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Routine Design for Dummies 1.0 eknight 95 2 daysBlackbasara (10): Hello @eknight I'll be running DUP next week. I'm also adding little fluff work on saturday like Defranco's isometric hold Y,W,T and band pull apart, also OHP and shoulder shocker. Waiting for your opinion on my template.
Simply Shredded FAQ - Read before posting! Frostshock 34 2 daysLifeofaFighter (1): So whats the deal with linking to websites from posts... Does this forum require a minimum post amount or suggest a curtain amount of posts before linking?
Power lifting VS bodybuilding Thatguy81 19 3 hours_RudeCrew (14029): @ezvmoneybeast wtf is otter mode? Hahaha
Prepare. Perform. Prevail. [Log] _RudeCrew 111 3 hours_RudeCrew (14029): @Dbyrnes about 8 weeks boss
The Old Man trudges on (LOG) wannabemuscular 44 6 hoursThatguy81 (223): Couple of my favorite bands right here buddy...
How much alcohol can I get away with? Kecaldesian 12 6 hoursThatguy81 (223): I drink every night, 2-3 beers. I don't compete or do shows, I love beer, I'm happy...if there's a day were I'd actually do a show, I'd prolly stop drinking for the prep tho...
Show prep 2016 Zyzzst 39 6 hoursThatguy81 (223): Late to jump in, stoked to see the progress! Btw I'm 6'3" 215 28% bf, you mad?
The untitled: MMB's Log MMB 104 8 hoursMMB (3538): Week1 Day4 Prone cobra & hip extension Squat w-u Squat 2x8x100KG/220LB 3x8x80KG/176LB (with tempo) Speed DL 10x4x90KG/198LB RDL 4x10x70KG/154LB Side Plank 3x12xBW (with tempo)
Volume or Frequency - what's more important? wannabemuscular 5 8 hours_RudeCrew (14029): Frequency probably. Say you do 100 reps, you're fatigued by the time you get to the last 50. Splitting them up lets you go harder on those last 50.
Layne Nortons new program lolssons 1 9 hourslolssons (1000): Have you guys checked out laynes new PH3 program at it is DUP styled hypertrophy program looks really intense and not for beginners at anymeans. But I know there are some advanced lifters on this forum that might wanna check it out. Looks fun too.
Few day into diet, and i'm STARVING! forgottenpass 17 9 hoursFiremanSi (40810): @forgottenpass
Grizzly's Road to USAPL Raw Nationals GrizzlyBerg 413 10 hourswannabemuscular (27516): @GrizzlyBerg That's awesome if it's streamed. I'll check it out if I'm around.
Idk what to do!need help! SalimK 9 11 hoursFiremanSi (40810): @SalimK Ur friends a moron make sure ur diet is in check and ur eating in a surplus and keep going buddy.
Sleep and Insomnia LifeofaFighter 1 11 hoursLifeofaFighter (1): Sleep is a dynamic activity where the brain continues to work while the body tries to rest. Insomnia is the inability to fall asleep or disturbance of sleep patterns that can affect our daily normal functions. Many people have the wrong notion that our mind and body is in a passive state when we are asleep. On the contrary, it is a state of consciousness or dynamic activity which gives our body time to rest and build up strength while the...
THE OFFICIAL PUMP THREAD SRorhrbac0808 297 12 hoursezvmoneybeast (991): Bulk mode so far so good lol. 98kg morning weight
Break the routine for fun haole 4 13 hoursthe1 (32994): I don't know how people do the exact same workout for months and years, or the exact same exercises day in day out lol.. every workout of mine has some fundamental exercises for progression but for the most part I have fun with my training and I always seem to hit new highs
Road to Mt Olympus a year long journey ZeusAmmon 150 15 hoursZeusAmmon (178): This morning was nice in that I didn't puke lol. Stomach was acting up but the lifts went pretty damn well :D I'm leaning out as I'm eating more, but I very much look forward to getting back to cutting. This full diet break has me feeling uncomfortably full lol and its only maintenance cals smh but alas maybe when I reach my bodyfat goals I'll enjoy food more Β―_(ツ)_/Β― who knows lol Friday Incline DB: 7x8x8 x 95 Pull ups : 7x7x6 x...
