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* The Official Motivational Thread * biganf 497 4 daysCherokeeDoc (10): “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but whre he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” - Martin Luther King, Jr. I always liked that one.
Simply Shredded FAQ Frostshock 17 11 daysSwoleAnimal (5908): excellent thread guys. thank you for taking the time to put this together
Official nice butt appreciation thread wannabemuscular 274 1 minwannabemuscular (16947):
Rebuilding the South. _RudeCrews Log _RudeCrew 119 5 minuteswannabemuscular (16947): The other side of S.Fla? Isn't that just like an hour apart?
Frontsquat form check Assie321 13 23 minutesbslo (196): Learn how to go to depth and when you start doing it they will actually become easier. Keeps you more balanced if you can sit into your hips more.
SS Members ARM SHOT *pics ilifthard 1 35 minutesilifthard (3208): Let's see how cool your guns are without a pump! Age: 19 Weight: 93.7 Current mode: CUTTING
CUTTING: 3 MONTHS + ilifthard 21 46 minutesilifthard (3208): Current arm shots at 3pm, lmao.
FinalFlash running Cube Kingpin SSJ3FinalFlash 8 50 minutesWinnersNeverQuit (7098): There are further percentages for two lifts similar to comp lifts as well In kingpin that are still not mentioned In the link, get the book
Danimal's 2014 Contest Prep Log Danimal_88 177 53 minutesDanimal_88 (7975): its been settled. As soon as berto gives me back some carbs, my next high day go be dis.....
UFC DUBLIN GTFIH! McQueef 45 1 hourMcQueef (2820): Just reported... McGregor vs. Poirier at UFC 178 STACKED card
Opinions on training frequency jja0016 14 1 hourEat2Trainn247 (2230): As we age, the length of time MPS remains elevated decreases and has been shown to be as little as 14-24 hours in some individuals; thus, a greater training frequency may be advantageous. Of course, at the top of your priority list needs to be nutrition for ample fuel and recovery. Then, a program that is properly designed and periodized to hit your desired frequency/goals/etc.
USAPL Raw Nationals eknight 45 1 hourDanimal_88 (7975): @WinnersNeverQuit Yea he had something to prove after he bombed out on his single ply squats at IPF worlds where he got called for depth everytime I think. No question here
Cooking Questions Piggles 1 1 hourPiggles (208): Yo, Anyone got any good recommendations in terms of healthy cookbooks? or good books about nutrition which include recipes? I've been doing a lot from The Revive Cookbook but I think that is only available in New Zealand and want to get something else with a few more recipes. Also, What daily cooking oil do you use? I've been using Sun Flower oil but considering a full blown switch to butter.
I have a challenge for you shredders!!! SOLARSUPLEX 27 1 hourDexdbest (4723): Coffee? What is?
The long road to 100kg WinnersNeverQuit 408 1 hourFiremanSi (32383): Crazy weight being moved here. CRAZY
Consistency is the best supplment log simply_michael 107 1 hourPiggles (208): In another post I asked about safe movement planes where a couple people have commented about what they like for ab work. Generally I think the concensus is about 2 x per week, with exercises where you can add resistance so you don't have to do insane reps. Personally for me it's 4 x 10r wheel rollout 3 x 12r hanging leg raise However with what the others posted I...
Pig's Log v.45132 Piggles 14 1 hourPiggles (208): Week 3 - Day 2 (Yesterday) Front Squats (based on 1RM of 100kg - bumped this up 10kg after weights being too light - this felt better) 67.5kg x 5 77.5kg x 3 85.0kg x 10 Back Squats 60.0kg x 2s x 10r (just 2 light sets to think about form and see how my back felt) BB Lunge 60kg x 12r x 4s Dead Stop Good Mornings 12 reps x 40kg x 3 sets Calf raises - 3 sets x 12 Seated Leg Curl - 3 sets x 12 Hip Abductor - 3 sets x 12 Leg Extension - 2 sets...
OP has a small dink :/ Kermitlifts 24 2 hourspandasashi (3748): I laughed pretty hard at this haha
yoga maxsampson 6 2 hoursGregG (1): Sadie Nardini and Tara Stiles have lots of videos on youtube. I'm not sure about full workouts or various styles. Practicing yoga has made me feel a lot better, and lots of pro athletes do it nowadays so give it a try.
Log Staying on track! Tritons 114 4 hoursTritons (67): 22.07.2014. Hi Legs Squat 170x3 170x3 170x3 120x15 120x15 120x15 Barbell lunges 70x16 70x16 80x16 SLDL 100x12 100x12 100x12 Leg curls 15x12 15x12 15x12 Calves, seated 45x12 60x12 75x12 Close grip bench for triceps 100x8 100x8 100x8 DB curls 17,5x10 17,5x10 17,5x10 Tricep pressdowns 70x10 70x12 70x10 HM curls 17,5x10 20x10 20x10 finished with Lateral rises 15x3x10-15 Awesome workout, tough squats with 170 could of gone smoother but...
