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Routine Design for Dummies 1.0 eknight 170 2 daysOliverWatson (1): Perfect thread!!!
Simply Shredded FAQ - Read before posting! Frostshock 38 7 monthsRyanEdward (10): Awesome post
Another LOG for the Old Man wannabemuscular 108 34 minuteswannabemuscular (32151): Wednesday 6/28: Cardio Bike Ride: 3.5 miles, 17:03 .
Halo top alternative Takeiteasy 9 2 hourswannabemuscular (32151): Edy's slow churned is my go-to ice cream. This.
Women's Sexy Plus Size Print Slip With Thong kills896 4 3 hoursJsn3004 (2659): I'm pretty sure if I Google "Plus Size Women" i'm not going to see a girl that looks like that
An unusual request bronnblackwater 8 4 hourseknight (56632): People used their knowledge for fitness- they gave you advice on staying fit, which incorporates improving health. YOUR goals are in no way going to improve fitness, because they're unhealthy. What did you expect? -3X
Bent barbell Hambo 11 5 hoursSalokin (727): Oh that is the little guy, not Olympic. Upgrade to Olympic barbell.
A newbie log Ahmed96d 3 7 hoursAhmed96d (10): 28/6/2017 after Eid break gym is finally open. Had one of the worst workouts maybe because I only slept 2 hours and had no food but I won't take that as an excuse. Nothing to say here all lifts dropped in half Swapped Smith Machine Squat to Barbell Lungs 30Kgs. LISS cardio : 20 minutes Tried to push through the workout but felt like throwing up. Tomorrow will be better.
Black Maxi Long Dress With Cape Set kills896 2 13 hourskickinchicken (8518):
Back from the Dead Log eknight 195 1 dayeknight (56632): 6/27/17: Lower warm-up Deadlifts: bar x 10/135x5/155x5/185x10 Plate dead + 2 second paused shrug: 4x45#plate x 10 Leg curls: 70x10/3x80x8 Hack squat: 90x10, 5 second pause at bottom Calf press on hack squat machine: 3x90x15 Ab work: Swiss ball RKC planks 3x30 seconds Swiss ball crunches: 3x15 Pallof presses: 3x10x30 pounds each side Deads felt better than I thought. Got a little residual pain near my incision line, but overall, it was...
Protein intake Ahmed96d 4 1 dayAhmed96d (10): Ok thanks guys :)
Steroid + PCT Juicywog 7 1 dayforgottenpass (244): Wouldn't him being in a depressed/anxious state cause him to have a bad trip? One that could fuck him up depending on the psychedelic.
Arms Humblelifts 4 1 daykickinchicken (8518): I forgot all about the jiggle method! Totally accurate!!!
Aeshetic journey is start enzioaudiore 2 1 dayYeags (910): Ok jšŸ‘šŸ»šŸ‘šŸ»
Is creatine ok to take Homebounded 12 2 daysHomebounded (1): See that's what friends do!
My New Loggy Thingy kickinchicken 13 2 dayskickinchicken (8518): Week 1 Day 1: SQT 230x5x8 (10) BP 190x5x8 (9) I didn't get to do anything other than the bare bones today before the gym closed. The increase in volume from what I've been workin with the last 6-ish weeks was harder than I expected so the workout took longer too.
Newbie needs help/advice cutting Drizzy 8 2 dayseknight (56632): You could leave it alone based on your personal tastes or split the calories evenly between fat and carbs. The extra protein won't hurt you, it's just more than you need. -3X
Is Lemon Water good for Weight Loss Emmac01 8 2 daysAoverto7 (187): What would make you think this?
Onward Onslaught Cannonball 211 2 daysCannonball (6133): Squats 3 set on the bar Leg extensions: 1 plate 100 reps (rest pause) Calves Stretch Still cant squat without extreme lactic acid/pump in my lower back/upper glute insertions. Can do goblet squats and lunges beyond failure and even with horrible form and exhaustion without any problems at all. Very strange.
Smolov Jr Bench- Thoughts WinnersNeverQuit 28 2 dayskickinchicken (8518): And happy birthday btw!
Switch Ahmed96d 5 3 daysAhmed96d (10): I just wanted to train more but if you say so, I'll just stick to my routine for the time being. Thanks for responses guys.
Macros in Raw vs Cooked Meat/Chicken/Fish? Betin135 10 3 dayseknight (56632): That doesn't really tell me WHY you believed it. Unless you just blindly accept what people tell you. If that's the case, you better learn quickly not to believe most of what you hear from people regarding fitness and nutrition. Just think about how stupid the average person is, and then consider that half of them are dumber than that. -3X
Barbrothers system Join Now! My STORY sanoxd 1 4 dayssanoxd (1): I wanted to share you with my story with BARBROTHER. At first I saw them on YouTube. I was not practicing. I was a skinny and dwarf and I was always below my average weight line until I saw them on YouTube and they gave me motivation to start STREET WORKOUT. I did not have that direction so I bought the BARBROTHERS THE SYSTEM really since I bought I had a neat program that gave me amazing results and not only in the body that changed me to live...
