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Simply Shredded FAQ - Read before posting! Frostshock 25 6 daysjillianrae (91): Thanks for the thread! very informative ;)
Hello, simplyshredded, help me out. livelovelaugh 7 2 minuteslivelovelaugh (1): Yes, I am tracking with MFP. I love eating whole foods for most of the time, when I crave a snickers bar for example I fit it in my caloric budget. If I train, I maintain with about 2500/day split into a 30/50/20 split p/c/f as suggested by the FAQ here but I am not obsessing over hitting that particular ratio and freak out if I don't. On days that I won't hit that ratio as long as I eat my protein and fat minimal requirements I fill in...
simplyshredded questionaire the1 19 9 minutesWinnersNeverQuit (8043): Open thread to view post.
Need new routine gymguy6969 7 20 minutesRawsteel (61): No, it doesn't matter. That's one of the good things with p/p/l, the smaller muscle groups don't much direct work since they already get alot in the compound exercises performed for the bigger muscle groups.
Biggest Loser Challenge - Ocean's Cut Log oceanair 491 21 minutesoceanair (15325): @hollyhopeful5678 I called the Vitamin Shoppe here and they don't have it yet :/ I'm also into those chocolate type flavors. And I agree! The Quest Chips were a disappointment. Not tasty at all. @wannabemuscular thanks! gonna get back into the swing of things.
Need your help Zyzzst 1 24 minutesZyzzst (3067): Can you guys please go on Instagram and argue back with this guy on @nickwrightnwb guys thinks that you have to take over 10g of creating a day for it to work....please shit on this guy with our knowledge
Tamere Pays His Dues (Training Log) tamere01 218 59 minutesFiremanSi (35761): Hahah.. #BetterBeSrs :) Ye it was an interesting read glad i could help.
*Firemans Log: Candito GainTrain Continues.. FiremanSi 198 1 hourFiremanSi (35761): @kickinchicken Yeah man only second time doing them. Didnt really know how to apply them. I asked u iin ur log. Whats ur protocol for them ??
the1 prep log 2014/2015 2 shows the1 24 1 hourFiremanSi (35761): @the1 Damn dude 9days... Defo need a break and some good food. A box of pop tarts for the win. :)
The Long Haul(continued): A Chicken LOG kickinchicken 126 1 hourFiremanSi (35761): @kickinchicken Damn dude that pressing is quality. My triceps dont know whats going on these days with all the addition floor presses and cgbp work.. haha. Did u opt for CGBP on ur last day there instead of OHP ??? Whats ur protocol for ur singles after ur bench work ??
How far can the Old Man go? (LOG) wannabemuscular 60 1 hourwannabemuscular (20901): @hollyhopeful5678 No, still have a long way to go. Haven't been for a sitting in about a month. I had to slow down cause the $$ was getting ridiculous especially coming up on the holidays.
Take more pics of what you're eating ErickFromOmaha 259 2 hoursjillianrae (91): A girls got to eat! Filet, asparagus, quinoa, avocado and sautéed garlic since I'm italian and I love it. Plus it might kill off this cold 💪
My diet ? bulking BGM990 5 3 hoursBGM990 (1): im dont speak very good english i dont understand alot im asking if thé diet plan is good
Danimal Update Danimal_88 6 5 hoursDanimal_88 (9187): @Trev182 Thanks! you too man
Discount Code thread wannabemuscular 180 6 hourswannabemuscular (20901): MASSIVE BLACK FRIDAY SALE TODAY 45% off Bands, Wraps, Sleeves, Straps, e-Book 35% off Apparel and Bottles 30% off Metal Gear and Accessories 25% Books, Videos, and Yoke Bar 20% off Prowlers, Sleds and Speed Training Equipment 15% off Weights and Med Balls 10% off Strength Equipment * FREE Deadlift Manual with all orders over $24.95 * FREE Shipping for all qualified UPS Ground Shipped Orders of $99.00
Prime inc. Cannonball 338 6 hoursCannonball (5293): If no bench variants counts then def ohp with wide grip and paused dips!
