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Routine Design for Dummies 1.0 eknight 172 2 daysjackhammer (10): gonna try the routine. thanks for sharing. i am new here and i already like the forum
Simply Shredded FAQ - Read before posting! Frostshock 38 9 monthsRyanEdward (10): Awesome post
Onward Onslaught Cannonball 264 2 hoursCannonball (6262): Well plans always gets thrown out of the window. Paused bench: 330x1x2 308x8 264x10,10 275x9 OHP bth: 134x2 Sum: super weak today. Think it was due to being worn out from maxing out in the lat pulldown machine.
Advice on a strength routine... Jreay4 9 2 hoursJsn3004 (2860): @Jreay4 How can you have read that thread twice, and still put deadlifts on upperbody day?
INSANE TRAINING SERIES - SHOULDERS WORKOUT moke912 13 13 hoursSuppCorner (1): clickable text
Kid from that big 2009 brawl speaks out Dorich 1 19 hoursDorich (400):
Another LOG for the Old Man wannabemuscular 167 19 hourswannabemuscular (32448): Monday 9/18: Legs Leg Press: 400x15, 500x15, 600x15, 700 3x12 SLDL: 245 2x5, 275x5, 285x5, 295x5, 305x5 Had to keep it simple today. I fukked up a couple of toes on Saturday evening by accidentally kicking the bottom of the hutch in the dining room. Ended up with a hairline fracture on one toe and another dislocated. .
Posing Hambo 2 21 hoursDorich (400):
Look at this sexy bikinis! Nicoleb 2 1 dayFineGirl (1): If a woman would wear a sexy bikini they should use a dermaroller to make their skin nice and pretty.
Lift Ratio Calculator Rawn 1 2 daysRawn (1329): Calculate your Lifts
Back from the layoff Log varunj17 27 2 daysvarunj17 (498): DEload week this week My plan is same weight as week 4 but less volume like instead of 4*4 at 105kg in 2*4 or 4*2 Any other suggestions/ideas???
Crazy guy I just viewed at the gym Freakydecky 14 2 daysFreakydecky (1): Jelly much? Fags have fun ego lifting and looking like dog shit that shit ain't motivating let me put it like that. Hard work and time as to what he did was dam motivating. Rage more kids rage more.
Back from the Dead Log eknight 235 2 dayseknight (57193): 9/16/17: Incline DB press, 6" eccentric 3x40x5 Incline DB press 50 reps AFAP- 25# DB 2:01 Superset: CGLP 90x12/110x10/130x10/150x10 Band face pull + ER 4x10 Iso-dynamic side lateral raise 4x10x8 Superset: Empty barbell curl 30# 4x30/25/25/20 Triceps band push-downs 4x30/25/25/20 Done. -3X
My training log getfit24 66 2 daysgetfit24 (43): Yesterday's workout: usual warm up IYT toe touch to squat some static stretching -- Front squats 2x8 bar weight 2x8 55lbs working: 5x5 65lbs, failed at 3rd rep on the last set, but still carried on with doing the last two. RDL 2x8 65lb, warm up working 5x5 115lbs, no straps this time. Last time I did my deadlifts with wrist straps to help but I want to assess my strength without the help of the straps this time. So far it was ok, struggling...
Bulk?Cut?Maintain? BF% estimate. stuck..PICS NoviceKev 7 3 daysNoviceKev (1): Thanks buddy
What worked to get rid of stretchmarks for u selfin 14 3 daysfaith20 (1): Dermalmd stretch mark reduction is highly recommended
INSANE TRAINING SERIES moke912 13 3 daysGarizo (1): ____________ Bazy firm austria
Anyone have any experiences with using this? Cannonball 5 3 daysCannonball (6262): not an easy clip to find amongst all of them :D
HELP. my right side is uneven zzz10 1 5 dayszzz10 (1): I injured my right shoulder months ago and its now lower than the left one. whenever I do a lat spread as you can see in the second picture it makes my back look uneven too. please help what should I do. I'm 8 months into lifting.
Rotator cuff exercises Hambo 3 5 dayseknight (57193): -3X
How long to get to 200lbs? ArthurDMJ 4 5 daysWinnersNeverQuit (10311): @ArthurDMJ I know you said you read the faq thread, but just to reiterate what it likely said in there. 30lbs of in 8 months is gping to be (at best) 8 lbs of muscle, woth the rest bwing fat. May be worth aiming for a slightly slow rate of weight gain
Bodypower Expo 2018 Promo Code FREE GIFT totalpheonix1 1 5 daystotalpheonix1 (1): Hello Everyone, Use promo code BPJN when getting your Bodypower Expo 2018 tickets to receive a FREE bottle of DEDICATED Eau De Toilette worth £29.99 The expo was huge last year and no doubt will be even bigger this year. Get your tickets early to avoid queuing and also the risk of the tickets selling out as some did last year. Also take a look here for future updates, info and competitions leading up to the expo… ...
Best Strength Rotuines Jreay4 4 6 daysDorich (400): On a serious note, look into StrongLifts 5x5, you might like it.
Can't believe it! Awsome FleurNoire 4 6 daysDorich (400): OP is a phaggot.
Nutrient timing Aoverto7 2 6 daysDorich (400): This is well known already. The thing is, critics of this meta analysis like to point out that they were analyzing data which didn't look at nutrient timing on the well trained strength population. I posted the following a while ago, which offers somewhat different insights: Regardless, I think people shouldn't obsess over things like nutrient timing. Hitting your...