My Journey To The 1000LB Club AarronStenner 470 4 hoursAarronStenner (10390): Yeah I it before, I created my own excel spreadsheet to work my weights and track, il check that app again though
**Log of FIRE: SI's Advancing Wendler MAN !! FiremanSi 377 4 hoursFiremanSi (32383): Candito Lifts Week 1 Day 2 (Bench Day 1) Bench: Barx10 40x4 47.5kg x10 65x10 72.5x8 72.5x6 (All goals hit, Grip with index fingers just outside the rings) BB BOR: 60kgx10 60x10 62.5x8 65x6 (Could do more but trying to eliminate swing, Grip is Pinky's on the rings) Seated DB Press: 12.5kg's x12 15kg's x12 17.5 x10 20's x8 NG Chins: 12,10,7,7 (Goal was 12,12,10,8.. When this is hit i willl add weights.) Op Ex 1: V-Bar...
Steve gets Strong SRorhrbac0808 203 5 hourswannabemuscular (16947): @SRorhrbac0808 No doubt about the front squats. I had switched from low bar to Front Squats last year for like 3 months. No back squats, only fronts. When I switch back that's when I realized the high bar was so much easier. I completely attribute it to the Front squats strengthening my posture and ability to stay upright. I started Front Squats again Sunday. Gonna alternate one back and one front squat workout per week.
Obby's slow bulk log obby1g 16 6 hoursobby1g (7): Well I guess Ill just scrap everything and start out on stronglifts when my back is heeled up. Thanks for the input, much appreciated.
I have work to do on SQUATS!! wannabemuscular 5 6 hoursSwoleAnimal (5908): There is an interesting thing about squats. I have a buddy who started out squatting like 315 for reps when he had like zero leg development. I saw him do it. He snapped his shit up because he was going too heavy and now 2 years later only squats 135. I don't know if it is shear power of will because the weight is on your back, but ive seen some beginners lift massive poundage especially for their level of development.
Trev. - Mission Improbable Log Pt.2 Trev182 318 7 hoursTrev182 (11827): http:// My Take On IIFYM & Flexible Dieting For Confused …:
Help me learn... Aspire2Inspire 10 7 hoursAspire2Inspire (4): - Multi-vitamin - Fish oil - Creatine Monohydrate For a multi-vitamin is the particular brand or product I need to buy. Supermarket brand vs something that has 5billion % Vitamin this and that? Also, (I feel stupid asking this but..) are BCAA's and Multi-vitamin two different things? Fish oil - Any suggestions? and Amount I need to be taking a day? Creatine - I have used Muscletech Celltech in the past. As you can see below, it...
Grizzly Gets Stronger Than A Bear GrizzlyBerg 106 8 hoursGrizzlyBerg (3514): @FiremanSi @ATN_Coaching thanks guys. Everything with my squat has been clicking lately. Really like my programming for it. Hit 285 on the bench for an easy single and 250 x 4. Not pleased that I feel like my bench has been stalling. Hopefully adding in the swiss bar work will help build it up. While working my programming has been working well for my squat I may switch it up for the bench. I may start doing this: Tuesday: Joker sets, PR...
RJ Perkins "4P" Journey to the platform ATN_Coaching 202 10 hoursTrev182 (11827): Good work on the PRs man! I thought I was a busy man, respect for being able to do everything and still spend quality time with your wife. Keep on trucking!
My transformation from fat to fit! puimuri 1 10 hourspuimuri (13): height 5'9 So this is my story. I know I'm not ready by any means, but proud what I've accomplished so far. Still very motivated to continue lifting and getting stronger. I feel like bulking hard worked for me. Maybe I got too fat and the difference between noobgains pic and last pic isn't that big, but my lifts were going up during the bulk and I managed to...
road to recovery silverback31 9 12 hoursJordan (205): Sorry to hear about your injury but thats good you are back in the gym training again. I too just got over a serious injury after I was hit by a motorcycle and in the hospital for a bit. You can check out my thread about it all on here if you need some motivation. Best of look to you!
Trunk Safety Movement Planes Piggles 5 12 hours_RudeCrew (7072): Look up McGills Big 3. That's what I've been doing lately and really like it.
Do You Even Bulk Bro?? HamerLog Hamer93 179 13 hoursHamer93 (8998): Back and delts DB row 20x10 / 3x22.5x10 T bar row 4x32.5x12 WGLPD 4x42.5x12 High row 3x35x12 Shrugs 3x20x12 DB shoulder press 3x15x12 Lat raise 3x5x12 Hammer strength press 2x30x12
Hi All, New Here..Looking To Cut Nasdaq12 22 15 hoursnine0seven (1618): Bro do you even Nasdaq???
The1 Offseason Log- Part 1 the1 210 16 hoursFiremanSi (32383): @the1 Lookin full man.
6 day split ZammiNic 10 16 hoursFiremanSi (32383): @ZammiNic I understand how u feel mate.. I had to gradually reduce myself from TWICE DAILY 6xtimes/week mate so trust me i understand. I grew most when i did Wendler on a 4day split.
