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Routine Design for Dummies 1.0 eknight 119 17 daysSteroidKunt (1): @skullay shut up
Simply Shredded FAQ - Read before posting! Frostshock 34 1 monthJustinC (1): Nice dude :)
Bulking Macros Betin135 19 25 minutesJsn3004 (619): @Betin135 We don't need to go check your profile and photos. Red the FAQ, Read the Routine Design for Dummies, and adjust your macros accordingly to the comments above.
Protein Powders emmyweird84 23 36 minutesemmyweird84 (289): @Fayzeh lol its ok, it's Friday! I definitely precook foods otherwise I'd be wasting money and consuming things I shouldn't. I sometimes have my eggs already done, like mini quiche like cups and then just reheat. Same with lunches...brown rice already done with a protein and veggies. Dinner I cook each night because I love cooking and some habits die hard!! But it's more healthy habits now
My arms arent growing zavar 6 2 hoursFiremanSi (41569): @zavar why would it of ur already hitting ur protein ?? Remember u can go as high as 15reps sometimes !!
Mobile Pullup & Dip bar for outdoor & indoor smjodiem 1 3 hourssmjodiem (1): Hey sport fans, me and my friend are both enthusiastic fitness freaks and are about to develop a mobile pullup and dip bar which can be used both outdoor and indoor. It is mobile and can be carried with a backpack. Both dips and pulluüs are easy possible. What do you think about it and do you also often have problems to to both excercises outdoor? Looking forward for your Feedback. We also want to start a project on
My 1 year TRANSFORMATION (20-25lbs) losergains 3 3 hoursBeans (3745): Most boring epic video I've ever seen. Nice job on the gains, but this video sucks.
Phat Log ParkerHenry 26 4 hoursParkerHenry (88): I'm really liking the program so far, still haven't run it long enough to notice any progress yet. I was pretty sore in the upper body and legs the first week, but I think my body is starting to adapt to the program since I'm not as sore anymore. I'm planning on staying with this routine for at least 3 more months and see what kind of progress I make.
"You lift like a man"...log emmyweird84 45 9 hoursemmyweird84 (289): ok think I've been slacking some lol Thursday 5 min warm up (sprints) Military press: 60x8x4 Lying tri extension: 55x8x4 Incline bench press: 70x10x1, 80x6x3, 90x4x1 Close grip bench press: 70x10x2, 90x6x2 Front raise: 20x8x1, 25x5x3 Side lateral raise: 20x10x1, 25x5x3 Barbell curl: 60x8x4 Hanging knee raise w/twist: bw x10x4 knee tuck on ball: 10x3 reverse crunch push: 10x3 plank twist: 10x3 bicycle crunch: 40x3 10 min HIIT
Vacation... Lost weight CaptainKanter 5 10 hoursEagleRare10 (58): I too fluctuate quite a bit in weight throughout the week, though in my case it usually follows a specific pattern where I'm about 5 lbs heavier on Monday than I am on Friday. Then I indulge a bit on the weekend, and boom, by Monday its spiked back up again. I don't think that fluctuation is at all related to body-composition, because the weekly average still trends down when I cut, and up when I bulk. So don't sweat 3 lbs in 11 days.
should I continue to bulk or cut?Please help wally2311 4 10 hourseknight (52897): Can't see your biceps/triceps, lateral deltoids. Just not enough to give truthful feedback. -3X
nutrition beechy 4 14 hoursFiremanSi (41569): I hate this word so much. ...and no theres is an abundance of information on this site and many others that is free and can EASILY help u achieve ur goals.
Bodyfat estimation and overall thoughts? KS100 9 15 hoursHamb0 (1024): ^
My Log 2016 Fayzeh 42 18 hoursFayzeh (1306): Wed 5/25/2016 45 minute cardio Mostly incline treadmill/stairmaster
Best Fat Burner? jayjay770 22 19 hourscaelin (1): Have you heard about: THE BETA SWITCH: STUBBORN FAT LOSS FOR WOMEN? Have you been trying so hard to lose weight and still can’t seem to make any progress. Well, I have good news for you. I have been in your shoes before, I used to weigh 183.7lbs before, and had this annoying fat on my thigh area and tummy but not until I discovered : THE BETA SWITCH: STUBBORN FAT LOSS FOR WOMEN (get yours here:...
game of thrones the1 24 20 hoursErickFromOmaha (4150):
Sleep Aid jack3d14 10 1 dayjack3d14 (7): I think a big part of it is having a daily routine and sleeping the same time every day. I do watch tv before bed too so those are some things I need to work on. I haven't taken jack3d since the original was discontinued lol. Somatomax has some of the ingredients mentioned like GABA so I'll give that a try too.
Post Bikini Competition Diet anastasiaova 2 1 dayhaole (1908): I've heard people usually indulge for a day or two or week and then get back on track with new goals for the next event. Reverse diet is right but gradually increase calories.
