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Routine Design for Dummies 1.0 eknight 145 5 hourseknight (54277): C'mon, don't be lazy. I literally described a set and rep scheme and provided a decent list of exercises to plug into it. It's all already there! -3X
Simply Shredded FAQ - Read before posting! Frostshock 38 19 daysRyanEdward (1): Awesome post
Meet Prep _RudeCrew 73 25 minutes_RudeCrew (15064): Squat 315x2 335x1 355x3 Deadlift 335x4x4 Good Mornings 4x12 Abs 4x15
CAN SOMEONE HELP PLEASE. damnlookatthat 11 1 hourdamnlookatthat (4): I made a new workout program based off 5/3/1 PHD 4, today was my first power day and i fucking killed it. >> SPREADSHEET 5 Days a week, 2 power days 3 hyper days hitting muscles twice a week
Protein sources acoble02 18 2 hoursHamb0 (2446): Ah yea, think its called Sylte here
The Old Man trudges on (LOG) wannabemuscular 417 3 hourswannabemuscular (30468): Saturday 10/22 - DEADS Elliptical: 3 minutes Band Pullaparts: 30 Band Pulldowns: 30 Deadlifts: (beltless, conventional) -- 135x10, 225x5, 315x5, 370 2x5 Barbell Shrugs: 225 3x10 DB One Arm Row: 50 2x20 Lying Leg Curls: 125 3x10 Leg Raises: 2x20 First time doing anything that hits the lumbar since straining my back a few weeks ago. It tightened up pretty good by the 2nd set of 370 so I left it at that. Hopefully it...
Can I get 18 inch arms at 200 lbs? MuscleMan 12 4 hoursCannonball (5734): BTW, I can atleast post his program. (He was on steroids so don't try 3 days unless you that read this are just that) Day 1 arms and shoulders Day 2 chest, back, legs do this 2 or 3 times a week (so 4 or 6 workouts) Arm part: 5 sets of triceps tri-sets 8-10 reps in each (so 15 sets in total) 5 sets of biceps tri-sets 8-10 reps in each 5 sets of forearm tri-sets 10+ reps in each Now the thing is how you are "supposed" to do them:...
Pre-workout West165 26 4 hoursEagleRare10 (244): @Beans that makes sense. Hadn't really thought of it as a general nutritional supplement like that, rather just a workout aid. I may have to give it a try. I do worry about jitteriness that could impact my concentration at work in the afternoon. It it sounds like it's just a matter of finding a quality product to avoid that though. Thanks for the answer!
Onward Onslaught Cannonball 26 5 hoursCannonball (5734): yeah idk why people get all hysterical when someone doesnt train legs very often. like, neither does people who don't work out at all and you dont go yelling at them to train legs lol. i compete in bench press as a sport, im not a bodybuilder and squatting alot just makes it harder to succeed in what im doing! I have actually been squatting and deadlifting 2 times a week for 2-3 weeks now but i busted my hip again somehow so we'll see if i just...
Squat and deadlift Hambo 6 5 hoursHamb0 (2446): I also normally would, but this guy is legit untrollable, so in my optics its not worth the effort :(
Swolfie thread? SRorhrbac0808 111 16 hoursNorIda (45580): @darklight79 calls it a mini cut. Everyone else would call it show prep. Dude is diced.
Please help need advice on what to do khppolo 14 19 hourskhppolo (1): hey just a quick update, i actually took your advice and i really think the whole losing a few pounds 4-6 weeks then continuing the bulk was the best thing i ever did. i hardly got ripped but i dropped maybe like 3 or 4 pounds and my stomach got flatter and finally i had motivation to bulk it was realy good for me mentaly. i also noticed alot of it had to do wth a horrendously weak core which ive focused on more and strengthened. since then i...
whats the deal with ASHWAGANDHA and KSM-66 TecK 2 20 hourswannabemuscular (30468): @TecK Haha, there is no wrong spot. There is only one forum page. The things on the side are just tags. Don't bother with that shit or really many other supplements. If you can stomach creatine that would be good.
Need advice for bulking/mass TecK 4 20 hourswannabemuscular (30468): Are there certain foods you can handle more of? What about red meat? I'd say focus on high density foods that pack a punch on calories. This way you don't have to eat as much volume, but maybe can get the calories you need. If food is an issue I'd say you're better off training higher intensity with high weights. Just my 2cents.