Biggest Loser Challenge - Ocean's Cut Log oceanair 224 16 hoursoceanair (13534): here's an update on this challenge. i knew i wasn't going to win since i haven't been cutting for awhile. i ended up gaining 0.3% body fat lol. #fail the girl who won lost 5% body fat in 90 days, which is awesome. ya i just have to sort some shit out emotionally/mentally. it all starts in the mind. man i just need to get over some shit. personal shit. anyway. my ass got bigger, my mom said so. and i was like you mean wider or higher. she...
Bucky the Gainpire Slayer - Cutting Log Bucky 252 19 hoursBucky (760): Hey guys, update from the past week. Was having some really bad kidney pains for the past week to where I could not lift and even walking was becoming very painful, took the week off from lifting and figured out what it was. Back in order now, decided to hop off the bro-split because running it was affecting me mentally not having a lot of structure, plus I like strength so I'm switching back to my original PHAT layout. Started today with upper...
Bench Press Speed? AarronStenner 9 19 hoursGrovinne (544): In the article near the end it says that at MaxV they trained with absolute loads and not loads relative to their 1rm. What's the difference?
Dat Forearm Vascularity Doe oceanair 113 21 hoursKermitlifts (7):
AntiDepressants- The Affect On Bodybuilders LongBeachPatriot 7 22 hoursLongBeachPatriot (124): thanks a lot, going to take everything into consideration and figure something out.
Killin my Back at *PLANET FITNESS* .... srs wannabemuscular 139 23 hourswannabemuscular (16947): Monday 7/21 - Back day at home: ----------------------------------------------------- T Bar Rows: 4x12, 4x8 T Bar Shrugs: 2x15 Landmine Torso Rotations: 4x16 One Arm Landmine Rows: 2x12, 1x10 Landmine Rear Delt Raise: 3x12 Banded Deadlifts: 5x10 Normally Monday would be a PF Back Day, but I didn't have time to get there as we had a funeral today. Squeezed this in at home. LOVE those Banded Deadlifts!
Anavar and women training AmourdeMonet 18 1 daythe1 (26862): I personally know 2 women that both bulked 10-15lbs from anavar and only took 10-20mg but that's a huge increase in BF.
Mat the frenchie's log MMB 156 1 dayMMB (1135): I'm starting to eat real food wooohoo! 10min LISS elliptical Upper body monility WUS MAIN: OHP 5@100/5@115/4@130 // Band pulldowns SUPP: CG Bench 5@135/5@145/5@155 ACC: Seated Tricep Extension 12@50/12@55/12@57.7 SS Rear Raise 3x12@12.5 Hammer DB Curl 12@20/12@25/8@30 SS Facepulls 12@60/12@65/12@70 Outta energy since I did not even get close to hit macro for 3 day in a row cause of wisdom teeth healing process and big day at...
Strength Log: 1100 lb total junkeymonkey 18 1 dayjunkeymonkey (1): 7/20/2014 Football skill work and sprints 7/21/2014 Bench bar x 5,5 115 x 3 135 x 3 145 x 3 155 x 3 175 x 5 205 x 3 175 x 3 paused 3 count 155 x 10 Incline 155 x 3,3,3 Pendlay Row 135 x 3,3,3 ss x3 pull ups weighted decline crunhes ss weighted carries Notes Should have gone for a 4th on 205
Pre Workout Sup Klong 9 1 daySOLARSUPLEX (2557): I think in going to try making my own pre. Just gonna mix caffeine, beta, crystal light, might aswell just toss my creatine mono aswell.
Bikini body comp MissEmily 229 1 dayeknight (40660): Use google to do the oz to ml conversion. Take some initiative here. -3X
TimothyGenz Physique LOG ~RELENTLESS~ TimmothyGen 132 1 dayTimmothyGen (352): WOAAAH me posting on my Log no wayy. Some Back Gainz? Was explaining to some ducks and their ducklings about my back gainz. I got a video of it but it would be weird to upload. Just sharing my day.
ON DAT FUREVER BULK mattd534 186 1 daymattd534 (3139): Man after yesterdays High rep leg day my quads were absolutely killing me. Had to foam roll those tight knots and it felt like Macro 1:Micro 2/Pull Day: -Core Lift/Tbar Close Grip Row 76% 1RM:2x110x6/ 110x13AMRAP Wanted to do one set/110x9 -Supp/BB Bent Over Row: 4x100x10Volume PR Form was clean -Supp/Vbar Close Grip Pulldown:112.5x9/2x112.5x8/112.5x7 -Supp/One...
will knee wraps help patellar tendinitis? DFMaster240 11 1 dayFiremanSi (32383): @DFMaster240 Try them single leg if thats the case so ur stronger leg isn't taking the most of the stress. Ur welcome.. more than happy to help anyone with knee issue bros... Also don't forget to look down the chain to limited odrsiflexion and tight calves. Can be a culprit aswell.