Bulk Macros nevermore81 4 1 dayFiremanSi (41569): @nevermore81 ur 205 and were eating 110protein... probably lost a bit of muscle there in those 50lbs. Personally i like meat in my diet so i tend to stick to the old reliable of 1g/lb of protein 205g in ur case. U shouldn't need much more than 400g carbs unless ur very active during the day. Ur also gonna want to moderately ramp in eating 3500 from 2100, so add 250-400cals every 4-7days and monitor weight gain.
How long to get visible abs Ernieknowsasecret 7 1 dayanastasiaova (19): I think it's impossible to say how long it would take for you. If your diet is on point and you're slowly decreasing overall body fat, abs will show up one day :) Also depends on your genetics and where you store fat and where you lose it first/last x
What tools do you use to track your diet? odimon 11 1 dayanastasiaova (19): MyFitnessPal is the best!
Becoming shredded for the first time ever Buttons120 8 1 daySalokin (283): Where to begin... Ok, 1st off, you're not 29% bodyfat my friend, it's much higher, but that doesn't matter. Don't get caught up in the numbers, they don't really matter. 2nd. You've been tracking cals/macros for a long time. What is your average daily macro intake? What types of food provide the majority of your calories? 3rd. How much do you sleep a night? My guess, mind you it's not a very informed one at this point, is one of 2...
Reverse dieting and saving calories robinxchrom 4 1 dayNaturalBrawn (130): "this so called 'maintenance' is such a mis-used term. Your maintenance calories is a moving target.. If you've been hovering around 10% at 2450 calories THAT is your current maintenance." I agree you need to apply critical thinking and constant adjustment to have a 'workable' goal dependent calorie benchmark. What cracks me up is people using a 'maintenance' of when they were a different weight and not refactoring... so for...
Eagle's log EagleRare10 26 2 daysEagleRare10 (58): 5/25 workout (legs/core) Weight: 206.4 Nothing really worth logging today. My plan today was to hit some heavy deadlifts, and do some volume squat work. But when I showed up at my gym, all olympic barbells were already in use, as was the squat rack. So I had to improvise. Trap bar dead: 135x10; 185x7; 275x5; 345x5x5 By then squat rack opened up Squats: 225x10; 275x7 x5 RKC Planks: 30 seconds on, 30 seconds rest x3 Hanging...
The Old Man trudges on (LOG) wannabemuscular 280 2 dayswannabemuscular (29409): Wednesday 5/25 - SQUATS Band Pullaparts: 40 reps Squats: (high bar, Beltless) - 135x10, 225x10, 315x5, 375 4x5, 375x7 Lying Leg Curls: 110 5x12 Hip Flexor Band Pulls: 3x10 Squats are feeling great. A few months ago I felt like I forgot how to squat. They just felt awkward like my body didn't know the movement. So, I took a BIG step back and started with easy 5x5s at 315. I've been adding 10lb per session since and am...
Noob supp advice nevermore81 7 2 daysNaturalBrawn (130): Solid advice above, I cant really add much to that other than that I take caff in the pill format (convenience), creatine mono (cheap) and Whey (convenience). I may go as far as add Omega 3 if your not a big fish eater, if your going to be fancy you could stretch to a pump agent like Betaine for a PreWo, budget permitting Leucine has mixed but promising reviews/studies. I live in the permanent shade in the UK so Vit D is my other regular...
Some progress pics. darklight79 7 3 daysdarklight79 (2851): Sample meals during cut. I don't eat as much as I used to.
Transformation from skinny teen to ripped andrew_hristo 23 3 daysandrew_hristo (1): Thanks man! That's the plan ;) will keep you posted!
Another physique comp Zyzzst 20 3 daysthe1 (33774): good luck bro, looking dicey.
152 Day Body Transformation GREATGAINSFITNESS 2 3 daysGideon (4): Nice! Keep it up💪🏾
Fatigue West165 10 3 daysNorIda (45265): Here's a novel idea: Don't train to failure. Crazy, I know. But failure is a tool you should utilize, not rely on. I guarantee of you train short of failure, the combined total weight lifted on ALL EXERCISES will increase greatly. Overall volume and poundage lifted will be greater without going to failure. Resulting in better gains. Example 4 sets of 8 with 100lbs is 3200lbs lifted? Now if that's going to failure you could likely do 5 sets...
Swollen Nipple Betin135 5 3 daysBetin135 (1): Thanks guys
the1 self-improvement log the1 26 3 daysthe1 (33774): May 22/16- Did some light mobility work and cardio May 23/16- Chest, Delts Machine flys 100lb/12 150lb/12 200lb/10 Incline DB press 60lb/12 80lb/12 110lb/15 80lb/12 Kettlebell Push ups BW/ 3X 12 reps Cable flys 50lb/12 . 80lb/12 . 100lb/ 12 super set w/ Side DB lateral raises 25lb/3X 12 Seated front lateral raise w/ 45lb 3 sets X 12 reps May. 24/15 - Back Rack...
