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* The Official Motivational Thread * biganf 498 15 hoursbeLION (1):
Simply Shredded FAQ Frostshock 17 17 daysSwoleAnimal (5929): excellent thread guys. thank you for taking the time to put this together
Mind muscle connection for chest Hamer93 5 10 minutesHamer93 (9004): @beans that's a good idea. I was thinking of warming with some real light flies but the wondered if it was pointless and wether to just warm up with light bench. @firemansi my arch is good, irl try get a video soon. I make sure scap is retracted and sort of slide/push the bar off the hooks.
Ripped Cosimo 12 12 minutesCosimo (1): Hahah thanks
My Journey To The 1000LB Club AarronStenner 484 14 minutesAarronStenner (10423): @FiremanSi i will do this! @Trev182 no chance
Rebuilding The North. Norida's gon' Bulking. NorIda 140 28 minutesNorIda (41554): I don't even lift But really. Nothing major to report. I've been doing pretty minimal gym sessions as of late, mainly maintaining
BODYBUILDING - Motivational Video beLION 5 41 minutesbeLION (1): Appreciate the feedback! Feel free to share it with friends interested in bodybuilding!
Help me learn... Aspire2Inspire 18 49 minutesAspire2Inspire (4): Okay thanks @Frostshock. Quick update my end. Not exactly doing a log as such yet because I'm still a novice lifter, with no amazing BF loss in sight or muscle gains. Just finished week 6 of SL 5x5 first time around. Squat 77.5KG 5x5 Bench 47.5KG 5x5 DL 92.5KG 5x5 Always knew my Bench was a weak point, but I am determined to push through to much better numbers. After reading and watching all of you guys, I have decided to keep...
Bucky the Gainpire Slayer - Cutting Log Bucky 273 53 minutesWinnersNeverQuit (7164): Does juice actually weaken tendons? I was Always led to believe that they only became relatively weaker as the they did mot grow at the same rate as muscle whilst on gear, not that they actually became weaker, just comparitively
Trev. - Mission Improbable Log Pt.2 Trev182 377 1 hourTrev182 (12010): Thanks for the input, as I said, ive only been doing sumo a couple of months, prefer conventional, feel strong using conventional but want to be good at both, plus I feel its a good accessory. But yeh, im happy I can pull 90% of my conventional max in sumo stance! Working progress!
Official nice butt appreciation thread wannabemuscular 357 1 hourMMB (1309):
Prime inc. Cannonball 38 2 hoursCannonball (5110): Prime incoming :D Dunno, hit 162.5x1 a few months ago, then been kinda stalling. Hit 120x14 yesterday tho which is an old PR so reps wise I'm in good shape right now I guess!
Bikini v Figure KT_Had418 3 2 hoursthe1 (26934): id say go with bikini this show and figure out what you want from there, if you're 3 weeks out.. trying to find heels, nail posing and finding a suit may be tough . my girlfriend competed in figure her first show and then decided on bikini after that.
ON DAT FUREVER BULK mattd534 197 4 hoursmattd534 (3151): @MMB dude its fun knowing that everytime im in the gym I have specific numbers to hit! Love it
The long road to 100kg WinnersNeverQuit 436 4 hoursWinnersNeverQuit (7164): @GrizzlyBerg @wannabemuscular @FiremanSi @Trev182 thanks guys, I'm kinda torn aatm I'm leaner than I thought so have contemplated bulking for a few more kingpin cycles, but at same time a girl at college has asked If she can use me for a photo shoot, so am tempted to diet down for 10 weeks after this kingpin cycle to see what I can look like ripped and at the same tme put me in place for a long bulk after. @FiremanSi I mean eating fewer...
So listen to me you're telling me that... TimmothyGen 6 6 hoursbrian12 (9030): @TimmothyGen If it really is more cost effective for you and you don't over use it, then yeah it seems like a good deal! I love Korea, wouldn't want to work anywhere else ;)
CUTTING: 3 MONTHS + ilifthard 32 7 hoursGacheru (25): Good luck man. You got a good base under that fat.
Ronald Mcdonald hits the gym brian12 1 7 hoursbrian12 (9030): This gave me some lols
The epic hunt for the perfect squat ass heddaway 378 7 hoursoceanair (13630): @heddaway glad you're back :)
Sprinter's diet PowerLevel9000 4 8 hourseknight (40717): If you want an exact number, use a heart rate monitor. Otherwise, these estimates are from the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise journal, the official journal of the American College of Sports Medicine. If you weigh roughly 130 pounds: 472 calories burned sprinting per hour If you weigh roughly 155 pounds: 563 calories burned per hour If you weigh roughly 180 pounds: 654 calories burned per hour If you weigh roughly 205 pounds: 745...