Dems log Dem41 61 9 hoursDem41 (151): cycle 2 week 4, military press day! 5/5/5 warm up 5 minutes on treadmill pvc pipe dislocations purple band pull aparts internal/external rotations foam roll upper back/lats warm up, military press chin ups, 8 20x10 chins, 8 30x5 chins, 8 40x5 chins 8 55x5 chins, 5 70x5 chins 4 85x3 chins 5 work sets 90x5 chins, 3 105x5 115x5 BBB assistance, bench press 5x90x10 superset with face pulls 5x40x10 fun stuff concentration curls 3x15x...
Trev's Road to the Platform! Trev182 150 9 hoursTrev182 (13978): Fucker can walk/climb. Thatll be a firm NO.
_RudeCrews Strength Log _RudeCrew 335 10 hours_RudeCrew (10006): @SRorhrbac0808 thanks for fixing that. I wasn't in my right mind.
Log to 1600 total WinnersNeverQuit 308 11 hoursWinnersNeverQuit (8043): Smolov Jr. Day 1 Bench 115kg 253lbs 6X6 Lying rows 100kg 220lbs 4X4-6 Chins 3X6-10
rate this routine BGM990 9 11 hoursBGM990 (1): Thx gonna add those 2 to my routine
End of 5 month bulk, into 3.5 weeks of cut darklight79 24 12 hoursleanr0x (3820): @darklight79 you look great bro! thats exactly what i want to become!
It's big, it's heavy, it's wood! eknight 177 12 hourseknight (44137): Friday: Deads: 135x10/185x5/205x5/235x7/185x8 Leg press: 4x315 GHR: 10/10/8 Reverse hypers: 12/12/10 Calf presses: 3x315x12 Planks: 1:15/1:25/1:20 PPT: 3x15 Supermen: 3x12 Done. -3X
S.S(eknight) questions thread DEXchidera 367 13 hourseknight (44137): Yes. Any particular reason you're concerned about this? -3X
Mat the frenchie's log MMB 348 13 hoursFiremanSi (35761): @MMB Damn jelly of dat bench Doe.
Happy Thanksgiving wannabemuscular 11 14 hoursFiremanSi (35761): Happy giving of THANKS to all you MURICAHHHHHH's in the Forum. Have a great day. FOCK den macros... Enjoy bitches. But remember if u eat too much then... ^^you'll think THIS is a word !!! Haha... My maaaaan.
My Journey To The 1000lb Club Part 2 AarronStenner 438 19 hoursAarronStenner (10828): @MMB i drop so fast to get from A to B as quick as possible, I agree my deadlift strength is there but my form isn't so the comp is still on!
APF Outlaw Tampa PL Prep (dec21) SRorhrbac0808 281 21 hoursSRorhrbac0808 (39802): Here lately getting into position fucking sucks.
where do i start? shantell 30 22 hourseknight (44137): Absolutely. Neuromuscular adaption to weight training- and thus, hypertrophy gains- take about 6-8 weeks to reach full potential. If you change every workout, that will never happen. -3X
leanr0x log pt. 1 leanr0x 10 1 dayleanr0x (3820): 27.11.2014 squats 102.5 x7 / 90 x8 / 80 x9 leg curls 45 x12 x12 x8 calves 66 x12 x12 x10 [kg] was out last night so i am happy with the result!
Training to Failure w/o Partner nine0seven 7 1 dayJelet (1923): You dont need to go to failure. And your only need a training partner to help get the weights up as a lift off(help on the first rep so your not curling 120lbs on db shoulder press to get it up etc to heavy exercises like dumbbell shoulder press or flat dumbbell chest press. But just go lighter and short rest times on the shoulder presses and do incline chest press instead and you should be fine. No need for training partner
does nicotine affect the protein synthesis? Rawsteel 1 2 daysRawsteel (61): As the title says, does nicotine affect the protein synthesis or hypertrophy? I know that there has been som studies made about cigarettes and that those showed that smoking greatly decreases the protein synthesis, what in the cigarettes that caused this they did not know. The reason im asking is because i've been using something called "snus" for 8+ years now and unlike cigarettes, the only thing...