Dems log Dem41 330 3 daysDem41 (586): Have been slacking on keeping my log updated here. Time to get back on track after Memorial Day next week Weight is down to 201.6, still going to therapy for my hamstring. Squatted 2x260x5 2 weeks ago and it flared up so was told not to do any lower work by my therapist. Bench day Warm up, paused bench 45x10 65x3 85x3 100x2 120x2 150x2 Work sets 175x3 200x3 225x4 Band pull apart 100 Incline dumbbell bench 3x50x10 Wide grip pull ups...
Addiction & Body Building alicia 10 4 daysalicia (1): @Jsn3004 thanks mahn. Will do something of that sort. That would be nice and this convincing part is the biggest task. @the1 blood work would be another good idea, but the problem it is very difficult to convince him. he thinks he is healthy and stronger in every sense. @Jesus What was that about? I didn't understand
I do what I want Log Rand 64 4 daysRand (4141): Max Bench day. After a bit of a deload haha Warm up 225x10x3 275x3 315x1 335x1 360x1 WOOOOO ten pound PR 3 plates and a quarter attempted but I failed. so 365x1 fail My bench volume has been insanely high lately and it worked like a champ. I am going to try to do a super high volume squat cycle during the summer to see if I am get it back up over 500 and maybe hit a new pr there. Summer is in 2 weeks for me. I will still be working 2 jobs,...
Project Symmetry jordzmetcalfe 65 4 daysjordzmetcalfe (400): The competition is over and it’s not time to re-assess the goals going forward and plan what I’m going to do next. This vlog goes through exactly what I have planned for the next few months, it’s a lot more relaxed than usual with a bit of personal / lifestyle stuff in there as well. Hope you enjoy.
Estimate Body fat percentage dollar786 21 4 daysGreekLegend (43): *Plot twist* was bulking for 6 months
13 stone to 11 dollar786 5 4 daysArimac44 (385): I need a dollar dollar, a dollar is what I need Hey hey Well I need a dollar dollar, a dollar is what I need Hey hey And I said I need dollar dollar, a dollar is what I need And if I share with you my story would you share your dollar with me BUMP
5/3/1 set-up SnackIt 12 4 daysJsn3004 (619): You said your goals are size and strength. You will gain size by being in a caloric surplus. You will gain strength by following the template and being in a caloric surplus will help as well. Boring But Big is a well known program proven to work. Once again follow the program and eat in a caloric surplus (Don't dirty bulk, eat 300-500 calories above maintenance). Sometimes we overcomplicate things when they are really simple.
newbie help fraser1133 4 4 daysLiftamusprime (64): Well that changes from person to person..I maintain at 3400 calories and bulk well above 3000 isn't too much. You can do cardio if you want for health reasons.. But weight training tends to be enough for many..especially when bulking. I record my weight every morning and make a weekly average to determine if I'm on track (weight changes everyday due to other factors like water retention etc). For example if I'm aiming to gain 2lbs per...
When Life keeps giving Lemons. A LOG varunj17 100 5 daysvarunj17 (453): Week 4 Day 1: 1. Squats: 4 X 1 at 125kg 2. Front Squats: 5X 2 at 70,75,75,75,80 3. Bench press: 3 X 3 at 82.5kg 4. Deadlifts: 4X 1 at 140 kg 5. Romanian deadlift: 2x8 at 80kg
Casein protien Yeags 3 5 daysYeags (1): Thanks
Gains Season Video NaturalBrawn 16 6 daysNaturalBrawn (130): About a week later, and my right said is not so bad now bt the left is still sensitive. Been able to train around it and did a very light test yesterday on deads to just see if I felt any sensation and to confirm if it was deads... bulls eye absolutely was... Im just thankful it feels like a strain/pull and I can train around it.. Not going to mess around with pec strains..seen way too many tears along the years! Watching some of the more...
Cellucore c4 or rich piana kill it jacobshoebridge97 6 7 daysRiku_Hakanen (1): C4 definitely
Saw this..couldn't resist.. emmyweird84 3 8 daysalicia (1): Its is nice, but third pic in the first row looks funny
Even more pics of what you're eating... hollyhopeful5678 207 8 daysalicia (1): It looks yum.
NEED HELP leg workouts!!! anteis99 3 8 daysJsn3004 (619): A workout won't get your legs lean. Having a low bodyfat percentage will make your legs leaner. I'd recommend bulking up though, you're lean enough. I'd follow a program and stick to that and your legs will become more developed. If you make your own program, I recommend reading this first.
SI joint problems FatKid_AtHeart 6 8 daysNebNotliar (1): If anyone is interested, there is a book on Amazon Kindle that shows step by step how to perform 20 different stretches. It costs $0.99. I hope it helps some of you :) Link to Amazon page:
new target hightower1888 4 8 daysFiremanSi (41569): @hightower1888 U've been dieting too long now i think u need a break.. I'd advise increasing ur calories up until u put on about 1-2lbs in a week. Hold at maintenance for about a month and go again. Ur body needs this and u mentally need the break dude.