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Simply Shredded FAQ - Read before posting! Frostshock 23 12 daysGacheru (28): There is some flexibility here - some people prefer slightly higher fat intake - it’s most important to track your total calories so that your intake matches your daily caloric intake goal. How high can I go with fats? Was thinking about going 0.7g per lbm. I realize it is a bit much but I like it during the day at work (some tea with fats).
eknight's Legs, Pull, Push Split ajm87 9 8 minutesRawsteel (58): With these 3 alternatives you train your legs dynamically and your erectors isometric 2 days in a row since deads are on the pull day. I don't get why one would do squats and deads on different workouts when running a p/p/l 5 or 6 days a week, or atleast not when the leg and pull workouts are back to back. Personally i prefer doing RDL or SLDL when on a p/p/l with 5 days of training each week, less taxing for the central nervous system and...
The Long Haul(continued): A Chicken LOG kickinchicken 91 45 minuteskickinchicken (6880): Week 1, last day: BP 250xMR had 11 pretty easy BP 275x1,290x1,300x1 CGBP 225x6,6,8 Standing OHP 135x5,5,5 Face pulls 5x10-12 I had a really hard time getting warmed up. Took 5-6 warm up sets this time. I was just feeling very stiff and awkward. But after my final warm up at 225x3 I felt amazing. Goal was 250x12-13 but stopped at 11. I felt pretty good about a 12th but wasn't pushing it with no spotter. Threw in some joker sets because...
Pound for Pound: Cardinal's Log cardinal 478 46 minutescardinal (5224): Today, explosive bench. Also been drinking less (water) recently. Means my weigh-ins have been down so was a lean 66.3 kg this morning. Today was a breeze compared to yesterday but my back was still pretty beat. Bench: 65 kg x 3 x 8 CGBP: 70 kg x 5 x 2 3 second paused bench: 60 kg x 8 x 3 Face pulls: 16 kg x 12 x 3 Body weight pull ups: x 6 x 2 Lat pull down (drop setted these as time was running out): 64 kg x 10, 54 kg x 8, 48 kg x 8, 40 kg x...
*Firemans Log: Candito GainTrain Continues.. FiremanSi 134 60 minutesFiremanSi (35530): @Trev182 Hahaha.. Easy aswell.. Haha. Whoops.
Norfit 2014??! NorIda 28 1 hourTyrannosaurusFlex (2278): Open thread to view post.
How far can the Old Man go? (LOG) wannabemuscular 44 2 hoursDem41 (151): +2 for Reeses cookies love those things !, hows the shoulder feeling ?
Dems log Dem41 57 2 hoursDem41 (151): thanks man ! was pumped as heck to hit that 8 reps
Ragnarök Awaits! GrizzlyBerg 87 2 hoursGrizzlyBerg (5206): @wannabemuscular yeah its just total weight lifted. So for today it was (265*2*2)+(275*2*2)+(285*2*2)+(265*4)= Total volume. The only reason I am keeping track of total volume is because the reps and sets are not set in stone. Last Cycle on this exact same day I did: 265 x 4 x 2 270 x 2 x 2 275 x 1 280 x 1 Total volume seems the only way to truly compare how I did this cycle compared to last cycle. So despite the reps and sets being...
BODYWEIGHT MASTERY PROGRESS dwrkk 21 3 hoursdwrkk (19): This is one of my most greatest achievements, the planche. Here's my progress for the past 4 years.
Bulk, maintain, or cut dserious111 17 4 hoursGeo17 (1): You look good man! If that's one month of me that's great progress!
leanr0x log pt. 1 leanr0x 7 4 hoursleanr0x (3796): 20.11.2014 squats 90x5 / 80x6 / 70x7 leg curls 41x12x12x12 calf press 59x12x12x12 in [kg] my quads are fucking weak! maybe i should pause longer between reps. musclefailure without a spotter is pretty shitty on squats
Take more pics of what you're eating ErickFromOmaha 199 4 hoursoceanair (15235): Lmao me too. Glad I'm not the only one lol
DUP log Rand 59 4 hourswannabemuscular (20580): @Rand Nice lift! Our numbers are very similar, like spot on with Bench and DL, but you're a little ahead of me on the Squat.
Prime inc. Cannonball 314 5 hoursCannonball (5290): had no time to workout yesterday, so more bench and dips lol, next workout however there will be no bench nor dips so I'll be forced to do pulls. paused bench 130x5, 135x5, 140x5 dips up to +30kgx25, which is PR also time to start doing some heavy dips even though its a hassle. Need to do volume on +60 kg.
Any "proven" push/pull (2 split) out there? Rawsteel 4 5 hoursRawsteel (58): Thanks, those are however upper/lower splits, im looking for a pure push (quads, chest, delts triceps) and pull (back, hams, biceps) split.
