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Simply Shredded FAQ - Read before posting! Frostshock 28 2 monthsletsgetlean (58): Nutrition video series by 3DMJ!!! I found this super helpful!
Please critique squat form! Desperate? Jiaxie97 47 4 minutesJiaxie97 (4): Okay I see. By the way, I think one reason why my form breaks down so badly is I don't have a rack to which I can set the weight down if I fail. I focus more on the fear of dropping the weight rather than the form. How can I fix this?
Ragnarök Awaits! GrizzlyBerg 440 17 minutesGrizzlyBerg (6886): ahh shit that should be front squats, not a second deadlift.
Tritons log Tritons 90 2 hoursFiremanSi (38386): @Tritons Sweet Jesus i'm jelly of that squat !!
important questions I need answer to XxSAVAGEx 3 2 hoursMMB (2809): Open thread to view post.
Ocean's Training/Cutting Log oceanair 177 2 hoursFiremanSi (38386): @NorIda Haha we can't all be maintaining on 4000cals like u ya beast !! 😁
Mat the frenchie's log MMB 489 2 hoursMMB (2809): C1W8 Upper body PWO routine Warm-ups Heavy Bench Day Bench 2@230/1@235/1@240/AMRAP@205 (10) Added back off sets 8@175/8@135/(8@135 bamboo style) BOR 4x15@105 Iso DB Row 12@55/2x10@55 Leg Raise 3xAMRAP (14/11/7) Ab Rollout 3xAMRAP (9/9/9) Back raise 3xAMRAP@25 (20/17/17) Liked the bamboo benching alot. Will use it on deload/technique/speed days in the near futur. Also upped prots to 170g. And forgot to mention I started taking BCAA...
"PPL" LOG Snowboard901 41 3 hoursSnowboard901 (61): 3/26/15 Squat - 185x5x5x5x7 Leg Press - 360x12x12x12 Leg Curl - 80x10x10x10x10 Leg Ext - 110x12x12 Seated Calves - 90x15x15x15x15 Cable Crunch- 100x10 110x10 120x10 130x10 140x10 Notes - Everything felt good. Lower back a little sore from deadlifts earlier this week. Up squat to 190 and leg press to 380.
Duke's path to redemption... Dukenhiemer 217 4 hoursFiremanSi (38386): Sharting is a bitch.. Haha happens though.. Happened today to me also.. Hahah. Solid quad sweep son. Keep it up.
*Strength Log: A Song of Ice & FIRE* FiremanSi 124 4 hoursFiremanSi (38386): C7W3D4 Squats: goal 125kg x3 x3 125kg x3 x4sets 4"block pulls: 170kg x8 x3 (so much bracing, stomach was dodgy before this and was rough after.. Haha) Leg extensions Lying leg curls Done. Notes: - busy day was up a 6 for house fire and one after workout and 4hour call this eve. Needless to say I'm fucked !!
Back Exercises Snowboard901 21 4 hourspandasashi (3847): I loved doing pull ups/chin ups every day...I also did muscle ups every day...doing them becomes effortless.
Symptoms of low leptin levels Beastmode1607 11 5 hoursFiremanSi (38386): Nope no typo... If u redress it helps leptin levels... Srs.. Not srs...
foods or supplements that curb appetite csizemore21 11 7 hoursLVjack (1159): ^a month late
Discount Code thread wannabemuscular 190 8 hourswannabemuscular (24534): 10% SWOLFIE10 *THIS COUPON EXPIRES ON APRIL 2ND, 2015 AT 11:59 PM PST NOT VALID WITH ANY OTHER PROMOTIONAL OFFER
Starting Stronglifts!! - log DLift49 51 8 hoursDLift49 (73): @haole, I'm started with Stronglifts like my log title says, but found the overal volume to low. I saw good results in @Sharkoon1 log, and switched to ICF. Like the program so far, but got stuck on 67,5 kg on bench. Thats why I lowered the weight. Chinups I did 3x7 because thats my maximum so far with bodyweight. I'm trying to get this up to 3x 8 and the next goal is with a weight attached
Training Fasted kozzletoff 4 10 hoursXxlean (1516): I can't lift fasted. I need some carbs or I feel weak and depleted. Oat meal about an hour before is ideal for me. But were all different.
strategy Hambo 4 10 hoursHambo (4): Thanks a lot for your answers.