Even more pics of what you're eating... hollyhopeful5678 217 23 hourswannabemuscular (30468): Preworkout Dinner using the above posted taco meat. Power packed macros right there!
Feedback please Markynewts 8 23 hoursMarkynewts (19): Cheers lads that's great! Will have a good read of them for sure. I also take meds that have really slowed down my metabolism so in all fairness am pleased with results so far. This is all with zero cardio. Been doing a lot of push/pull with the odd circuit thrown in there as well.strength best it's ever been and am feeling good. Loving the journey.
10/17 Bullsh*t thread SOLARSUPLEX 44 1 daywannabemuscular (30468): @kickinchicken hahaha! Sounds like you have a nice plan for yourself. You're wife is setting up to rake in some nice $$. 2018 we should be getting Wrangler Diesels. I would expect better mpg with that.
Eagle's log EagleRare10 63 1 dayEagleRare10 (244): 10/21 workout -- Upperbody 2 Weight: 204.6 Tried @Jsn3004's idea and put real plates on for the OHP. Whatever psychological edge it gave me did not overcome my physical limitations, lol. I did, however, eat pretty low carb yesterday, not really intentionally, so I'll attribute my performance to inadequate fuel. OHP: 135 x6 x5 x5 chin-ups: +30 lbs x8; x8; x5 + 3 at BW. close grip bench: 205 x8 x7 though I like this exercise, unracking...
Ive been here for more than 4 years dollar786 33 1 dayoceanair (17935): 💯
IF study EagleRare10 3 1 dayEagleRare10 (244): Thanks @wannabemuscular. I'll check those links out later. I'm the same way with the water and coffee. Does wonders for my hydration, but I have to consciously limit how many times I go back to the coffee pot or I'd be drinking coffee non-stop, haha.
Overwhelmed with all the information :( ArwenFt 22 1 daySOLARSUPLEX (7168): @wannabemuscular Im impressed... Maybe there are email alerts for this type of thing haha. @ArwenFt Give us an update! How is the bulk going? How much are you eating?
Help - Your stats and calories consumed TrustMeImLying 5 2 daysTucane (109): So, are you going to manually tweak the Katch-McArdle formula, to match the collected stats? I'm curious here...
New clothing brand Rapture 6 2 daysTucane (109): Send me one of those black/gold caps. I promise i'll wear it in public:-)
Protein on the go fakenatty3 10 2 daysjostrosky (22): @wannabemuscular yeah i typically get the ones that have the least amount. Their peanut butter chocolate has a lot in it as well as double chocolate chunk.
Loose skin or fat? Nicolelou 10 2 daysSOLARSUPLEX (7168): Like others have said, its just normal fat that everybody carries. Now to shape up for the wedding. 2 months? lets kill it. Read the FAQ thread at the top of the forum and report back if you have any questions regarding specifics. Note: people get pretty hostile if you ask a question that could be answered by just copy and pasting from the faq thread. Just read through it and don't feel bad when everything you thought you knew at fitness...
SHOCKING FAT TO RIPPED 5MIN TRANSFORMATION!! tyrannosaurusrez 13 2 daysgetfit24 (1): From the looks of it, I don't think the muscles holding up your tummy is weak at all. I mean, you train your abs so I'm pretty sure they're strong. Haha. Just curious because I've seen a lot of guys do this :p Anyway, if you've been overweight before then.. wow! Congrats on your transformation! :)
Removing BB bench completely from workout. WeakBenchShit 7 3 daysKansas___Boyyyyy (3169): What is your age?
Out of curiosity West165 10 3 daysHamb0 (2446): You're welcome :) I think 4 weeks sounds fine, just as fine as 6-8. The point is just, that you want to do it for long enough, to progressively overload via added volume, so that from week 1, through 2, 3 and 4 becomes increasingly harder. Volume tolerance will increase, partly because of the adaptive response, but also because of (over)sufficient energy availability. hypothetically, if one were to only do this for 1 or 2 weeks, it just...
