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Simply Shredded FAQ Frostshock 17 2 monthsSwoleAnimal (5965): excellent thread guys. thank you for taking the time to put this together
Shredding Prep started for IFBB Nationals jordzmetcalfe 14 1 mindarklight79 (643): Looking good. It definitely is below 10% but I'm not sure if it's as low as 6.7%.
Prime inc. Cannonball 149 6 minuteswannabemuscular (18567): @Cannonball Ya know, at your pace you're probably like 6-8 weeks away from 400lb. Crazy. Now gotta get that squat and deadlift to at least match your bench. And what about Rows? What kind of weight you move on the bent over row?
Take more pics of what you're eating ErickFromOmaha 77 36 minuteswannabemuscular (18567): Whoops. Ate this whole pack of Twizzlers.....
Rebuilding the South. _RudeCrews Log _RudeCrew 286 38 minuteswannabemuscular (18567): Well, I'm glad you have it now. Especially if we come down there in the spring! You'll probably feel way better and may find some performance improvement.
LOG TIME: time to shape up swollenscott 42 2 hoursswollenscott (133): Post workout for pull day. 1 banana 500ml milk 1 scoop whey 1 tablespoon BCAAs 1/2 cup strawberries 2 weet bix 2 eggs = 1 litre of goodness muah ha ha
The GAINZZ only LOG (and BROTALK TOO) varunj17 7 2 hoursBucky (883): well obviously but balanced meals are ideal, not a big deal though if you hit protein goal in at the end of the day though.
Mat the frenchie's log MMB 218 3 hoursMMB (1624): 10min LISS on bike Hips opening stretch Bw squats Squat WUS 2x5@100/2x4@120/3@130/4@140/3@150 WS 3x5@170 SLDL 3x5@135 Glute Bridge 3x5@125 Felt ok to do those squats because it was light. But still hurts me sometimes when I move. If it still hurts me after my deload week, I will seriously think about running Smolov Jr. bench routine.
What program next? swollenscott 13 3 hoursswollenscott (133): Thanks @hoale and @golagola. I think I'll adjust my PPL to that 6-8 rep range and run it till my holiday in 6 weeks and when I get back trying boring but big.
Hoyer vs Manziel. And SS Fantasy Football kickinchicken 32 4 hours_RudeCrew (7882): @GrizzlyBerg my picks always suck
The Cube log Tritons 20 4 hoursTritons (118): @golagola Well there are deadlifts, and back movement basically is in every workout, it is usually a pullup/pulldown, i do my rows on Body day which is 4th day.
PHAT log (first log) lolssons 28 6 hourslolssons (475): Max Effort Deadlift Deadlift 5X5 125kg Squats 8X3 (60,65,70%) 50kg Lunges 3X10 14kg each hand Hamstring Curls 3X10 45kg Calves in legpress 3x10 109kg Just did some abs
Bucky the Gainpire Slayer - Cutting Log Bucky 374 6 hoursSRorhrbac0808 (36916): About time you laughed Bucky.
Steve gets Strong SRorhrbac0808 396 6 hoursSRorhrbac0808 (36916): Thanks man.
My Journey To The 1000lb Club Part 2 AarronStenner 116 7 hoursAarronStenner (10564): Deadlift Day 60% 90kgx3 65% 97.5kgx5 75% 112.5kgx5 85% 130kgx5 Got the last 5 straight off easier than the last cycle when I had to do 5 reps with 120kg. I'm really quick untill I need to lock out, plenty of rack pulls should work. First Set Multiple Sets with rack pulls 65% 100kg instead of 97.5kg 3x3 Farmers Walks 20kg DB's 6 6 6 lengths Lying Hamstring Curls 100kg 3x5 Max OT Cardio, 120 kcals which is 9 more than Tuesday 6.72km...
Pound for Pound: Cardinal's Log cardinal 231 7 hourscardinal (4567): Morning weight, 65 .7 kg.Weakness day: Comp bench: 80 kg x 5 x 3 OHP 1 second pause: 45 kg x 6 x 2, 40 kg x 8 x 2 Floor press: 60 kg x 12 x 3 Dumbelll row: 35 kg x 12 x 3 BB curl: 35 kg x 10 x 3 Lateral raises: 10 kg x 6 x 2 Heavy deads tomorrow. Yeaahhhhh buddy.
