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Quest Bar Giveaway: Free Sampler Boxes Logie_bear 24 3 daysfloriduh (43): My faaaave. Better microwaved
* The Official Motivational Thread * biganf 474 5 daysleanr0x (3100):
Simply Shredded FAQ Frostshock 13 11 daysIlladian (259): smoothly done :D i cant wait to see new folks argueing ur info x)
Power cleans vs OHP? MMB 1 1 minMMB (160): Hey there, After I watched some videos and I was wondering if a switch from OHP to PowerCleans would be good in a 5/3/1 routine? I think that I could develop more my traps strenght( which I think would benefit my overall upper back strenght) while still hitting the delts. Interested to get various opinions about that.
Duke is cutting... Dukenhiemer 72 2 minuteseknight (37597): It's a shame MOE left. He was a good guy. -3X
After 13 months of hard work(WARNING) SikiiD 8 5 minutesSRorhrbac0808 (34387): Thought we had a band on these zyzz mother fuckers!!! Get this one outta hereeeeee!
The Official Juice Discussion GStarRaw 58 19 minutesBucky (94): I honestly don't know too much about using research chems as an alternative to normal PCT protocols. I know Nolvadex works as it's been a staple for PCT for years on end, but there is research out there supporting some of the alternatives. I've personally never PCT'ed before, the concept of it doesn't have any appeal to me. I'm just blasting and cruising. With diet in check and your routine in check, it's common to put on a good 8-10lbs...
Bulk Wars : Return of the Deficit Frostshock 11 21 minutesSOLARSUPLEX (1924): what in the hell is that gif. i like in
New skinny kid needs help to get jacked!!!!! mattd534 448 22 minutesmattd534 (2341): which one did you like best and get the best gainzzz @cardinal
Bachinator Updates! SRorhrbac0808 220 23 minutesoceanair (12310): @SRorhrbac0808 lol oh lawd
SOLARSUPLEX // Five x Five // Bulk log SOLARSUPLEX 33 24 minutesSOLARSUPLEX (1924): Row Day BB Row - 120 Rear Delt cable flies - 20 side Pullups - 27.5 Seated Cable row - 140 Random tid bits of t bar row and some other shit Curls curls curls a pushup the end.
Bodypower Expo UK Meet AarronStenner 28 40 minutesMoyo (145): I'll be hitting the expo on friday. The tickets are cheap enough if bought early. less than £20 the cheapest ticket and if you use the promo code BPMO you get a free bodypower T-Shirt
Bodypower expo 2014 promo code BPMO Moyo 3 44 minutesMoyo (145): You are welcome.
_RudeCrews Iron Strength Log _RudeCrew 72 58 minutes_RudeCrew (5098): 4-23-14 Sheiko 29 Week 2 Day 2 Deadlift to knees 1x3 200lbs 1x3 240lbs 2x3 280lbs 4x2 300lbs Bench 1x6 145lbs 2x6 170lbs 4x6 185lbs Band Flyes 5x10 Block Pull 1x4 220lbs 1x4 260lbs 2x4 300lbs 4x4 315lbs Lunges 5x5 Barbell Planks 5 Rounds 10 seconds on 10 seconds off Gonna add a round to planks every time till I get to 10 rounds. Deadlift days are rough but I always push through. Good workout overall.
*STIIIIILLL bulking ;) Hamer93 457 1 hourHamer93 (8524): That's a good idea actually, might try it. Well I think I've still got a little bit of bulking left in me so I'm gunna make 75kg my target before really assessing the situation and discussing it with you guys. I don't wanna be thinking and debating it constantly in my head
Squats back pain aesthet1x 12 2 hoursleanr0x (3100): @ryan_929 same here Physical therapist told me that i must train more core because it was underdeveloped 5 months core training later it became better but still lacking
The epic hunt for the perfect squat ass heddaway 293 2 hoursMMB (160): Caution everybody. There is some heavy weights moving around!
Newbie to lifting reedy 5 2 hoursreedy (1): Thanks guys. When I get a spare moment tomorrow I will get a response up as i have a few questions/replies as to what you all have said so far.
Strength Progress elizabethanne 87 2 hourselizabethanne (280): Taking @_rudecrew advice and working on warming up better as well as being more intense. I don't want to make excuses but just to explain my autoimmune disease makes me struggle with energy and motivation. Its something I just have to work on sucking up and battling. Today's Workout (04/23/2014): Squat 6x2 75 lbs Squat 1x2 90 lbs Squat 5x5 60,60,70,70,75 lbs Front Squat 4x6 45,45,50,50 lbs Kettlebell Swings 3x15 20,25,30 lbs
Does this forum has an app? Thais 16 2 hoursmikew (7632): Wow, that really sucks about the YouTube videos. Thought Apple fixed the problem. Have y'all updated your OS and YouTube apps recently?? I can make it so that the "video" just shows a thumbnail and it opens on the YouTube site but that seems like a real pain. @Frostshock can you post a screen cap that shows how the text box is off center? Sent you a PM.