Pathetic to Aesthetic NaturalBrawn 72 5 hoursNaturalBrawn (82): Results do the talking Setting macros for a slight defecit, probably about as useful as a chocolate tea pot in the winter but worth thinking about for those that are cutting or thinking about the new year. It winds me up that people are charging up to $200 to produce people's macros and 90% of the time its just the...
What affects tricep head being worked? musclesbrah24 11 7 hourseknight (44050): I'm not going to continue debating this with you. Go look in the mirror and try to flex one head of your biceps more than the other. End of story. Your point about legs in the bench press isn't even material to this discussion. Can you bench with your legs driving so you feel it there? Yes. Can you ALSO bench with your feet in the air and still complete the movement? Yes. You can't flex the elbow and diminish use of one biceps head to any...
My PHAT Training log TomFord 2 9 hoursFiremanSi (35530): @TomFord WELCOME bro...
Do You Even Bulk Bro?? HamerLog Hamer93 251 10 hoursHamer93 (9226): Morning weight 74.1kg Legs Squats 5x80x5 Front squats 3x40x10 Deads 3x70x5 Sumo 3x70x5 Glute ham raise 3xBWx12 Raises leg hip thrusts 2xBWx15 Standing calf raise 5x20x20
I need Help guys. TimmothyGen 14 12 hoursG3NGHIS (8466): Muscle Dudes actually show you how to make gym equipment. They said dude far too much, but I love their food recipes.
Big But Boring 5/3/1 ErickFromOmaha 173 15 hoursErickFromOmaha (1747): Deads 1x10x135 1x5x135 1x5x165 1x5x185 1x5x205 1x5x235 1x5x265 ---------------------------------- Assistance: Shrugs plate machine 1x10x180 2x10x230 Seated Rows 1x10x100 1x10x110 1x10x120 Lat pulldowns 1x20x110 10front 10 behind 1x20x120 1x20x130 Leg raises 3x10 Wrist curls 3x10x95 ---------------------------------- Finished strong knee is giving some pain was told to eat more potassium and stretch more.
It's big, it's heavy, it's wood! eknight 160 17 hoursoceanair (15235): @eknight oh ya, i know what rack pulls are. just never heard of them being called rack lockouts haha.
The1 Offseason Log- Part 1 the1 406 19 hoursthe1 (28317):
_RudeCrews Strength Log _RudeCrew 310 20 hoursMMB (2101): Congrats big boy! Squat is comin' there. Also as @wanna said, oly grip ftw
Athlete - How would you set my macros? Geo17 30 20 hoursNaturalBrawn (82): Get rid of the recovery milk and im guessing (Betting) in a few months you will be a new man, leaner, stronger - better. Thats a step in the right direction! I bet you feel better to!!
PHAT LOG Time To Get Serious BarbellBOB 13 21 hoursFrostshock (12454):
Your p/p/l routine. Rawsteel 5 23 hourshaole (1785): I'm not going too heavy with deads and squats because it taxes me too hard when I play hockey. I would do shrugs on Pull day but they irritate a pinched nerve in my neck.
PHAT log (first log) lolssons 97 23 hourslolssons (577): Legs B Deads 5/3/1 "1" 60kgx5 80kgx5 100kgx5 112.5kgx5 127.5kgx7 Legpress 177kg 3x12 Lunges 20kg kettlebells 2x7 1x6 Stiff dumbbelldeads 28kgx9 28kgx8 Calves in legpress 1x6 +1x7 150kg 3x10 116kg
What is the best app for bodybuilding Nam_Truong 13 23 hoursdserious111 (28): I've been using fitness point
Biggest Loser Challenge - Ocean's Cut Log oceanair 473 1 dayoceanair (15235): @swollenscott thank you. i get a cold maybe once or twice a year. i didn't know what Echinacea was until i googled it just now lol. and thanks ;) i agree, hair down is better. @eknight @leanr0x @Tamere02 thanks guys! :) just a sore throat it seems, but i'm thankful i'm off the next 2 days so i can rest my voice before i get back to work. @Tamere02 i think some of my videos are already non-fitness lol. hopefully someone enjoys them. but for...
Mat the frenchie's log MMB 342 1 dayFiremanSi (35530): My thoughts also after first time i tried it. :)
To cut or not to cut... ilifthard 14 1 dayilifthard (3220): Aight brothers! Got you!