Static Contraction Training Hambo 10 7 daysDorich (400): This will end well.
what happened to tyler_durdin 6 7 dayswannabemuscular (32448): Correct. The forum is splitting out from the main site to a new domain. Should be happening any time now .... @mikew ??
Reverse plank Onetofive 8 7 dayseknight (57193): Apparently they're not or you wouldn't be having this problem. -3X
Major lifting dilemma!...Any advice? forgottenpass 6 8 daysforgottenpass (298): Thanks guys! Apparently only about 5% of the population has this knee condition...And it goes to me, the guys who lifts weights. Plus unlike most people I don't have genetically large legs....So if I lose anymore muscle in my legs, that's it for shorts in public.:D
Fat Loss Help Needed! kbahramicc 3 8 daysFiremanSi (42205): Unless this is ur first day lifting weights u can't Loose weight and build muscle.... unless ur on anabolic steroids !!
Help me guess my body fat Johm7866 7 8 dayskevinscott (1): Do yo have any experience with diabetes problems ? I found this article researching for myself. What do you think?
How to be 7%BF and under naturally anteis99 7 10 daysJsn3004 (2860): Of course you'll feel small. You're a natural trying to get to 7 percent bodyfat and below. Not only is that very unhealthy, and not only will you look flat and like you don't even lift especially with a shirt on, but it's not sustainable. For all I know your estimates are accurate or wrong. You'd be surprised by how many people overestimate how lean they are in terms of bodyfat percentage. But if you really are 5'11, 173lbs and have a bodyfat...
Upper lower strength routine !? Jreay4 1 10 daysJreay4 (10): Upper/Lower Strength Workout ? Is this a good upper lower split for increases in Strength? What do you guys think of it? Anything you would change or do differently? Would you change the reps or sets? Monday Sets Reps bench press 5 4-6 Deadlift 5 4-6 OH Press 5 4-6 Cable Fly 3 6-8 Lat Pulldowns 3 6-8 Lateral Raise 2 6-8 Tricep Pushdown 4 5-7 BB Curl 4 5-7 Wednesday Sets Reps Squat 4 4-6 Leg Press 3 6-8 Rom DL 3 6-8 Ham Curl...
My skinny to fit transformation video teshafit 4 11 daysKellyKapoor (1): great transformation! :eek:
Is this dude natural. 3 year transformation wasup211 9 11 daysKellyKapoor (1): uhh i may want to say that he might have injected once or twice
6 Months Bulking....should I cut back? bflare 5 11 daysKellyKapoor (1): I would try cutting a little bit and building back up from there. a great supplement to try that will help you with fat loss is lipodrene dmaa, a friend of mine used it and saw results at about the two week mark
HBDL and KISS Hambo 8 11 daysJsn3004 (2860): Open thread to view post.
Abs Takeiteasy 13 12 daysRawn (1329): I chuckled. GW
Pick one single bicep exercise Dorich 20 12 daysJesus (154): Id prob go regular barbell, not sure if any better or worse than the others. I only specifically work my biceps about once a week or less.
Street Workout Motivation Video moke912 2 12 daysJsn3004 (2860): Dropped a quick dislike :)
How is my ratio? Townson 7 14 daysYeags (970): That's a big boy👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
What made YOU start getting real gains? Cannonball 13 14 daysframe (55): Like above said a diet, and that concentration on a muscle group during excercise, it may sound absurd, but it seems to work when you visualize how muscle contracts during a motion, with heavy weights up to 8 reps especially. That way you get controlled motion which makes muscle to work harder during lift since it takes out that momentum that is counter productive to muscle development, no ego lifting and diet/recovery = progress.
Ketogenic Diets and Bodybuilding NaturalBrawn 5 14 daysDannyJohnson (1): I am seriously thinking of keto dieting, but I must admit I am a bit confused. Aren't carbs the main source of energy? Before I start, I would like to know some experiences and whether it is worth the trouble. I have a few friends that shared their experience, but any other advice is more than welcomed. Could someone please share his daily menu? Like, how much proteins do you eat per day.I suppose you have to find a replacement for the lack of...
My "fat to fit" 20 month transformation zeefit95 3 15 daysRawn (1329): Nice transformation, lots of hard work
Joint pain CalisthenicStudent 2 15 daysDorich (400): Tried MSM? Devil's claw is supposed to be good, too.
Vegetable Oils Make You Fat And Diseased biohacked 3 16 daysJesus (154): Me either.
bodyweight Legs Workout moke912 2 16 daysJesus (154): Nah. Pistol squats only.
Calisthenic ring workouts CalisthenicStudent 1 16 daysCalisthenicStudent (10): Hello there guys completely new to this forum but I'm looking to promote calisthenics training. Ive been training using the gymnastic rings and have just posted two workouts to youtube I would like feedback on both of my videos to see what people think of the content and quality of editing? Also I'd like to talk about what people think about training with the gymastic rings i really do believe its one of the best things for the upper body...
Keto confusion BeStrong 75 19 daysDorich (400): Show some respect.
Soccer and gaining muscle Jreay4 18 19 daysJreay4 (10): Any advice would be much appreciated!👍🏻👍🏻 Thanks