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Routine Design for Dummies 1.0 eknight 161 7 daysacoble02 (1): ok.. so I assume that the "routine for dummies" is more for intermediate lifters and that other layout is more of a beginner?
Simply Shredded FAQ - Read before posting! Frostshock 38 3 monthsRyanEdward (4): Awesome post
MB Nutrition? suppsrock 3 19 minutessuppsrock (1): Good point. The ingredients look pretty legit, I'm going to give it a try. They offer free shipping too!
Back from the Dead Log eknight 152 2 hourseknight (55642): 2/26/17 Upper warm-up Tri-set: DB lateral raise 15 lbs x 6 reps, 3" pause, 3" eccentric Cuban press 15 lbs x 10 reps Single-arm DB shrugs 55/60 lbs x 10 rep ^^ 2 rounds of the above Crush grip DB bench 40x20 Iso-hold Crush grip DB bench 3 second oause at bottom: 3x65x5 Superset: Wide-grip lat pull, 10 second hold on last rep: 2x125x12/2x150x8 Band pull-aparts: 4x25/25/25/25 Superset: Rolling DB triceps...
Teen eating advice Gtjones7586 2 2 hourswannabemuscular (31488): Read the FAQ thread. You'll find all the info you need in there to figure out what to do. Whatever you do, eat LOTS of meat.
Need bodyfat percentage estimation please! JohnDoe 2 3 hoursDorich (160): I'd say 10-11%, but you lack muscle mass which is why there is no typical "shredded" look. What's your height and weight? You need to bulk. :)
Fat loss Gredge23 2 5 hourseknight (55642): Especially for perfromance athletes such as yourself, carb cycling offers no benefit. Why would you go out of your way to deprive your body of energy?? -3X
Another LOG for the Old Man wannabemuscular 33 7 hourswannabemuscular (31488): Sunday 2/26: Back/Biceps Band Pullaparts: 40 Band Dislocations Wide Grip Pulldown: 120x10, 140x10, 160x10 V-Grip Pulldown: - 160x10, 180x8 - Dropset: 180x8, 140x8, 110x12 Cable Straight Arm Pushdowns: 65 3x10 Seated Cable Scapular Retraction: 90 2x12 Seated Cable Row: Dropset: 200x10, 160x10, 120x12 Bent Over Reverse Fly: 25 2x12 DB Alternate Curls: 35 2x10 DB External Rotation: 15 3x15 EZ Bar...
Onward Onslaught Cannonball 126 8 hoursCannonball (5902): IPF. If you compete in anything else in Sweden you are deemed a juicer and shunned by the powerlifting community. Hoping for 180 kg but we'll see. 170 is realistic
Snickers protein konner05 14 10 hoursNaturalBrawn (148): Might be best just to eat a snickers and have protein shake :) Double up on the calories plus get to enjoy Snickers as its meant to taste :)
Muscle imbalance, traps justanotherskinny 26 10 hourseknight (55642): Of course EVERYONE won't. But it's more likely than not that they will. Not EVERYONE gets in an automobile accident, but EVERYONE should carry insurance. -3X
Planche & One Arm Chin Up Journey zachh85 40 12 hourszachh85 (46): Workout 51 - Finally using the bar with the pistols!
Building an app to help with meal prep aqdebarros 2 12 hoursNaturalBrawn (148): The issue as i see it is your trying to boil the ocean. BMR and TDEE Calculator Recipes with manipulated calories that populate on the above (meal / 3) Recipes break down into ingredients to populate grocery list Steps to make meals, im assuming you have a database of meals and instructions You not solving one problem neatly your attempting to solve multiple problems and as apps those rarely work. If it was me, i'd look to build an app that...
Reverse diet Wegonbealr 5 23 hoursDorich (160): This might be an interesting read:
MY FINAL SPLIT QUESTION Alexander7 11 1 dayNorIda (46261): Yea..... I didn't read any of that. If you're going to write a wall of text, Break that shit up So it doesn't seem to be SUCH A FUCKING STRUGGLE TO READ Gotta trick out lazy asses into believing there's just one more short paragraph.