Grizzly Gets Stronger Than A Bear GrizzlyBerg 199 8 hoursFiremanSi (33589): Ur a bear !! Seen that vid it's in my watch list on the tubes !!
**Candito gets Fireman Stonger (LOG) FiremanSi 157 11 hoursFiremanSi (33589): @Deneii Thanks very much mate. @AarronStenner Was gonna make them tomorrow but i can post it sooner if u wanna try make them before that ? :)
Killin my Back and Makin GAINZZ wannabemuscular 298 12 hourswannabemuscular (18567): @oceanair Well, I have brought my back strength up a lot since starting this log. I was always one to neglect my pull to push ratio and set out with this log to correct that. My rows are much stronger than they used to be. So I'm happy about that.
It's big, it's heavy, it's wood! eknight 40 12 hoursdarklight79 (643): Good to see you're adapting well ek. Keep it goin'.
The1 Offseason Log- Part 1 the1 262 12 hoursthe1 (27336): aug 28/14- delts Seated plate loaded press 45lb aside/20 90lb/15 135lb/12 180lb/9* personal best Front DB lateral raise (same arm x all reps and alternate) 20lb/15 25lb/15 30lb/12 Shoulder Shocker A. Seated side lat raise 15 reps B. Front 25lb plate raise 15 reps C. Banded pull-aparts 15-20 reps x 2 CIRCUITS Front to Back Barbell presses 75lb/3 sets x 20 reps Seated rope face pulls 80lb/4X 15
Darklight's Powerbuilding Log darklight79 49 14 hoursdarklight79 (643): Upper Day Week 3 D2 (Max OT) Flat bench press 255lbs x 5 255lbs x 5 255lbs x 6 Benching felt easy. I regret not pushing to the upper limit of 6 for the first 2 sets but I was thinking rather be safe than sorry. Military presses 145lbs x 7 150lbs x 7 150lbs x 7 Weighted hammer chins BW + 37.5 kgs for 5 reps x 4 sets 4 reps x 1 set Pendlay Rows 175lbs x 6 135lbs x 12 135lbs x 12 135lbs x 12
Yo PHAT crew! Konstantinov 414 14 hoursKonstantinov (1375): Squats: week 3 cycle 5 R1 Squats: <-- these were awful today, everything felt heavier than usual... one of those 10 bar 5 50 3 70 3 90 2 110 5x1 132,5 DE deadlifts: 8x2 120 R2 Squats: 3x10 82,5 <- rough Leg curls 3x12 Mobility + ab work
Modified Layne Norton Power/Hypertrophy smooge 10 14 hourseknight (41605): Layne advises not doing deads and squats in the same workout at all. Re. lunges (or leg exercises in general), when you are considering what muscle is doing the primary amount of work, just consider the joint movements. During the concentric portion of the movement, the knees and extending. The hamstrings flex the knee, while the quads extend it. -3X
Biggest Loser Challenge - Ocean's Cut Log oceanair 301 18 hoursoceanair (14029): Just wanna say that I am so motherfucking stoked for Olympia this year. It will be my 2nd time going. It's just the best thing ever. EVER! and p.s. my boyfriend Rob Riches will be at the True Performance booth! I might die. Take a pic and then die. Oh yes. Oh my. Wow.
Mom's membership revoked for training son darklight79 14 19 hoursvarunj17 (345): @wannabemuscular You are the quickest guy I have seen must be trianing your hand eye for agility!!!!!
Mass vs aesthetics ashvinmuthumala 22 20 hoursTritons (118): This
macros ghay 3 21 hoursSRorhrbac0808 (36916): Hahahahaah
The Long Haul(continued): A Chicken LOG kickinchicken 17 24 hourskickinchicken (6187): Here's a quick shot of what's in store for week 5...