Getting that shredded/dry look naturally cmike 7 1 dayHamer93 (9226):
Tamere Pays His Dues (Training Log) tamere01 194 2 daysTamere02 (472): Cycle 5 , Week 2, session 3 Bench: 55kgx10, 60kgx8, 65kgx6(6-8Rep range)(got 5 in a row and then got the 6th after a 5ish sec break at lockout) Close Grip bench press: 55kgx4,4,4,3 Bent over rows: 57.5kg x 10,8,8 Seated DB ohp: 14kgx10,8,16kgx6 Lat Pulldown: 59kgx10, 61kgx8, 66kgx6 Rotating DB press: 20kgx6,6,4 DB Row: 3x24kgx9 3xmachine rows 3xseated curls Tomorrow is a glorious rest day. Yesterdays lower session felt good but this morning...
Are we selfish? TimmothyGen 11 2 daysoceanair (15235): The only people who are selfish are the people who made me wait over an hour to meet my boyfriend, Steve Cook at the Optimum Nutrition booth at Olympia. Now that's selfish! I should have waited no more than 5 minutes since technically we are lovers. In fact, I should've been working the booth with my man. :p
Arnold blueprint attempt swollenscott 27 2 daysswollenscott (298): Reps completes as 30, 5x5 Chest/back Bb flat press as pull-ups Incline db press SS bb row Db flye SS bent over 2 db row Pullovers SS face pulls (4x10 each) Hanging leg raises.
Printer Friendly Version of Articles syriangasol 5 2 dayssyriangasol (1): Am I missing something here? Inside joke or wrong thread?
Noobie Question! Sorry! mroyal1999 2 2 daysFrostshock (12454): I'll just place this here: What are your goals? What are the numbers for your big 3?(squat/Deadlift/bench) Cut based on your goals IMO; eating like shit for a few days isn't irreversible. Just get on track, figure out your macros, find your true maintenance and stick there for 1-2 weeks. Reassess as needed from that point.
Bulk Wars : Return of the Deficit Frostshock 417 2 daysFrostshock (12454): Deload week - its not gonna be too exciting. Just rounding up from 60% of my current training weight. Squats: 175# 5setsx5reps OHP: 60# 5x5 Deadlifts: 185# 1x5 Ab rollouts: 3x8 Easy easy I have a new method of bulking I'm thinking of trying out. I've been really adhering to rough guesstimations given by calculators but now with me weighing mostly everything and tracking accurately, the guesswork of surpluses and whatnot has...
New teen help Snowboard901 6 2 daysSnowboard901 (1): @Frostshock thank you very much.
Anterior delt recruitment, bench and ohp Rawsteel 7 2 dayseknight (44050): @SOLARSUPLEX truthfully, I think think they do them because they just don't know any better. @Rawsteel that's not entirely accurate. While the supraspinatus is the PRIME mover during the first 30 degrees of abduction, it's not the ONLY mover; the lateral deltoid is still doing work. Personally, if you're only concern in lateral delt hypertrophy, I'd use DBs, seated in the middle of a bench, so that they touch the bench when you're around that...
My Journey To The 1000lb Club Part 2 AarronStenner 413 2 daysAarronStenner (10819): @_RudeCrew Yes it does!
Read the faq, still in need of some answers BarbellBOB 22 2 daysBarbellBOB (31): @Beans @Frostshock my log if ya wanna follow :)
Best Sites to Buy Supps Online/Discounts ezvmoneybeast 4 2 daysezvmoneybeast (625): Yea good point @chicken ill be staying here for a few more months and is prob the biggest supp co. that ships to corners of the earth lol
Log to 1600 total WinnersNeverQuit 307 2 daysFiremanSi (35530): @WinnersNeverQuit Ye thought so it feels wired with a wider grip and also like I have to sink lower and nearly squat the weight up. Grip me? Nothin man, nothin specific anyway. Just pull ups most workouts and the hook grip is king for me. Ben rice has a great video on YouTube for grip training he does for his over-under sumo.. Hold on... Here ya go mate !! This should help for ideas.
Older Guy Training Log: 43yrs young! JHughes 30 2 daysJHughes (46): Well, I switched to 5x5 got a little to heavy and hurt my hip-flexor. not bad... just to rambunctious. Now that wrestling season has started (I am a high school wrestling coach) my workouts going to change a bit... :)
15% Off Bad Boy katec 7 2 dayskatec (1): How so? I just thought it was something people here would be interested in :/
Sudden weakness in left arm?! David007 9 2 daysDavid007 (1): I went and got a MRI done on my neck. It turns out that I have bulging discs on C5-C6-C7 Protruding into the nerve stem. This should cause pain and stiffness. But also in these vertebra the "canals" in which it leaves the main spinal column have collapsed or by the MRI gotten much narrower. Thus constricting or cutting off the signals that travel the nerve. These particular verts go directly to the triceps delts and some pecs. The Dr....
Give Back Jezza_91 5 3 daysDEXchidera (550): Really Cool design