All things Food wannabemuscular 29 1 daywannabemuscular (31488): Good old New York Strip. My favorite cut.
My body composition has changed konner05 12 1 daykonner05 (1): I've just realised what you said and I won't go away because I'm not trolling you stupid fucktard. Your a sneaky cunt.
Help Tay 3 1 daySOLARSUPLEX (8176): Try doing some unilateral work with somebody else and having them check for differences in the way you are doing movements from left to right. For example with a lat pull down, you won't notice it but you are contracting one lat much more while on the other arm your below is flared forward and you are using more bicep. This is common for newer people and you just kinda grow out of it with the proper instruction. Film yourself doing stuff...
Beard meets food as now set the record konner05 1 1 daykonner05 (1): 35,000 calories. He has beat eriktheelectric. Just in case you guys are intrested.
Strength log lolssons 58 1 daylolssons (1141): So today was meant to be a rest day but as i had nothing to do and was feeling good I decided to hit the iron. W2D2 Deadlift 4x4 180kg Bench 5x5 95kg last set long pauses felt like extremely light weight. Dumbbell rows 4x6 52,5kg Some abs and grip work.
Jason's bulking log JasonT21 2 1 dayNaturalBrawn (148): Seems like an odd split for GVT, are you just taking the 10x10 principal? Most GVT Splits are one compound performed with 10x10, not every exercise?
My stomach has gotten bigger konner05 11 2 dayskonner05 (1): If you don't eat a sub from subway simultaneously? Or if you eat a sub from subway simultaneously?
Rate my body bros RianAdrian 69 2 daysSOLARSUPLEX (8176): Did you ever post leg pics?
Anavar Derek 8 2 daysSOLARSUPLEX (8176): @Derek I could do PayPal if you want it to take longer. Dont be so rude. You're the dipshit trying to do drugs when you don't even know where to buy them.
Bf calculators Nbanfl 6 2 daysNaturalBrawn (148): That's a BMR calculator, the waist and forearm part sounds dubious..
Trying to buy clen/anavar at subway? SOLARSUPLEX 5 3 daysJsn3004 (2356): Hey I was going to go to Subway but I am hesitant on doing so because I don't know the exact amount of calories despite after a one minute Google search I was able to find the nutrition facts on their website. Are you insinuating that they sell drugs there too? Doesn't sound very clean to me.
Clenbuterol Stonerb 6 3 daysJsn3004 (2356): I'm tired of all these "Can someone help me with the dosages" bullcrap. Just chug it.
what to eat tonight 360 calories? konner05 16 3 daysSOLARSUPLEX (8176): How was your meal?
Calories Humblelifts 3 3 daysGreekLegend (52): I ate breakfast with more calories than your total. before you turn into a stick read mate ; clickable text
Kinda concerned about subway konner05 6 3 dayseknight (55642): There are no clean and dirty foods. At all. Ever. There are various combinations of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen that your body breaks down and uses as such. It knows no difference. -3X
What do you get at subway? konner05 14 3 daysFiremanSi (41929): @Liftamusprime yes mate and it's quality but only in Dublin City centre... 30min drive away. ๐Ÿ˜
Need help! Kev521 11 5 dayseknight (55642): ^^ lotsa this. Get enough calories and protein to grow. Train hard. Rest enough. Don't over complicate this. -3X
Starting Anavar/Clen cycle- w/ or w/o supps? jeliza917 11 5 daysRandy (1): Hey Jeliza917. I find the hardest thing about choosing supplements is quality and how long delivery will take (Iยดm impatient). I once waited 3 weeks for my delievery because they sent the wrong items frst time around. I stumbled across this site for reviews and I refer to it now before buying anything online. have you also thought about fish oil for general health? Hope that...
