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Simply Shredded FAQ - Read before posting! Frostshock 31 10 dayszakk (4): Thanks for putting this together! Great idea for a post.
How much difference do supplements make? qtdreams92 12 1 minThatguy81 (58): I think it really has a lot to do with your diet tho, if you get all the nutrients you need from your food, supps wouldn't be necessary...unless you want them steroids, lol...
Road to Nationals 2015! Trev182 5 6 minutesThatguy81 (58): Was it hard to switch to sumo? I tried it and found it very awkward...
Guess my body fat and win 100 cool points! Beastmode1607 11 11 minutesThatguy81 (58): Lol, I wasn't...;-)
Ocean's Training/Cutting Log oceanair 276 11 minutesAleksandra_em (355): I adore this ^ ex ;) good luck with trackng your food sweetie!
Back at it... Thatguy81 4 24 minutesThatguy81 (58): Thanks guys, pulled 275lbs deads tonight, feelin pretty stoked about that!
Grizzly's Road to USAPL Raw Nationals GrizzlyBerg 37 33 minutesThatguy81 (58): Rad deads dude!!
AG road to his first BB contest ambitiongainer 24 38 minutesThatguy81 (58): You have a great slate to work with! After this comp you'll have a better idea of what needs to be done for the next, but I agree bf needs to be lower, diet and cardio hard for 11 weeks homie! And good luck!!
Juggernaut WinnersNeverQuit 72 2 hoursSharkoon1 (529): @WinnersNeverQuit Looks so smooth, beautiful!
Take more pics of what you're eating... hollyhopeful5678 79 5 hoursqtdreams92 (382): @RookiePT that looks amazing! Do you get to eat like that every day? yea you are very lucky if you do! I had Viet beef and chilli vermicelli for my dinner date last night. Its like going back to my wanna be asian roots and prepping my taste buds ready for vac time :)
Incline Bench Snowboard901 60 6 hourseknight (48019): DBs are far safer for the shoulder joint. Less torque, less abduction and ER at the GHJ, so less instability and Far easier glenohumeral ligament complex. -3X
Powerlifting meet today and future meets... craig 65 6 hoursGrizzlyBerg (7309): @craig congrats. Welcome to the club hoss
Input on Inner armour Blue Hard Mass? jayjay770 5 6 hoursqtdreams92 (382): How do you all keep track of these supplements with names that are starting to sound abit creepy to be honest. Inner armour blue hard mass? What does that mean lol? also what confuses me is the 'prop blend', where something could be 1g or 100g but no one knows.
*Strength Log: A Song of Ice & FIRE* FiremanSi 234 7 hoursFiremanSi (39208): @the1 Ah it's the big dog thanks for stopping by buddy ! Appreciate the compliments !!
A fresh look on things log csizemore21 70 10 hourscsizemore21 (448): Legs 10x10 deep squats with 135 superset with 10x10 sdl 135 5x12 leg raises 2 min plank Farmers walk: 95s for 2 min
*The Lean Gainz MYTH !! (Video)* FiremanSi 28 11 hoursCannonball (5626): Ironically he sounds exactly like the guy who made lean gains. A scientific approach to getting lean and building muscle lmao
How far can the Old Man go? (LOG) wannabemuscular 278 11 hourswannabemuscular (24837): Friday 4/24 ------------------------ Squats: (high bar, beltless) - 135x10, 205x10, 275x5, 335x3, 360x2, 380 4x1 SLDL: 135x10, 185x10, 235x5, 255 2x5 Seated OHP: 135 2x5, 155x5, 175 3x3 My lower was tight and tired today. Not sore, but just felt like I couldn't really warm up. With that, I was happy with how smooth the 380 singles were. 3 straight weeks of Mon/Wed/Fri squatting so far.
Anyone tried the new C4? jayjay770 14 11 hoursrememberthis (484): glutamine is a great preworkout
Nutrient-Rich Blueberries MiaX 10 12 hoursthe1 (30828): how bout dem blueberries on deez nuts.
My bulking log ,"From launching pad to moon" Sharkoon1 127 15 hoursSharkoon1 (529): Squat 82.5 kg x 5 // 92.5 kg x 3 // 105 kg x 3 (goal was 1) Hack squat machine 70 kg 4x8 SLDL 75 kg 3 x 8 Hamstring curls 4x6 30 kg Seated Calf 45 kg 2 x 9
Dems log Dem41 167 15 hoursDem41 (364): cycle 5 week 2, military press day ! 5/5/5 warm up prowler pushes- switching to these instead of walking on treadmill, not as boring and feels better broomstick dislocations band pull apart internal/external rotations foam roll upper back/lats explosive push ups warm up, military press 20x10 30x5 45x5 55x5 65x5 80x3 work sets 85x5 100x5 115x5 supersets band pull apart,pull ups green band pull apart x100 neutral grip, shoulder width pull ups...
