke's path to redemption... Dukenhiemer 66 1 dayDukenhiemer (23347): It's a blessing and a curse, to be honest! I'm not used to my body being this beat up but my anxiety and motivation have both improved. I'm definitely falling back in love with the gym life. 😊 thanks for checking in!
Trev's Road to the Platform! Trev182 290 1 dayTrev182 (14533): Weakness Bench 110x5x2/107.5x5/105x5/100x5 military press 67.5x5/65x5/62.5x5x2/60x5/40x15 accessory work - bb row, inc rows, bicep curls ss oh db ext Pressing is feeling very strong at the minute!
Saving time on dieting Arthur_steel 2 1 daycsizemore21 (223): Lol
leanr0x log pt. 1 leanr0x 42 1 dayleanr0x (4024): here some bench press tips: - index finger on the ring of the barbell - feets beside the bench and press them against the bench which helps you getting your whole body into tension - place your feets so, that your heels are slightly in the height and then press them to the floor, so you can increase your arch slightly - REALLY lock your shoulders, push them into the bench. i was always thinking that i am already doing this but no i wasnt - ONLY...
incline bench going up but not shoulders thephenomenon 9 1 daythephenomenon (10): parkerhenry i have to say that was a genius idea
Tamere Pays His Dues (Training Log) tamere01 307 1 dayTamere02 (931): Cycle 6, week2, session 5 Bench:70kgx5,4,4 (4-6rep range) Additional bench:2x75kgx1 Close Grip Bench:57.5kgx4,4,5 + 60kgx4 Bent over rows: 3x65kgx6 Seated DB ohp: 2x16kgx6 + 18kgx6 Lat Pulldown: 66kgx6+ 2x73kgx6 Flat Db press: 22kgx10,8,8,12 Skullcrushers: 1x7+2x8 with 25kg Pull ups(normal grip/ palm outwards): 7,6,6 Pull ups (narrow grip/palms facing each other)6,4,4 3x bicep rope curls Not too happy with the bench reps I got but as long...
Bodyfat Percentage jslinjr 5 1 dayParkerHenry (79): 15-18%
Birthdays are awesome! kickinchicken 24 1 dayParkerHenry (79): Happy Birthday man!! I just turned 20 last wednesday
Lifting gear necessary? dserious111 8 1 dayParkerHenry (79): Only lifting gear I currently use is a belt.
Flavor God.. nine0seven 11 2 daysBucky (1318): haha that's why I just say fuck it and eat salt like its my last day on earth, don't give no time about holding some extra water☺️
Bulk Wars : Return of the Deficit Frostshock 477 2 dayscsizemore21 (223): @Frostshock lol makes more sense. I was looking at was like dang that's at around 70% plus bands xD
Squat improvement but NEED assessment darklight79 8 2 dayscsizemore21 (223): Nice set man, I'm gonna have to agree with beans about the lower bar. I have congenital spondy and lowering the bar has been a blessing lol
Ocean's Training/Cutting Log oceanair 30 2 daysoceanair (15820): Nevermind about the kickboxing. Thought more peeps we're going, but the 1 person who planned to go had to cancel. Not going alone lol. I'll try it another time. Just glad I got my pull day workout in.
can u make gains while using that lettuce? thephenomenon 11 2 daysajm87 (370): what about the different types of lettuce? I prefer romaine. it is juicier.
11 mnths progress. Can't wait for the nxt 11 wxfreekj 4 2 dayswxfreekj (40): Thanks @wannabemuscular and @SRorhrbac0808! I feel fckn ahmazing! I still want to cut more. I've never been lean and my hot wife has spent the last 16 years with a fat dude, so I'm going to ride the cut out through the summer at least. In November I went from a really calorie restrictive carb cycling to an iifym approach at a 20% deficit--which actually had me add about 500 calories a day. I've been leaning out but staying at about the same...
Rerack the weights! haole 6 2 daysBeans (1576): @kickinchicken My gym actually has the best floor manager. He basically walks around, talks to everyone constantly, cleans up, and tells people to clean up their shit. Every gym should invest in one of those guys.
Stronglifts Or Starting Strength ThatTeenThatLifts 13 2 daysSOLARSUPLEX (3805): Bob does stronglifts because the app is super helpful on bobs ios or android device. Bob also reps your maxes.
Log to 1600 total WinnersNeverQuit 384 2 daysWinnersNeverQuit (8376): @FiremanSi yeah I love BOR, only reason I've not done them recently is so to not put too much loading on my lower back. PS- I believe it was me who recommended you to BOR in the first place haha
Dems log Dem41 100 2 daysDem41 (256): cycle 1 week 3, military press day ! 5/3/1+ warm up 5 minutes on treadmill pvc pipe dislocations purple band pull aparts internal/external rotations foam roll lats/upper back explosive pushups warm up, military press 20x10 30x3 40x3 50x3 65x3 75x3 work sets 95x5 110x3 120x7 superset with neutral grip strapped pull ups, shoulder width 10XBWx5 BBB assistance, bench press. 2 second pause 5x95x10 superset with face...
Ragnarök Awaits! GrizzlyBerg 212 2 daysGrizzlyBerg (6043): Testing out some variations for fun Squat 315 x 2 365 x 2 405 x 2 x 2 Paused Squat 315 x 3 x 3 Straight Leg Deadlift 315 x 3 335 x 3 355 x 3 375 x 3 Speed Pull 315 x 3, 3, 3, 3 Beltless Front Squat 185 x 3, 3 205 x 3, 3 225 x 3, 3
Cutting advice Dave2323 11 2 daysDave2323 (1): So I recently just started jiu jitsu at my college and train 2-3 times a week for an hour or two. how should i calculate that in to my macros? sometimes its intense sometimes it isnt. on days its intense should i just add 300 cals to my calories and 150 on less intense days?
It's big, it's heavy, it's wood! eknight 217 2 dayseknight (46228): Friday: 3 min band shoulder warm-up Paused bench: 135x15/5x185x4 Wide grip chins: 10/8/8 Triceps band pushdowns x100 DB curls: 25x12/2x30x10 Bird dogs, Superman, crunches 3x12 SS Done. Easy. -3X
I think the Men of SimplyShredded will enjoy TimmothyGen 12 2 daysajones46 (11602): Yeah I actually enjoy these. I think they all look phenomenal and artful. Whatver I'm weird.
Log to gain Konstantinov 9 2 daysFiremanSi (36910): @Konstantinov Strong block pulls man. Hope the groin injury gets better quickly.