Dems log Dem41 146 11 hoursDem41 (334): cycle 4 week 1, deadlift day ! 3/3/3 warm up prowler push defranco agile 8 bridges since i did more deadlift work tuesday, focused more on squats today warm up , squats 45x10 95x5 135x5 160x5 190x3 work sets 220x3 255x3 285x6 band pull apart purple x100 wide grip pull ups BWx 25 total assistance, rack pulls rack deadlifts 45x10 95x5 135x5 185x5 225x5 275x5 315x5 365x5 bodyweight bridges 3x10, 30 second hold on 10th rep core...
Take more pics of what you're eating ErickFromOmaha 474 11 hoursXxlean (1516): I'm gonna have to try it...sounds simple enough
Lets lose the PHAT - Log SnackIt 52 13 hoursSnackIt (70): @FiremanSi I find it little strange that I'm not hungry on 2100 calories, but my maintenance is not high, and I'm not an active person, on rest day I'm just relaxing, usually don't do a shit, i get hungry before bed sometimes on training days. Is there any benefits from carb cycling? like less carbs on rest days? when you did your cut, did your weight loss sometime just go like 2 weeks without any weight loss, then over night you sudden drop...
5/(4)3/(2)1 - Liftoff! T-flex takes Wendler. TyrannosaurusFlex 32 15 hoursFiremanSi (38386): @TyrannosaurusFlex Yeah man live in ireland. He's huge over here. Literally everyone knows who he is.. before the ufc fight most didnt even know ABOUT the ufc let alone different divisions and irish fighters in them. But he's just a media animal onto himself. The repition in what he says gets old to alot of the oldschol ufc fans but the new guys love it. People who have no interest in the sport watch his tv show.. the made one about his rapid...
"New" bodyfortress protein thoughts Beastmode1607 12 16 hours_RudeCrew (12004): Open thread to view post.
A Dream~ Gen's Log TimmothyGen 116 16 hoursTimmothyGen (967): :O
Road to the Alba Meet 27th June! Trev182 80 17 hoursFiremanSi (38386): @Trev182 Sweet bench.
Cutting Macros kozzletoff 9 17 hoursFiremanSi (38386): @kozzletoff Many reasons. Primarily because their still growing. Loads of test flowing around the body and its a time u should be taking advantage of that high test and not cutting cause u want shredz or some bullshit. You should be building big muscle. under the age of 21 most people only start lifting and its in the first 12-18 of training where they have the unique window to burn fat and build muscle at the same time and unless ur obese it's...
Peter N - Training Log _peterbrah 24 20 hours_peterbrah (91): @TimmothyGen Very good haha, enjoying working out and it's the only thing I look forward to every day @Xxlean Thanks man 26/03/2015: Shoulders 5x5 DB shoulder press - 20kg, 20kg, 20kg, 20kg, 20kg (attempted 22.5 on first set but that was a bad idea, might do 5x6 next week with the 20s) 4x6-8 hammer strength shoulder press - 40kg, 40kg, 40kg, 40kg (one 20kg plate on each side) 4x8-10 cable side lateral raises - 5kg, 5kg, 5kg, 5kg 4x8-10 DB...
What supps are you using? 3six9 67 22 hoursThatguy81 (31): Glutamine and dat der cell tech, cuz imma boss son!!
How To Approach A Cut (Macro Counting) ezvmoneybeast 4 1 dayezvmoneybeast (661): Lol yea pretty much zero labels on everything. But its cheap and organic at least. @FiremanSi yea thanks i was thinking about doing something similar to what you said.
Log to 1600 total WinnersNeverQuit 474 1 dayWinnersNeverQuit (8886): @FiremanSi cheers @Rand yeah college is good for that, very basic gyms but has all I need.
Cardinal's kingpin log cardinal 185 1 day_RudeCrew (12004): I did RPE a little bit last year. It's not very hard. Just have to be honest with yourself.
Log: Consistency is the key to success lolssons 105 1 daylolssons (850): Deadlifts D2W1 Deadlifts 5x4 135kg Deficit deads 5x5 120kg Bentoverrows 4x6-8 60kg 4x6 Talk about deads, total of 10sets shit was insane. My lower back is in some serious need of rest right now.
lets talk about sleep thephenomenon 9 1 dayezvmoneybeast (661): Hes a Genovas Witness. It all makes sense now.
cut/bulk opinions Jenkins123 7 1 dayFiremanSi (38386): @Jenkins123 If ur not lifting long and u aren't then i would worry about bulking and cutting just yet... get on a solid program.. track ur foods eat until ur full at days end and see how much cals that it over the course of a week...