Log: Consistency is the key to success lolssons 129 15 hourslolssons (874): Squat D4W5 Squat 3x3 112.5kg Paused squats 5x3 100kg Squat to high box 3x3 120x3 125x3 130x3 Speed bench 5x2 80kg
Please help! Torn ACL! Need exercise advice dgevurtz 2 16 hourseknight (48019): Yes- get surgery, listen to your physical therapist, don't do anything extra because a revision surgery is even worse, and realize that 6 months of off time doesn't mean squat over the course of a lifetime of lifting. Good luck. -3X
Duke's path to redemption... Dukenhiemer 321 17 hoursDukenhiemer (23749): Hey, I know you are ya big teddie bear. Never said you weren't! Haha I effing love you Roar. I lol'ed hard when I read your post. Snapchat me bae. ❤️
Tritons log Tritons 129 17 hoursTritons (385): Push Bench 135x1; 105x3x6 Close grip bench 90x3x8 Seated db shoulder press 25x10; 27,5x8; 25x2x8 HM chest press 30x3x15 Pec dec 50x2x15-16 Rope pressdown 25x3x10-12 Dips 3x8 Side laterals 12,5x3x20
Best Stretch & Exercises for Traps? (pain) qtdreams92 9 19 hoursqtdreams92 (382): @FiremanSi many cheers for that! i am going to watch that video when I get home. :)
Tamere Pays His Dues (Training Log) tamere01 416 22 hoursFiremanSi (39208): Shouldn't happen... ESPECIALLY so early. Ur letting the cut mindfuck u already.. stop it.
Nike Romaleos 2 eknight 56 1 dayRand (2941): yea invest in a nice pair of shit kickers.
DUP log Rand 251 1 dayRand (2941): Sqwaaats and bench squat no belt with sleeves 315x8 405x3 with belt 425x3 445x3 with belt and wraps 465x3 just taking it easy, but squats really irritated my shoulder. I need to start warming up my shoulders much better before squats Bench CGBP 185x8x5 homemade bamboo/earthquake bench 185x12x5 some face pulls supersetted in with a bunch of band stuff. leg extensions, peck deck, planks
scottish caledonia meet 19.04.15 Trev182 15 1 dayTrenNorton (28): Mirin the lifts bro!
The1s Log the1 21 1 dayPerfidy (3034): Open thread to view post.
Soft2Shredded: 2015 Natural Contest Prep. AnthonyKim421 40 1 dayAnthonyKim421 (82): NEW VIDEO IS UP CHECK ITTTT! http://
New bulkin diet critique and comment please foreverbulking 15 1 dayforeverbulking (1): @Zyzzst bullshit
Xxlean's log Xxlean 34 1 dayXxlean (1852): @qtdreams92 haha I guess I don't know... could be a chin up I guess, not to sure though.
Spoonfeed me Calf/Ab knowledge Real quick Kansas___Boyyyyy 16 1 dayFiremanSi (39208): @Kansas___Boyyyyy Good stuff buddy.
My Transformation (15 to 16 ) MathiasFit 9 1 dayKansas___Boyyyyy (2995): Belgians for life! Keep eating.
eating/drinking on a PL comp leanr0x 6 1 daycraig (724): I'm close to the 93kg limit so eating before weigh in is usually out for me. I weigh in and then smash pop tarts, bcaas, bananas and some sweets. I've actually not eaten much when the comp has started which is probably a mistake, I think the last one I ate a chocolate flapjack and had a few energy drinks.
Dmaa Bigbear 5 1 dayPerfidy (3034): JWSupplements has one and they're in the UK.
should i take SUSTANON-250 or not? prince727 8 1 dayTrenNorton (28): Srsly? Learn to do the exercises and diet correctly and you will make all kinds of gains as a "natty".
A Dream~ Gen's Log TimmothyGen 136 2 daysTimmothyGen (1075): 4/23/15 I have been staying up late til 3-4 am playing this old game I recently got a hold of. GTA V reminded me of my younger times BUT it's been affecting my sleep. I woke up at 1pm soooo! I'm going to have to do some time management stuff. Past few days I feel like I'm just going through like with no connection. I have been keeping up with my nutrition and training. I don't have any egg whites or chicken left so todays going to be a...
Gaining weight fast after cut? qtdreams92 10 2 dayseknight (48019): Upping carbs means increased water. Glycogen is a 4:1 water to carb ratio, and water weighs more than people realize. -3X
Sites With Good Gym Clothes (Recommendations ezvmoneybeast 10 2 daysnine0seven (2005): I posted a pic on Instagram saying how much I loved their shirts, their main account saw my post somehow & said that my shirt was somehow defected. They sent me a pm saying their replace it for free. Love them!!
"Candito" Gain Train varunj17 21 2 daysvarunj17 (405): @WinnersNeverQuit adjusted my numbers based on 120kg...
PURPOSE + ACTION PLAN = RESULTS machongpinoy 4 2 daysnine0seven (2005): Fierce
A trustworthy site to purchase Anavar leo0755 19 2 daysErickFromOmaha (2380):
The Physique Summit AnthonyKim421 1 2 daysAnthonyKim421 (82): Check ittttt. Anyone in the area?!
Please help estimate my body fat percentage 315fordaysmate 36 2 days315fordaysmate (22): It's too swollen he's waiting till the swelling goes down. I'll have to post the video on you tube and then share it here but I'll do that later!
Log: life is continuously being hungry Zepa 13 2 daysZepa (130): New Power Rack came to the gym today. I am happy 😁
carb cycling help! macydawn 34 3 daysthe1 (30828): ^^ great way to be @macydawn
How long do you stick to routine? Zepa 10 3 daysthe1 (30828): ive always done muscle splits with lower/higher volume and same with weight, rotate exercises in and out.. stick to some heavy compounds and aim for 8-12 reps with high intensity