Mat the frenchie's log MMB 30 3 hoursMMB (160): No lifts today so I started doing some conditioning. 5min LISS on bike 5min tough but slow on bike Upper body mobility work 20min car pushing Limber 11 Lacrosse/Foam rollin' Damn boy! Car pushing is awesome, felt the blood circulating alot (what a good feeling). It also hits calves pretty hard. Though it was very good, I'm gonna switch them for sprints in my next "off day". I wanna try to do a kind of ME/DE conditioning. Maybe I can...
seans 531 journey seansm10 17 3 hoursseansm10 (903): After the second rep I believe I was, I'm pretty good at keeping it tight, when the first couple go up easy sometimes I sort of slack off if that makes sense Gonna go in this weekend and do some bar work with 135 and work that out. I'm confident that it was just laziness and not habit, will get another clip up next Tuesday when I pull a single. Frost shock- would you happen to have go to video for a perfect deadlift that I could study
Beast Trev - Mission improbable log! Trev182 160 3 hourscardinal (2017): @Trev182 Growing my beard out of laziness too, feels good. Also out of interest, whats the quality of the vest like? Always wondered if there clothing is actually good considering some people pay money for it..
Yo PHAT crew! Konstantinov 296 3 hoursKonstantinov (985): @GrizzlyBerg No kidding bro, goodbye lower back and hammies! Tomorrow is bench smashing day!
Mobility work @ work cardinal 4 3 hourscardinal (2017): @Frostshock You make this forum, and my heart complete. Thank you <3
*Firemans Log:Older,Wendler,Faster,STRONGER! FiremanSi 396 3 hoursFiremanSi (29224): @_RudeCrew Thanks Man. OHP Day Trying a diff arrangment of exercises today and i liked it. -Limber 11 -Shoulder Drill -12mins of Crosstrainer OHP 531 WUS- 20,22.5,275. ss with Band Pull Aparts 32.5x3 37.5x3 42.5x8 (target was 9) 45x3x3 (Joker sets) Pendlay Row: 70kgx4x5 CGBP: 70kgx4x6 Wider Grip Pull Ups: 8,8,7 Seated DB Shoulder Press: 20kg x8,8,7 s/s Seated Shrugs: x20,20,15 (2sec pause) Face Pulls: 50x...
Bulking TimmothyGen 10 4 hoursFrostshock (9187): @TimmothyGen any time you start second guessing your gains, think back on when you made your most recent change - Was it < 4 months ago? Keep with it and push on > 4 months ago? If you haven't made any gains at this point it's time to reassess. I've got terrible program ADD so I know that feel lol
SOS!!! cutting help: am i doing it right???? BigBerry 28 4 hourseknight (37597): Agree with the above. -3X
Mobility Drills Frostshock 33 4 hoursFrostshock (9187): @NorIda I started doing them in the morning, feels amazing, takes less than a minute and I'm all loosey goosey to go get nekkid in the shower @databas1c Yeah I've seen it, might as well post it up real quick for reference I have the flexibility for most of it, just hard to remember all the movements with no practice...
I wanna get jacked. Tips? markstopher 29 4 hoursmarkstopher (4): Okay
Recieving Any General Advise For my 1st Cut ezvmoneybeast 3 5 hoursFrostshock (9187): Pretty damn good bulk if you're only 17% bf dude This, I generally don't do cardio at all unless I'm feeling hungry and don't dip below a 500 cal deficit. Can probably play it safe and bump protein up to no more than 1g/lb as well on a cut
Log-Every step i make, you'll be watching it Aitorious 37 5 hoursAitorious (1): Today's leg day was a "trying day", so it wasn't a very good day, but now i know what i have to do next week. I did sumo deadlift, 3 sets, 35kg, 55kg, 75kg x5 reps each. Leg press, i tried with one leg 3 sets increasing the weight but it didn't feel good to me, then i went with both legs 2 sets with 55kg each side x12 and it was light, so next week i'll put 60kg in each side. Then i did some leg curls and calf raises (standing machine...