My bulking log ,"From launching pad to moon" Sharkoon1 117 2 daysSharkoon1 (487): @FiremanSi thanks
Danimal Strikes Back - USAPL Here I Come Danimal_88 111 2 daysDanimal_88 (9592): 3/25/15 Cycle 2 - Week 4 - Day 3 - Fluff (deload) Secondary Lifts Secondary Horizontal Row - 145x6,6,6 Incline Chest Press - 100x10,10,10 Tricep Extension(Long Head) - 50x13,13,13 Biceps Curls (Hammer) - 40x11,11,11 Lateral Raises - 15x15,15,15
funny bodybuilding meme thread DEXchidera 58 2 daysAndyCap (49): ...
Tamere Pays His Dues (Training Log) tamere01 386 2 daysTamere02 (1249): Cycle 8, week 1, session 3 Bench:42.5kgx10, 57.5kgx10, 65kgx8,6 Additional bench: 72.5kgx2, 3x80kgx1 Close grip Bench: 37.5kgx`0, 50kgx10, 55kgx8,6 Bent over rows: 62x62.5kgx10, 65kgx8, 70kgx6 Seated DB ohp: 14kgx12,12,10 + 16kgx8 Lat Pulldown: 61kgx12,12,10,8 Rotating DB press: 20kgx10,9,8 DB Row: 28kgx12,12,12 3xmachine rows 3xseated curls Decent session. Changed things up in regards to my close grip benching and decided for this cycle to...
Should I bulk or cut? Andropolis 16 2 daysAndropolis (1): This is a more recent pick. I think I want to cut for just a little while and see what happens. If no change then clean bulk :)
Tricep dips Hambo 3 2 daysRawsteel (268): Really? Heard of google/youtube?
Macros - Eating out kozzletoff 8 2 daysTamere02 (1249): rarely eat out at restaurants but when I go on nights out and now I will either eat out before or after a drinking+ clubbing session I just leave around 1200-1500 kcals and make sure to hit my fibre target for the day. I'm sure I haven't reached my kcal target doing this but whats one day not hitting the right amount in a week?
Train to maintain...anyone? haole 8 2 daysBeans (1918): Seems like you would just need to keep doing the same thing over and over again in the gym and eat enough to maintain your weight. Simple enough. I'd stay away from heavy weights like you are already doing, and avoid any movements that have a tenancy to wear down joints.
Road to Mt Olympus a year long journey ZeusAmmon 74 2 daysZeusAmmon (79): I can definitely feel my body getting fatigued, and now I better understand the need for periodization. In the past when I was fatigued or completing workouts took more effort I would shrug it off and just try to go harder. I am looking forward to giving my body a bit of rest over the next 2 weeks as we deload. It amazes me that I have been missing out on so much by being stubborn lol. Glad to be working smarter, then harder ^_^ Declinebench:...
Critique my future program TimmothyGen 10 3 dayseknight (47476): I just don't understand why people who truly aren't qualified to create a training program insist on doing so when there's dozens of great ones already available. -3X
DUP log Rand 202 3 daysRand (2719): Took some time off, been kinda sick but mostly had a buttload of homework. Always fun. I just called it a deload back at it today, weight is 234, I felt super light headed tonight but got all my lifts in, did not do the planned amrap on squats though. Bench. 225x10 235x5 245x5 255x5 265x5 275x5 280x5x2 Squats 315x10 365x5 385x5 405x5x4 accessory work on legs and some arms.
Woooo! the1 19 3 daysoceanair (16441): Congrats on the engagement! Hot couple ;) Also congrats on your placing.
Thoughts on a Low Carb/High Fat Diet? bicepKing 4 3 daysbicepKing (7): Thanks @beastmode. I have will incorporate a day (after legs day) where I up my carbs and overall calories slightly. Will also lower protein on rest days (2 days a week) and calories slightly.
Deadlift form check ehukai 7 3 daysehukai (28): thanks for the tips guys. I'm always working on improving my form and never get feedback so its all helpful
Powered by Rage! Prep to RPS Redemption _RudeCrew 248 3 days_RudeCrew (12004): Here is the video
Log to May 31st RPS Meet SRorhrbac0808 144 3 daysSRorhrbac0808 (43333): Thanks fire!
longer limbs and pulling advantages thephenomenon 6 3 daysRand (2719): @thephenomenon yes ben rice is a great example of this, HUGE deadlift, 750 in competition, with pedestrian (relative to his Deadlift and squat) bench. He says because of his long arms which give him a advantage to deadlift disadvantage to bench.