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Routine Design for Dummies 1.0 eknight 66 3 dayseknight (50092): 1 is aufficient. -3X
Simply Shredded FAQ - Read before posting! Frostshock 28 3 monthszakk (4): Thanks for putting this together! Great idea for a post.
Drinking alcohol robinxchrom 17 14 minutesjonrivs49 (2929): @robinxchrom. go out and have a drink. not as if your going to drink until you are wasted everyday. having time to interact and have a good time once in a while is OK. Just be responsible.
Unsure what to do? sam141414 6 16 minutessam141414 (1): Ok thanks. Where can I find them?
AG back online!!! Link up!!!! ambitiongainer 10 55 minutesambitiongainer (388): @TimmothyGen yo it's cool, I haven't really been anywhere yet but I'm loving the gym, I want to start video some of my workouts My squat shot up to 315lbs for 5reps since I haven't posted anything, I'm able to do leg press since I have the machine at my gym and I'm pressing 810lbs for 5reps on the leg press machine and I'm bench pressing 205lbs 4-5reps, 225 for 2 reps on the bench bench Flat Db press 80lbs for 5 reps my numbers are just going...
THE OFFICIAL PUMP THREAD SRorhrbac0808 152 3 hoursRand (3721): and strong as a brick Shiz house
Training for the military Cannonball 49 3 hoursBeastmode1607 (88): @Cannonball does your country have a "delayed entry program"? I enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps and I'm in the DEP, they KILL us so that we're ready for boot camp, at least physically. Join that if your country has something like that.
1MR VORTEX tub Q Beastmode1607 8 3 hoursBeastmode1607 (88): Bumpity
Bucky's Road to 6% Bucky 134 4 hoursBucky (3106): @Thatguy81 oh I'm sure there's different names for it, that's just what my coach calls it haha.
Dead log... Thatguy81 16 4 hoursThatguy81 (136): Yesterday was leg day 7/26 pretty sure I seriously fucked a tendon or something in my left knee, just warming up. Today chest shoulders tris 7/27 Flat bench: 135x10x2, 155x4, 175x4, 135x10, 135 r/px10 Decline hammer strength: 90x10, 180x10x3 Seated shoulder do flys: 10x10x4 Db press: 20x20, 55x6x3 (shoulder still hates me) Seated db overhead tri press: 25x10, 50x10, 65x10, 60x10, 50x10 Cable push downs: 25x10x3 Single arm cable ext:...
PPL Routine Critique nine0seven 1 4 hoursnine0seven (2422): So I've been running this PPL routine lately & wanted to make sure it's optimal. I had to add more volume to Pull day to make sure I get 2:1 Pull-to-push ratio. I'm thinking I should drop the leg extensions and add another hamstring movement. Thoughts? Push: Flat Barbell Bench Press 3x5 Overhead Press 3x5 Incline Barbell Bench Press 3x5 Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise 3x10-12 Rope Pushdowns 3x10-12 OH DB Extension 3x10-12 Rear Delt...
Road to recovery and first powerlifting meet Dbyrnes 47 5 hoursDbyrnes (349): Today was accessory day. Back 3.5 Min of Lat pulldowns 3.5 Min of Chest supported rows Face Pulls 3*20 Arms 4*8-12 Hammer Curls Conditioning 35kg*20 40kg*3*20
Smolov Jr Jsn3004 7 5 hourslolssons (928): I actually did run smolov jr 4weeks ago and just like Ek I hurt myself on the next to the last workout. I got a minor tear (strain) in my right shoulder. Have not been able to do barely any upper body work since. But feels better now and might be able to start building it back up now. This is even tho I did a lot of rowing and band pull aparts every workout. Would not recommend because of the injury risk
DUP log Rand 409 6 hoursRand (3721): @wannabemuscular she is 2.5 so about the same. Kids are a blast. tonight I got back into the swing. Squatted in my rack for the first time. woooooo almost a 3 hour session Bench 225x3 235x3 245x3 250x3 255x3 260x3 265x3 270x3 275x3 280x3 285x3 did a band for the first time. Just one mini from the top of the rack down. banded 290x3 295x3 300x3 305x3 banded with slingshot 310x3 315x3x3 wooooooooooooo bench was fun city...
Different periodization in a Push/Pull/Legs ajm87 1 7 hoursajm87 (406): I have been running a PPL for a bit now and wanted to change up how I approach some of the progression. *Note I cannot squat/deadlift due to heart condition .Also, I have to stay in the 6 or higher rep range. Here's how my split lays out. What would you do to alter it at all? More pulling? Remove a triceps exercise? etc. 3 Days On, 1 Day Off 40-70 reps per bodypart per workout 6-12 rep range at 70-80% of 1rm Increase weight the...
My first cut on Macros LOG Iadtr 15 7 hourskkautz (13): Thanks
Take more pics of what you're eating... hollyhopeful5678 357 7 hourshollyhopeful5678 (1528): Baked chicken legs w/arugula salad.