Any One Taken Musclepharm Creatine? ezvmoneybeast 5 5 hoursxPerfidy (1603): Timing is irrelevant; 5g / day anytime and you're golden.
leanr0x PPL leanr0x 144 5 hoursleanr0x (3100): 23.04.2014 chest shoulder rehab work bench press 90 kg x5 75 kg x6 60 kg x9 push ups x12 x9 side bends 16 kg 3x10 shoulder is getting better maybe because of the little frequenz bench press was frustrating today, 4th and 5th rep were kinda cheated and with no proper form and my power went back i am playing with the idea to deload the bench press and work with proper form back up
Squat test/growth hormones vs. Leg press ATN_Coaching 34 6 hoursjonrivs49 (2272): @golagola. Im just saying hypertrophy occurs on both squat and leg presses. If your injured you can still built decent amount of legs by leg pressing. but if not, dont make excuses not to squat. Leg press gives you hypertrophy but squatting will benefit you more. In squat you also build overall body strength. More weight to handle means more weight for hypertrophy that leads you to more muscle mass.
shoulder and chest pre back (power day) golagola 7 6 hoursHamer93 (8524): I did shoulder press then bench
Cool text for snapback idea's? T1no1 2 7 hoursTyrannosaurusFlex (2050): Capri-Sonne
It's my birthday! Elminister 10 7 hoursT1no1 (151): Gratz and may mow gains come in many years (:
Cut off Johanna 5 7 hoursT1no1 (151): "Crossfit has revolutionized fitness by teaching the correct way, to an incorrect pull up"
Log- 3X attempts the impossible! eknight 171 7 hourseknight (37597): @SRorhrbac0808 says one of the biggest dudes here! Thanks! @IronPhoenix thanks. Lurked your log. Keep up the good work. Massively impressed with what you've accomplished so far. -3X
Cardinal's Return Log cardinal 199 8 hourscardinal (2017): @Dukenhiemer I have done bb floor presses in the past but never db. Will definitely try mate!
Phoenix's First Bulk Training Log IronPhoenix 10 8 hoursIronPhoenix (46): @cardinal Thanks! I'm pretty excited to see what my next cut will look like. :D I only wished I had discovered weightlifting sooner!
My Journey To The 1000LB Club AarronStenner 132 9 hoursAarronStenner (9526): @eventheodds1 going to be a tense few weeks
RJ Perkins "4P" Journey to the platform ATN_Coaching 129 9 hoursATN_Coaching (781): Clip from drag sled sprints this AM 100 lb sprint/drag x 40 yards Wednesday 4/23 Box Jumps 32' x 5 reps 32' x 5 reps 32' x 5 reps 32' x 5 reps 32' x 5 reps Weighted Box Jumps 18" x BW + 20 lbs x 5 reps 18" x BW + 20 lbs x 5 reps 18" x BW + 20 lbs x 5 reps 18" x BW + 20 lbs x 5 reps 18" x BW + 20 lbs x 5 reps Drag Sled Sprints 100 lbs on sled x 40 yards 100 lbs on sled x 40 yards 100 lbs on sled x 40 yards 100 lbs...
Best carb sources while cutting? BigBerry 15 9 hoursBigBerry (1): @wannabemuscular noted, thank you. i tend to get my carbs from whole foods, i steer clear of the junk food alternatives.
Maximus log maximus24 475 11 hoursmaximus24 (1762): 4/23/14 WARM UP -foam roll -hip work ME SQUAT -3 warm up 1)315x3 PR for volume(didn't mean to, thought I was suppose to do 315 but it was really 305 haha) 2)320x2 3)330x1 4)335xFAIL AGAIN FUARRRRRRKKKK DE DEADS -225x2x10 SLDL DEFICIT -225x10x3 LUNGE -30x30stepsx4 SEATED CALF RAISE -275x5x5 AB WHEEL W/ 5second hold -bw x10x4 COOLDOWN -static stretch THOUGHTS/COMMENTS -felt really tight in hips and form felt terrible on squats! -Deads felt...
ONWARD, TO GLORY Cannonball 96 11 hourseknight (37597): Lol at "bouncy." I've paused over 400 pounds in a half dozen meets. You've never even unracked that much have you? -3X
Grizzly Takes the Stage GrizzlyBerg 431 11 hoursIronPhoenix (46): @GrizzlyBerg. Why thank ya! And that's awesome. I will have to keep these things in mind! Those are some damn good numbers, too. Might have to keep lurking to envy ♡_♡
Lord of the Rigs- Teewhat's prep teewhat 165 11 hoursGrizzlyBerg (2662): how goes it man. under two weeks now right?
Take another pic of what you're eating!! wannabemuscular 111 11 hoursBen777 (5334): Prawn (Shrimp) fried rice with organic skinless sausages