My training log getfit24 32 5 daysgetfit24 (37): The past week has been busy but I managed to do some circuit. For today, I went out for a run and did a bit of legs again: 3x15 30lb kettlebell squat 3x15 30lb stiff leg kettlebell deadlift 3x15 60lb seated leg curls 3x15 60lb seated leg extension 3x15 60lb rotary hip machine
Maintenance Onetofive 12 5 dayseknight (55642): Even if you're sedentary, the Harris-Bendict equation indicates you should multiply that 1100 kcals by 1.25, giving you 1375. -3X
"You lift like a man"...log emmyweird84 160 5 daysemmyweird84 (1192): Tuesday... 5 min warm up stairclimber Bench press: 12x80, 10x100, 8x120, 6x140, 2x170 Incline dB press: 10x30, 8x2x35, 6x40 Superset: reverse tri pushdown [10x2x40, 8x2x50] Cable crossover [10x2x15, 8x2x20] Pec Dec fly db: 10x2x30, 10x2x35 Weighted dips: 15x4x45 Db kickback with wrist rotation and 2 sec pause at kickback: 8x4x15 ...yeah the tris are fried lol Pushup finisher: feet elevated x10 Floor...
Eagle's log EagleRare10 119 5 daysEagleRare10 (550): 2/20 bench Weight: 210.4 Working bench: 3x275x3; 255x6; 245x7 Pull ups: body weight 3x8 Incline DB press: 75s 2x10 Bent over BB rows: 3x155x10 Lateral raises: 30s 3x10 Superset front raises + lateral raises: 25s x7 + x7 Two sets Incline YWTs 10 lbs 15 reps (5 each position) paused at top; three sets 2/21 squat Weight: 212.0 Working: 2x315x3; 275x6; 255x7 RDL: 3x225x10 Weighted planks: 45 lbs x 75 secs;...
Vascular arms konner05 7 5 dayskonner05 (1): I'm 17
What the hell should i do? selfin 33 5 dayswannabemuscular (31488): Open thread to view post.
Youtube MarcoMacias 5 5 daysMarcoMacias (19): @NorIda well it works lol
Food poisoning konner05 5 6 daysYeags (718): You eat under cooked chicken ๐Ÿ— your gains are gone๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
Lurker's Log - A whole year of gains NaturalBrawn 8 6 daysNaturalBrawn (148): Week 4, just 1 lb this week - Still in the range im aiming for so overall v happy! This weeks informative content im voiced my opinions on the evolution of 'Evidence Based' Fitness. Backed of conventional deads this week while I rest my bicep, feeling 'ok' so may back off a little this week. Anyway 7.5 lbs down - First physique update end of this week!
*HELP! BODYBUILDING SURVEY* MALE&FEMALE Dane_Q 2 6 dayswannabemuscular (31488): @Dane_Q I don't believe there are any active competitors on this forum currently.
How do I apply iifym to my diet? konner05 6 6 daysSalokin (478): do what is best for your body and the sustainability of the diet.
What should I decrease my calories to? konner05 10 6 dayskonner05 (1): Thank you SO much. Much respect I'll learn more about sport as I am studying it.
Lunges Takeiteasy 8 7 daysLiftamusprime (319): when I do lunges I always realise how much I hate lunges..up the weight or review your form.
Cutting Nbanfl 6 7 daysNbanfl (1): @Dorich thanks for the help, much appreciated.
Maintenance Wegonbealr 10 7 daysWegonbealr (1): @FiremanSi thanks brother!
Quitting my job MarcoMacias 4 7 daysJsn3004 (2356): If it's the same franchise you should have asked if they could move you there. Either way it couldn't hurt just to put in an application
Weighing potatos Takeiteasy 2 7 daysSOLARSUPLEX (8176): As long as you are doing it the same way consistently then it won't have any negative effects on your diet. The difference in calories when weighed either way is so minimal that it's not even worth your time to stress over.