Recovery Hamer93 10 16 hoursHamer93 (9547): Yeah I get deep tissue massage every other week, I'm hoping it's the fact I've just gone back to uni compared to having 5 months off
Log: Consistency is the key to success lolssons 180 18 hourslolssons (1000): W7W3D1 Heavy deads 170kgx1 175kgx1 180kgx1 150kgx7.5 could not lock out the 8th one. But have had to push the workout together as iam going away next Tuesday so have had DEADs Monday squats Wednesday and now heavy Deads again Friday so can say iam kinda tired...
Uni student doing Candito's 6 week program Robinson252 88 18 hoursRobinson252 (52): DE lower day Paused banded low bar 87.5kgx7x2 87.5kgx5 Did the first four sets in oly shoes then moved to flats. I haven't squatted in flats for about 1.5 years as I could literally get nowhere close to parallel, but now I can comfortably pause well below, so yay. Doubled light bands, gave around about 17.5-20kg each at the top, so 35-40kg in total. Moving faaaaast. Banded deads 120kgx10x1 Medium band 25-30kg. Tried hook grip on all of...
DUP log Rand 460 18 hoursRand (3919): @wannabemuscular hahahahhaha funny you mention that. It actually broke on the 590 deadlift. I blew out the bolt on one of the sides and the bolt was shooooooot. All the threads were smashed. Lucky I had some more of the same size at work. So it's fixed now. I'm not too Worried about it breaking i have 2 bars and each I found for 20 bucks or so. The goal is to save up a bit and get the ohio power bar one day.
Keep cutting? strengthathletics 18 21 hoursjja0016 (820): na no ways
Kozzletoff's First Log kozzletoff 23 1 daykozzletoff (307): Power 1 - Bench/Dead 178 lb Bench Press 215x3 220x3 220x4 Deadlift 345x3 345x3 345x3 Incline DB 80x10 80x8 85x6 Dips 45x11 45x9 45x9 BB Row 175x10 180x8 180x6 Pulldown T-handle 13x10 13x8 13x6 Hex Bar Shrugs 225x11 225x9 225x9 EZ BB Curl 90x10 90x9 Hammer Curl 45x10 45x9 Triangle Cable Pushdown 12x10 12x8 Skullcrushers 80x10 80x10 Power 2 - Squat/Press 178 lbs Squat 355x3 355x3 355x4 Military Press 165x3 165x3 165x4 Lying Leg Curls 110x10...
3 and a half month into bulking-Progess pics iLoveKateB 9 2 daysiLoveKateB (4): Thank you mate! If my memory serves me right you were the one WHO told me that i could bulk for a very long time giving my bodyfat level back then :) Thank you!! :)
DUP hypertrophy Blackbasara 1 2 daysBlackbasara (10): Hello everyone, I'll be running DUP from next week just coming from wendler program. I'm thinking of adding accessory workout on saturday like OHP,Weight dips and defrancoss isometric holds,band pull aparts and shoulder shocker 2.0
Consuming 100% of carbs post-workout alaynepoole69 3 2 daysalaynepoole69 (1): Pre-contest prep is exactly what I'm looking for. Do u know if he has an updated version of a pre-contest prep routine?
Log to Nov 15th meet continues SRorhrbac0808 130 2 daysSRorhrbac0808 (46162): Decent bench day today. All paused 275 5x, 305 5x, 315 3x, 335 2x After got some back/delts/ triceps in Nothing special. Just got some work in. Lol I didn't have my normal spotter and Jesus he was dropping the weight on me it was a shit hand off. But oh well. I like it when shit is fucked in training so the meet goes smooth.
Ericks Log ErickFromOmaha 53 2 daysErickFromOmaha (3250): Power lower Squats: 135x10, 165x5, 185x3, 195x3, 2x225x3 Leg press: 4x5x360 SLDL: 4x6x185 So in finally comfortable with my squat. I used to squat like shit but since this program has so much squatting I've finally got my confidence and am comfortable with my form. Ready to start pushing some heavier reps gonna start going for 1x1 of the heaviest I can on strength days. Don't know where you guys wear your belts but I have been wearing my...
6 principles for sixpack abs moke912 3 2 daysGreekLegend (4): Secret is to lose fat :cool::cool:
Jumior Nationals Prep (FSF) WinnersNeverQuit 122 2 daysWinnersNeverQuit (9837): @SRorhrbac0808 thanks man. Today's workout was pretty good, starting to feel strong again and about time frankly. Bench 110kg 242lbs 8X3 Dumbell shoulder press 40kg 88 lbs 2X5, 1X10 Single arm chest press 40kg 88 lbs 3X12 Rear delt and side delt raises superset.