**5-a-Day Fruits 'n' Veg.. who eats this ?? FiremanSi 27 2 daysFiremanSi (35761): @the1 In fairness i'm mad boring with my fruits... Berries of anykind are crazy expensive in ireland so i generally stick to banana's and prob eat bout 300g of them a day easy... haha. Love apple,Can't eat apples.. beans aint the only musical Fruit... NOMSAYIN. :) Unless i'm dieting (when i SMASH fruit and veg in crazy amounts) i'm boring with veg also.. i generally stay green.. i.e. broccolli, green beans and asparagus.
Pound for Pound: Cardinal's Log cardinal 492 2 daysFiremanSi (35761): Just glad i can help buddy.
Fitness Photography Paulie 17 2 daysbrian12 (9402): Looks like BATISTA!
Alberto Nuñez Upper Lower frui2 20 2 daysbrian12 (9402): @csizemore21 I ran this for a while. But he has an extra 5th day for extra/specific work. That is where he suggests adding in more volume for lagging muscles and adding in more rows and volume for back. Great routine
Calories+Macros Shota34 8 2 daysSOLARSUPLEX (3430): This title should be calories = macros
Fatphobic csizemore21 16 2 dayshollyhopeful5678 (787): I'm with you dude, but I don't know if that is comforting considering I'm a chick and most chicks have messed up thoughts about their bodies. But if you were previously fat, I think it depends on how you got that way to begin with that should determine the legitimacy of your phobia. If you ate junk like a vacuum with no self control, then it is realistic to fear losing control again. If you got fat by following the advice of the stupid people,...
5/3/1 with Dave Tate accessories bulking log csizemore21 24 2 dayscsizemore21 (22): went in a few minutes ago to actually work on form with some olympic lifts, never really done snatches or any form of them, did high pull snatches for 7x3 with the bar lol, most akward movement I think iv ever done
Gazzy's log GazzyK 16 2 daysGazzyK (103): Hi! It's been a month since I've been away :( So although I've been quiet on here for a while, I have been training. Anyway time I updated this log. I'm doing a 4 day split. Here's the program I'm following and my last workout results: Lower Body: Barbell hip thrust- 3x8x15 Squat - 4x8x30 Hamstring curl- 4x3x20x20 Leg press - 3x12x60 Romanian deadlift - 2x12x35 Upper Body: Lat pull down - 4x8x20 Standing military press - 4x8x17.5 Rack...
Olympic Shoes or Chucks for Squats? wannabemuscular 18 2 daysRand (2119): I go barefoot on squats and deads. Feels good to assert my alphaness through my stinky feet.
Bulk Wars : Return of the Deficit Frostshock 422 3 daysFiremanSi (35761): @Frostshock All makes sense buddy. Keep the chin up and hope all is well.
Hi, it's me again. Dirkenhiemer 14 3 dayscardinal (5308): Hi Dirk. Keep on the grind man. And remember, I know no one who regretted working hard and killing it in school. I know a lot of people who regret the opposite. Keep it real man.
Arnold blueprint attempt swollenscott 35 3 daysswollenscott (313): Hang clean and press 5x 40,45,50,52.5kg,55kg,2x57.5kg Db press as front raise Upright row as lat raise Rear delt raises CGBP 20x50kg, 15x60kg, 12x65kg Bb curl 20x25kg, 15x30kg, 12x30kg Incline curl Oh db ext Reverse pulldowns Hammer curls Incline crunches Pumped like a balloon!!!
No Shave November (Movember) wannabemuscular 11 3 daysoceanair (15325): @Scotian dat chest vein doe
15 years old: Tracking Progress _peterbrah 166 3 dayscsizemore21 (22): you don't need a split like that yet. starting strength and food will do you justice
Seriously? oceanair 25 3 daysKansas___Boyyyyy (2782): ...thats barack obama...president of the united states...and adrian peterson...
Totalis BOGO Danimal_88 6 3 dayswannabemuscular (20901): @Scotian Wow that sucks. That's definitely a reason for me to not order from them.
Anyone ever do a week off from diet? Jelet 14 3 daysScotian (9907): Holy shit lol I thought jelet left here long ago. Why cutting so hard man? Gonna do a show or just want to be leaner?
Newbie just joined! Shota34 24 3 daysShota34 (1): @TimmothyGen Lol thank you :)