The untitled: MMB's Log MMB 47 8 hoursMMB (3406): 27/07/15 DTO Squat Day5 Squat 2x3@305/4x3@315/1x3@320/1x3@315 Pendlay Row 3x8@155 Weighted Pull-Ups 3x5@BW+20 GHR 3x15@BW One Leg SLDL 3x12@12kg
Ocean's Training/Cutting Log oceanair 450 8 hoursoceanair (17209): Leg Day B: 7-27-15 Back Squats 80x12 95x10 105x10 110x9 120x8 130x7 Pushdowns on Assisted Pull-Ups 80x15 per leg 90x15 per leg 90x15 per leg 100x15 per leg DB Stiff Legged Deadlifts 30x12 30x12 35x10 35x10 DB Step-Ups on Bench 10x10 per leg 12x10 per leg 12x10 per leg 12x10 per leg Bulgarian Split Squats (plate under foot) 3 sets, 10 reps per leg ::Side Note:: I did this workout at work at 1pm on an empty...
Destruction Forces Growth Log _RudeCrew 253 10 hours_RudeCrew (13477): Max Lower Floor Press 225x3+chains 245x3+chains 275x3+chains 285x2+chains Paused Bench 4x5 225 1x8 225 Super Set Lat Pulldown 4x15 Seated Military Press 4x8 Circuit Low Rows 3x15 Seated Shrugs 3x15 Curls 3x10 Previous PR for floor press was 275x3 a few weeks ago, today I did it again but with chains too. Bench is gonna fly up come meet prep
The1s Log the1 168 11 hoursthe1 (32184): July 24/15- Back, Traps Wide grip pull downs 150lb/4X 12 Smith barbell rows 1P/15 2P/4X 12 Dumbbell deadlift shrugs 80lb/4X 10-12 Widegrip pull ups BW/4X 13,12,10,10 Banded rear delt high rows for rear delts 4 sets X 10-15 with pauses Barbell shrugs 4 sets super set with Rope face pulls 4 sets ... Sunday OFF July 27/15- Chest, Delts Incline dumbbell press 55lb/12 90lb/12 110lb/12 130lb/10 Smith machine incline press 135lb/4X...
Grizzly's Road to USAPL Raw Nationals GrizzlyBerg 273 12 hoursGrizzlyBerg (8191): first time using my belt since the meet. I definitely noticed that I was able to stay more upright.
How far can the Old Man go? (LOG) wannabemuscular 468 14 hourswannabemuscular (26904): @Bucky OTC pills don't do shit for me and I can't get OTC inhalers by me anymore. One of my prescribed inhalers is Albuterol. Works well. The other is a steroid which deals with the constant inflammation. I was thinking Clenbuterol might work well too.
Older Guy Training Log: 43yrs young! JHughes 112 15 hoursColossus (58): I may say that you've found your sweet spot :) Good work mate!
Jumior Nationals Prep (FSF) WinnersNeverQuit 27 16 hoursleanr0x (4150): @WinnersNeverQuit insane strength bro we may meet next year at european junior championship ;)
Log to Nov 15th meet continues SRorhrbac0808 10 1 dayFiremanSi (40411): @SRorhrbac0808 Jesus thats crazy weight man strong ass shit right thur.
*Strength Log: A Song of Ice & FIRE* FiremanSi 457 1 daySRorhrbac0808 (45388): YES YES YES!!! I love it brother.
One more cycle (Log) Zepa 60 1 day_RudeCrew (13477): INNNNNNNN
Simple Push Pull shredm 80 1 dayeknight (50092): @the1 -3X
Target weight, does this exists? Colossus 4 2 daysTamere02 (1435): @Colossus Im confused about what you mean by 'target weight'. You set your target weight to suit your goals. There wont be a scientific weight because there isn't a target weight. Weightclass athlete= weight they have to weigh is the target weight For anyone else there really shouldn't be a target weight, you gain or lose weight until your happy with how you look or strength/ weight ratio or overall strength or whatever your goal is.
anyone tried this site ? moke912 2 2 daysstrengthathletics (10): Quote: Originally Posted by oceanair Quote: Originally Posted by ErickFromOmaha Quote: Originally Posted by mikew Quote: Originally Posted by the1 Quote: Originally Posted by leanr0x Quote: Originally Posted by OwnsPwns Quote: Originally Posted by Tamere02 Quote: Originally Posted by wannabemuscular Quote: Originally Posted by Danimal_88 Quote: Originally Posted by eknight Quote: Originally Posted by Frostshock Quote: Originally Posted by...
SBD knee sleeves Gianluca69 20 2 dayswannabemuscular (26904): @Zepa No, didn't try those, but I've been using the Lifting Large "Black Crusher" ones for almost 2 years. Quality is good and pricing is great. Been thinking of trying these new ones.