Take another pic of what you're eating!! wannabemuscular 395 8 hoursoceanair (13630): Just a snippet of what we ate tonight (all you can eat sushi). Gainz brah, sushi gainz! The shrimp tempura and mochi were bomb too.
PHATS Revenge ErickFromOmaha 11 8 hoursErickFromOmaha (967): Lower Body Hypertrophy Weight:199.5 Squats 6x3x185 pounds Hack Squats 3x12x270pounds Leg Presses 3x12x270pounds Leg Extensions 3x15x130pounds Lying Leg Curls 2x15x110pounds Seated Calve Raises 3xamapx170pounds Standing Calve Raises 3xamapx220pounds --------------------------------------- Did not do deadlifts today or regular leg curls. --------------------------------------- On another note the girlfriend is being induced tomorrow so...
see my badge spammers? Coming for you Kansas___Boyyyyy 1 9 hoursKansas___Boyyyyy (2530):
440lb Bench at 216lb JordanWFitness 19 10 hoursjonrivs49 (2584): @JordanWFitness. Great lift. Strong!!!
Long time lurker creating an online presence Eat2Trainn247 391 11 hoursGrizzlyBerg (3529): Keep grinding brotha
Rebuilding the South. _RudeCrews Log _RudeCrew 143 11 hours_RudeCrew (7204): @MMB triceps are my favorite muscle to workout. I always go hard on them haha
road to recovery silverback31 15 12 hourssilverback31 (1): can someone suggest me a template they have tried for the 5X5? I was thinkign somethign like this Quads: Squats: 5X5 Front Squats: 4X8 Leg press or Hack Squats: 3X10-12 Leg Extensions s/s Stiff legged D/l: 3X12-15 Walking Lunges : 3X max Hamstrings: Deadlifts: 5X5 Squats: 4X10 SLDL s/s lunges: 3X10 Lying Leg curls s/s Kettlebell Swings: 3 X 12-15 Barbell Hip Thrusts: 3 X8 chest and Biceps: bench Press/Dumbell Press:...
Strength Log: 1100 lb total junkeymonkey 32 12 hoursjunkeymonkey (7):
Danimal's 2014 Contest Prep Log Danimal_88 179 13 hoursDanimal_88 (8080): Week 23 Weigh-Ins 7/21/2014 178.8 5:00am 7/22/2014 178.8 4:45am 7/23/2014 178.8 4:45am 7/24/2014 178.2 5:30am - Refeed 7/25/2014 179.0 5:00am 7/26/2014 177.2 8:30am - Diet Deload 7/27/2014 178.4 8:30am - DIet Deload Week 23 Average: 178.46 Week 22 Average: 179.69 Week over Week Weight Loss: 1.23 lbs Total Weight Loss: 27.14 lbs Average Weekly Weight Loss: 1.18 lbs Trailing 4 week Avg. Loss: 1.24 lbs Diet Deload Macros: 35-40/300/190 Low...
PPL Summer Log Grovinne 43 14 hoursGrovinne (544): Hadn't benched in 5ish weeks plus tried to move bar quicker than usual during concentric Push 7 Bench Press 4/5/135lb Shoulder Press 4/9/15lb 35s TUT Tri Downs 4/7/35lb
Killin my Back at *PLANET FITNESS* .... srs wannabemuscular 150 15 hours_RudeCrew (7204): Delts and bis look HUGE
Pound for Pound: Cardinal's Log cardinal 152 15 hourscardinal (4279): Yesterday's heavy bench workout, all felt easy. Week 2 Day 2 Heavy Bench weight Reps Sets Comp Bench 80kg 2 5 CGBP 82.5 kg 3 2 Paused Bench 72. kg5 4-6 2 BOR (underhand) 60kg 12 4 dumbell pullover 35 kg 10 3 Pull Ups 10 kg 6 3 Also some nice food. Had something I've not had in years the other day. Takeaway pizza. Love pizza but usually only eat it Italian style, forgot how much cheese takeout...