Words of wisdom wannabemuscular 65 2 daysGreekLegend (4):
Opinions on this organic non chemical chit TimmothyGen 14 2 daysSOLARSUPLEX (4999): I work produce at a grocery store, and its kinda odd seeing an organic banana and a 'conventional'(funny that the food with GMO's are considered conventional) mold next to one another. The organic one does not last as long as the conventional. same goes with strawberries. But the juiced up big plump berries taste so much better than the little organic ones. ALSO, for something to be considered USDA organic, it only needs to contain 3 organic...
Would you benefit from daily motivation LifeofaFighter 3 2 daysehukai (67): I would get pissed off by something like that. I believe that the whole inspiration and motivation thing is way to overhyped. You need to be intrinsically motivated and passionate about something like fitness to make it and be successful and a text is not going to change that.
Take more pics of what you're eating... hollyhopeful5678 478 3 daysTimmothyGen (1747): Ur like a vacuum.... You just take it all in.
Ideas to make extra money? not spam haole 17 3 dayshaole (1830): I'm going to sell some junk on Ebay. I'll try to sell some selfies of my biceps too!
Thoughts on creatine GreekLegend 14 3 daysblakeyt93 (10): Proven to increase strength so good for use whether cutting or bulking. some people say its good for cutting as can help maintain strength/amount of weight they can lift whilst being in a calorific deficit. Creatine doesnt have any calorific value so improved strength at no extra macro cost = win
So is coffee a diuretic or no? LifeofaFighter 23 3 daysoceanair (17563): well that escalated quickly. i love coffee :)
Progress Physique Log πŸ‡°πŸ‡·πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ TimmothyGen 42 3 daysTimmothyGen (1747): That feel when you wake up from a "nap" and it's 9 pm and you need to get 2000+ calories in. Fk I was planning on napping for 30 mins but passed the fk out. I had a good push day too!
Visual Impact Muscle Building moke912 1 3 daysmoke912 (94): THE BEST BOOK FOR BODYBUILDING !!! clickable text
Training Change Opinion blakeyt93 3 3 daysblakeyt93 (10): duly noted. have gone for an uppper/lower split. advice much appreciated!
One more cycle (Log) Zepa 100 3 daysRobinson252 (52): Good job dude!
The Alpha Male is in the building #SexGod Dodz 43 4 daystuco (213): so much zyzz wannabe
Best Fitness Safety Tips and Common Sense Gy spongeroc214 3 4 daysehukai (67): What a bold and original article
My dup log csizemore21 11 4 dayswannabemuscular (27516): Doesn't want to show off his explosive gains. Being humble I suppose.
OMG! I need help! wannabemuscular 11 4 daysErickFromOmaha (3250): Yea wannabe. Listen to the man.
Another annoying supp question ErickFromOmaha 20 4 daysjja0016 (820): if you do start, which it sounds like you are going to sooner or later for sure. I strongly strongly recommend starting a low test only cycle (500mg per week is what most do) with an AI on hand. You'll see phenomenal results in every area.. mind, physique, libido, without any negatives that you may experience on other different steroids. You pretty much can't go wrong. Have AI on hand if you notice you get bloat or sensitive nips. I'd...
help deciding GreekLegend 22 4 daysBC_physique (1): I don't think there is any right or wrong routine. For what u want I'd keep it around 8-12 reps. And as long as u are breaking the muscle down and fueling properly u will grow. Twitter @claytonphysique
How Do I Get Big Biceps? The Ultimate Guide spongeroc214 8 4 daysBC_physique (1): I have had lots of comments on the size of my arms my whole life. Add me to twitter @claytonphysique and message me to find out a few of my fav movements
Adale's log adale 2 4 daysadale (1): Okay so today marks the first day of this upper/lower split that I'm doing. The template is taken from Greg Nichols' Average to Savage program. The accessory movements are chosen from his recommendations. I decided not to put a lot of accessory work since I am cutting and my goal is to get my Squat, Bench, Deadlift, and OHP as high as I can on this cut. You'll notice as the weeks go on the program goes through different cycles. Concerning weight...
Check this out if you're about them gainz... tjfromthe6 2 5 daysTimmothyGen (1747): This whole forum clears all that up.....