Needing some advice Dorich 31 3 daysDorich (22): Managed 76 kg bench today. Totally unexpected to be honest. :D
Plantar Fasciitis: What/how/Prevention ATN_Coaching 1 3 daysATN_Coaching (1534): New Video: Plantar Fasciitis What/How/Prevention Video Link: Coach Dave Rynecki takes you through an extremely common condition that is prone to many, sometimes without knowing it. Coach Dave takes you through what exactly it is, how it occurs, and how you can prevent this common condition.
Street Workout (Calisthenics)Lê Phạm Thế Vũ lephamthevu 1 3 dayslephamthevu (19):
leanr0x rebuilds leanr0x 7 5 daysleanr0x (4177): @FiremanSi uhm i skipped some exercises because of the upcoming competition. i usually work more on bench. it sounded crazy to me when my trainer gave me the template but it made me stronger and more muscular than i thought. increased my raw bench from 110kg to 150kg with same bodyweight and without roids
This Forum is dying Jsn3004 35 5 daysSOLARSUPLEX (7168): They have to quit being such little bitches all the time.
Using Clen kato9 8 5 dayskato9 (7): Thanks for the responses..... the reason why I started with this was so (bad) advice from a trainer. Anyways I guess it's time to regroup and refocus on diet. Thanks
Bodypower Expo 2017 Promo code BPJN totalpheonix1 2 5 daysJsn3004 (1363): FUCK YEAH I've been wanting one so bad but my parents told me I'll have to wait until my birthday
Should I bulk or cut Zookey86 13 5 daysEagleRare10 (244): Cool. I don't know much about PHAT, other than its recommended as a good intermediate/advanced program. So, I presume it implements some kind of sensible progression scheme, which is really all I was trying to emphasize: make sure you are progressing in weight or reps, and eating and resting right, and you will grow.
What Facebook groups for motivation ? Musclelinx 15 5 daysMusclelinx (1): @leanr0x yeah there are some good videos out there like you say to remind you why you're doing what you're doing i mean we all need a G up sometimes, thanks mate.
Why Advocare/Herbalife/Isogenix Works ATN_Coaching 8 5 daysATN_Coaching (1534): Pay a low price of $1.5K and you will earn double that in 3 months.
I do what I want Log Rand 112 6 daysRand (4291): lifted last night for the first time in 2 weeks. I hate losing strength.... deadlift 405x5x5 500x3x3 all beltless squat 315x10x5 beltless bench 275x5x5 slingshot 315x5x5 I am wrecked today.
How wide are Lebron James shoulders? MuscleMan 3 8 daysKansas___Boyyyyy (3169): us big folk just get to be big nah mean?
I want you guys to know NorIda 23 8 daysKansas___Boyyyyy (3169): i remember these rep threads o.O lol
Modular shaker bottle , pretty cool concept. BulkCutRepeat 3 8 daysBulkCutRepeat (1): Not sure where you saw a full wallet at. I guess you are referring to the dollar bills. The sizes are consistent as it is the same bottle, just some pictures are closer up than others. Thanks for your opinion though.
HyperAmino By Gaspari Nutrition GYMRVT2 3 8 dayswannabemuscular (30468): @GYMRVT2 Only 5grams total of all those ingredients combined? You'd probably have to take 5 scoops to get a reasonable amount of each amino. Ripoff!
Transformation thoughts ? MattO1999 8 9 daysgetfit24 (1): Wow, great progress! And you do have long arms!
2017... bringing my best!! Swede90 13 10 daysleanr0x (4177): looking solid
Garrot coehlo wtf Holodrum 11 10 daysSOLARSUPLEX (7168): looks like shit must be natty
Supplement savings fakenatty3 2 10 daysforgottenpass (175): I don't know if I can trust a fake natty though..
Which workout split? Alexander7 7 10 daysHamb0 (2446): Seconding this; if you're able to train 7 days a week, the quality of the training probably isn't very high, and there probably isn't being presented much of an overload.
Surgery Yeags 10 11 daysYeags (106): Just got to elevate knee till swelling goes down no way I'll be able to stay in bed or set around to much longer.. thanks man
Strength standards for size WeakBenchShit 7 11 daysATN_Coaching (1534): To me personally there is no standard in when it comes to strictly physique based development. We are all genetically independent so key would be for you to find what volumes, frequencies, variables, and more work best for you. I posted this recently on my personal Facebook page: "Being big does not = strength/power and being small does not = being weak. At the same time because you are strong it does not mean you will get bigger quicker...