Strength Supplements ?! halilpower 9 1 dayeknight (41605): @gizmo3577 why don't you just share that info with the board? -3X
Road to aesthetics ParkerHenry 10 1 dayParkerHenry (10): Shoulders get worked to a degree in all the pressing/pulling movements
Militarypress while sitting. havent a rack - halilpower 1 1 dayhalilpower (13): my shouldertraining guys .... ı dıd want do militarypress but we havent a rack ... so i did while sitting on the decline bench and sry for the bad quality in the course of video
What age are lifters in their prime? Hiiibbbb 24 1 dayeknight (41605): @oceanair right back atcha, gorgeous. -3X
Could some advice me with this routine? r1ch37 10 1 dayfsalas2006 (1): I agree with Beans… if you want to lose fat you need to diet…
trying to find the right fullbody workout. r1ch37 8 1 dayParkerHenry (10): Are your goals size or strength?
When Hope Is Not Enough (Log) hollyhopeful5678 33 1 dayhollyhopeful5678 (421): Monday - 1.25 mile run Tuesday - Did a work out at my mom's using her Total Gym. It was strange and hard to know how much weight I used (they give you a chart based on weight and position of machine). I simulated Chest Press, Overhead Press, Flies and Tricep Pushdowns. So we'll call it Push Day. Wednesday - Legs B. Leg Press x4, Deadlifts x4, Seated Leg Curls x8, Standing Calf Raises x3 + 3 sets of 20 sec planks.
cutting cycle SuperM 2 1 dayBucky (883): Stats? Cycle history? Diet/macros? too many orals, and cutting is going to be your diet, not the hormones. test prop/tren ace/var with proper diet would yield great results, if you won't get tren then just use the prop/var and diet. 500mg a week prop, idk how much var you have but 50-100mg would be good. depends on your cycle history though. need more info tbh secondly, this really isn't the best forum for the kind of input you're looking for....
Update and tips ashvinmuthumala 20 1 dayMethod (316): @ashvinmuthumala The answer to growing your calves is to train them like all other muscle groups and have a caloric surplus with the proper macro split (bulk).
Trev's Cube Method Gainz Log! Trev182 18 1 dayTrev182 (12508): 5ft 10 on a good day! And cheers!
Morning pic, extra Juicy (~7wks out) Danimal_88 15 1 daybslo (196): Looking peeled man. Nice work!
over training bslo 10 1 daybslo (196): @eknight ok thanks, the inflammation sounds more likely. I dont really feel injured and there was no actual point of injury like a pull or a sharp pain.
Training programme for uni Hamer93 7 1 dayeknight (41605): -3X
Hello Shredders!!! varunj17 24 2 daysvarunj17 (345): is it just me or his form is a bit off in the below video
RJ Perkins "4P" Journey to the platform ATN_Coaching 232 2 daysATN_Coaching (1030): Tuesday 8/26/14 Squat 280 x 2 reps 330 x 2 reps 380 x 2 reps 435 x 4 sets of 2 reps 435 x 4 (AMRAP) Paused Deadlift 350 x 5 sets x 3 reps Hack Squat Pistol Squats BW x 4 sets x 6 reps per leg Glute Ham Raise BW +Black Band x 4 sets x 8 reps Pitcher Squats 30 x 3 sets x 8 reps per leg Superset DB Lateral Raise 20 x 4 sets x 12 reps Standing Calf Raise 110 x 4 sets x 12 reps Standing Cable Trunk twists 40 x 4 sets x 12 reps per...
Day of Eating 8/11/14 ATN_Coaching 3 2 daysATN_Coaching (1030): Damn cayenne i just need the lemon and the water lol!
I am officially going to be a DAD! ATN_Coaching 25 2 daysATN_Coaching (1030): Preesh fellas!
SnackIt - Bulking Log SnackIt 59 2 daysFiremanSi (33589): This is what i'm saying in a 2 wek block then u have 4push days and 3 pull.. U always want to be doing more pull then push no matter what. This will help with Posture, shoulder health and overall development.
Plz help a confused lifter ashvinmuthumala 12 2 daysashvinmuthumala (1): Correct @eknight . I assume it would be wiser to hit my lats 2x harder on my next back day
Few questions smith96 13 2 dayseknight (41605): This is the original version, and I would highly recommend it: -3X
Best place to calculate your macro nutrients r1ch37 2 2 daysTrev182 (12508): The FAQ at the top of this morning. Just saying....