My training log getfit24 52 5 daysgetfit24 (37): 15x3 20lb kettlebell clean and jerk 15x3 20lb kettlebell swing 15x3 60lb wide grip lat pull down 15x3 45lb close grip lat pull down 3x15 10lbs dumbbell bench press 3x15 10lbs inclined dumbbell bench press 3x15 10lbs inclined dumbbell flys 1x10 10lbs dumbbell flys 2x15 5lbs dumbbell flys 3x15 30lb pec deck
Critique my 6 day Pull/Push/Legs Routine Gelo98 7 6 dayskickinchicken (8518): Good lord. It's like you took EVERY exercise ever known and tried to fit it all into one week.
Critique My Squats Vtimez 6 6 dayskickinchicken (8518): Awesome stuff man!
Critique My Form - Decline Leg Press Vtimez 3 6 daysVtimez (19): @Yeags Yeah, I felt like I wasn't going low enough. Damn
Muscle Memory Calories Jreay4 15 7 dayseknight (56632): -3X
What worked to get rid of stretchmarks for u selfin 7 7 daystabitha101 (1): Dermelastic my favorite stretch mark serum. I use this serum after pregnancy when I was left with several stretch marks on my stomach. I use this serum for about a month and my stretch marks disappeared. Even the really dark ones.I have been very pleased with this product and the results I have seen!
Fresh and frozen fruit Mustbenice 8 7 daysNorIda (46675): Bump this @mustbenice
But who was nutrient timing? Dorich 1 7 daysDorich (292): I thought this was interesting: I know many people insist that nutrient timing is totally insignificant when it comes to gains, but this article seems to suggest otherwise. An insightful read, at least for me.
Needing some advice Dorich 87 8 daysJuicywog (22): strong weightless
Maintaining muscle mass? Jreay4 6 8 dayskickinchicken (8518): Yes. It's good. :)
Help With Activity Level Jreay4 3 10 daysJreay4 (1): Thanks for the answer !
Cut or bulk Jh1998 3 10 daysJh1998 (1): Thanks for the advice
Newbie Ahmed96d 15 11 dayseknight (56632): I'm not familiar with that routine, but in general, I advise to run a program the way it is written. It was written that way for a reason. "More" doesn't mean "better," anyway. -3X
Refeed Frequency on 900-1000 calorie deficit Jreay4 5 12 dayseknight (56632): You're 148 pounds. If you lose weight, you're not going to look aesthetic (whatever that means); you're just going to look skinny. You need to put on some muscle before you think about cutting. -3X
Ripped teen Takeiteasy 16 12 daysEagleRare10 (706): Still pretty weird
Side effects of Apple Cider Vinegar? Emmac01 3 12 daysFiremanSi (42166): I stopped taking it because it felt like it was taking the enamel off my teeth and making them additionally sensitive !!
Fats Humblelifts 5 12 daysNaturalBrawn (175): Protein is known to aid satiety, perhaps also review upping protein per sitting?
**100%natural weak point's 100natural91 4 12 daysNaturalBrawn (175): Front torso from that photo looks fairly balanced. Once you start to tighten up you will be able to better assess what you need to tweak. As for tips on cutting the fat, up the expenditure until a point where its not practical and then drop the calories from there (keeping them as high as possible for long as possible). Beyond that for the fitness model look its more about learning how to hold yourself to accentuate the V taper (obviously...
Fitness trackers are garbage Salokin 11 12 dayshaole (2028): I guess I'm old fashioned...I know if I stay the same weight I am burning the right amount of calories.
Nutrition and diet Hambo 8 15 daysforgottenpass (244): What ever happend to the other @Hambo? The one who was the opposite of this guy, in terms of knowledge.
Water weight Mustbenice 4 15 daysMustbenice (10): @Salokin thanks, bump
u74kg powerlifting... Let's gain some weight manley_pl 2 16 daysmanley_pl (7): Monday... Death by Squats, 50 rep total. 75kg 5x10 Followed by Deadlift 5,3,1 And accessories. I forgot what above 6 reps felt like.
Caloric Deficit Wannabelean 6 17 daysNorIda (46675): Read the FAQ. It's literally in there. Which is why he directed you to it.
Just cuz a skinny girl wants to bulk Homebounded 2 17 dayswannabemuscular (32151): Yes, find new friends. Unless you do have an eating disorder, then find some help.
I'm trying to stick to a diet cuteboy 1 17 dayscuteboy (1): After workout (varies): 8 oz meat (Meatloaf, pork chops,steak, etc) 40g carbs (mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, etc) 1 vegetable (corn, green beans, asparagus, etc) Snack: Whole Wheat bagel 1 serving grapes Dinner: 4 whole eggs 8oz of naked juice About 205p, 430c, 83f About 3300 calories
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