Mat the frenchie's log MMB 163 15 hoursMMB (1309): 10min LISS on elliptic Shoulder bands WUS MAIN: OHP 3@100/3@115/5@130 - Band pulldowns SUPP: CG Bench 5@135/5@145/5@155 ACC: Seated Tricep Extension 12@50/12@55/12@57.7 SS Rear Raise 3x12@12.5 Hammer DB Curl 12@20/12@20/12@25 SS Facepulls 3x12@90 Some may tell me "Hey bro, your weights are the same as it was last week (5's week)". Then I'll tell "Yeah buddy, I stupidly did my 5's week with the 3's week weights.. Dunno why".
dex update Dexdbest 9 16 hoursDexdbest (4792): I'll ask her if she digs irish guys ... Lol
**Log of FIRE: SI's Advancing Wendler MAN !! FiremanSi 407 18 hoursTrev182 (12010): With regards your tshirt....haha
Only Gains were made that day eventheodds1 12 19 hourswannabemuscular (17385): I was lucky. I smoked from like 13-14 years old to my mid 20's. I think cause I quit young it was easier. The longer you wait the harder it gets. JUST DO IT! Cold Turkey all the way.
Your opinions on 5/3/1 Boring but big Dai 12 20 hoursDai (181): @FiremanSi Ah I thought so at first @nine0seven Already tried PHAT, but that was about a year ago. Also then it was just to much volume and after seeing a video with Jason Blaha where he talked about novice lifters are trying to be advance, it felt like that was what I was doing. So I feel right now that I don't need to do all of those reps and sets, I want to focus more on getting the lifts ups and get bigger while getting stronger, as I feel...
Yo PHAT crew! Konstantinov 385 20 hoursKonstantinov (1306): Squats: week 1 cycle 4 Squats: 5x5 100 felt heavy today, I had no energy. DE deadlifts: 8x2 120 Leg curls: 3x8 Seated calf raises: 3x12 Rough squats today, barely made it through. Need more food!
Deadlift form check please Highdeas 15 21 hoursHighdeas (1422): Will do, i use double overhand grip SLDLs too and barbell rows etc I've been using hook grip since highschool and that's the only grip i can use, thanks!! Wraphs gone! thanks rorh I will be looking into chalk, i guess i've been avoiding the chalk because it's more convenient to just wear the wraps
400 carbs at 140 lbs too much? ajm87 4 22 hoursMMB (1309): Same here. 3000kcal 140p 428c 81f I weight around 160 but lean i would be between 135-145 I guess.
This is simply shredded :))) Andy 11 22 hoursOlympusSculpted (184): This was hard to watch even for me because I provide the lols quite a bit but you got so Into the poses it made me chuckle
LOG TIME: time to shape up swollenscott 3 22 hoursFiremanSi (32599): In to help and learn as always.
HIT (high intensity training) goginski 3 1 daygoginski (1): ok, thanks. I'll check out Martin.
Biggest Loser Challenge - Ocean's Cut Log oceanair 227 1 dayoceanair (13630): @FiremanSi haha ya it was. I'll be updating my log with my workouts on my comp soon (when I get my internet back).
Anyone ever done Jason Blaha's 5x5 routine? DFMaster240 18 1 dayNorIda (41554): Who said he ever quit?!
I have a challenge for you shredders!!! SOLARSUPLEX 63 1 dayeventheodds1 (5341): Rockstar's Mango Passion. But plain black coffee does it 100% (Iced Preferred).
Squat form check & critique Ravenfraust 17 2 daysRavenfraust (7): I know I need to fix that. But would goblet squats help with improving my form? I don't really know the idea position for high bar squat to be honest. I don't really have decent muscle development at the moment so I can't really figure out where to place my bar. On my traps or between my traps and shoulders. Just read strongliftf 5x5 squat technique. I'm suppose to be doing a low bar instead of a high bar squat -.-"
Juicy Morning Pic 9.5/11.5 weeks out Danimal_88 23 2 daysDanimal_88 (8080): @oceanair They were always a weak point for me in my prior shows. I really put a lot of energy into trtying to improve them this offseason..... now i all I want life is someone to compliment me on my calves. Once that happens i wil be able to die happy
Badges mikew 70 2 daysoceanair (13630): @eknight LOL ;) @Dexdbest Please, he can't control himself around me :p
Best Bodypart Day To Refeed/Go High Cal LongBeachPatriot 11 2 daysLongBeachPatriot (127): I actually lowered cals more than I was at, I do HIIT 1-2x/week, have a very good diet with proper macro ratios and macro timing, take supps, and go SS cardio 1-2x week also. I think at this point where I'm at I need to manipulate leptin. Could be cortisol from life stresses also, and have begun to take supps/herbs which have been known to lower cortisol levels. I'm shredded to bits around my abs its just a little bit on my sides I need to...