4 WEEKS TO COMP LOG craig 33 3 dayscraig (829): Well comp was today. Finished first in weightclass and 1st overall. Set a new regional squat record which was my main goal and qualified for the British. No red lights at all 8/9 passed on last dead. Squats went as well as they could. Bench was tougher than I'd expected and I was fried on deads had a huge battle with deads 5kg off my pb but it felt great to get through. Here's an idea of how deads went. Video up soon ...
Good Beginner Routine moke912 2 3 dayssamm (1): There are also some in the FAQ thread.
Shred transformation log JAllanRE 8 3 daysJAllanRE (1): Thanks y'all! Headed to the gym for day 4 chest/shoulders/triceps. I'm actually having troubles eating this amount of whole foods. But dropping so far... 2512 this morning so down about 9 pounds so far
Scott Abels cycle diet. Irongoddess 13 3 daysthe1 (32184): @eknight - i fully agree with you on all of your points too, i just mean that he isn't a joe schmo and does have a pretty reputable back ground.. even though he may just hype up his diet with fancy words when its just basic carb cycling with refeeds more or less
whats a quality carb during peaking?? anteis99 6 3 daysFiremanSi (40411): @anteis99 Not sure man, but i notice personally when i did High Carb refeeds during a diet i would wake up looking at my best the next morning and my carbs varied and i just tried to keep the fibre at around 30g max 40g as it's hard to keep low fibre when taking in alot of carbs. But if u wanted to slam some fast acting carbs i'd do it... intra and/or post workout as thats when your body will soak them up best.
Smith machine for SS?? chibulls21 11 4 daysRawsteel (754): As said, just ask someone around you to help you unrack/spot. And i'm curious, don't you have a safety rack at your gym? If you don't, drag a bench in to the squat rack and set up the safety bars if you're worried. I personally have been benching twice a week for 7 years without a spotter or safety rack/bars and i'm still alive :p
Dems log Dem41 213 4 daysDem41 (412): cycle 8 week 3, military press day ! 5/3/1 upper warm up warm up, press 20x10 40x3 60x3 75x3 90x3 work sets 110x5 125x3 140x1 felt like a beast today, so did some jokers aiming for a pr 150x1 [b]160x2[/b owned that, caught a bit halfway up on the 2nd rep, but locked that out ! assistance, BBB 5x70x10 suprersets, band pull apart, pull ups green band pull apart 4x15 neutral grip. shoulder width pull ups 6xbwx8, legs...
Show Prep Hurricane Bay Zyzzst 91 4 daysezvmoneybeast (736): @bucky @zyzzst lulz
My Loggg Fayzeh 176 4 daysFayzeh (1015): @wannabemuscular that does not include the bar. I'll ask them next time!
Road to Mt Olympus a year long journey ZeusAmmon 130 5 daysZeusAmmon (130): We're still here lol haven't quit yet ^_^. School's been a bit hectic(Life has) but we're still plugging along. Haven't missed anything as far as scheduled lifts and such. So this is a quick update. Last week we did our lifts at 80-85% of our usual poundage, and this week we're doing our lifts at 90-95%. Everything feels pretty good except for chest, that feels so off kilter. So this week and next is the time I have to square it away, then...
Critique endomorph diet please :) mlgpro 8 5 daysBeans (2779): So you're still cutting? And why do you think you took your last diet as far as you could go?
Tritons log Tritons 203 5 daysTritons (511): @WinnersNeverQuit Thanks, got to say jugg is amazing program, the progress is incredible. About the supersets, it was just to kind of light things up. This session was kind of long so to speed things up, I combined the excercises, also it was nice for a change.
Under 7 weeks out from my first comp! SickoShreddo 39 5 dayseknight (50092): If you go by the Grecian perfect proportion model, arms would be 252% of wrist size. So for a 7" wrist you're looking at 17.6". That's cold and unflexed. -3X
How's my bulking routine? Ralph 4 5 daysBucky (3106): leg extensions are an unnatural movement and put bad stress on the knees. shoulder press are fine, don't do it behind the neck though. and idk about the lat pull downs, I love them and find them quite effective in engaging my lats. get a scale, weigh yourself every morning first thing when you wake up after you pee, and probably should take a shit just for accuracy haha, but record your morning weight everyday. it'll fluctuate a bit but as the...
Calum Von Moger and Stanimal train and troll Stanimal 1 6 daysStanimal (538): Hey everyone, In this 2 part video I'm training legs at Gold's Gym Venice with Calum and then we go eat and spend some time at the beacbh, nothing too serious :D part 1 part 2 Stan
Stanimal Ifbb Pro Men's physique Stanimal 50 6 daysStanimal (538): hey guys! part 2 is now liv with some trolling:
Bloat Pezhman 5 6 daysFiremanSi (40411): Worst....days.... EVER.
FREE BINGE EATING ADVICE Sara2015 1 6 daysSara2015 (1): Hi everyone I am a biomedical scientist and health writer turned body and mind transformation coach specialising in binge eating in the fitness industry, both men and women. I would like to interview people to find out about their experience and in return I will offer free advice. My approach is practical and scientific. No strings attached. Please email Many thanks