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Routine Design for Dummies 1.0 eknight 152 8 daysElminister (3400): Thanks for this thread. Coming back to weight-lifting after almost 3 years of pause and this is exactly what I was looking for.
Simply Shredded FAQ - Read before posting! Frostshock 38 1 monthRyanEdward (1): Awesome post
The Old Man trudges on (LOG) wannabemuscular 491 39 minuteswannabemuscular (30855): Monday 1/16: Biceps/Rear Delts Band Pullaparts: 30 EZ Bar Preacher Curls: 75 5x10 Bent Over Reverse Fly: 30 5x12 DB Alternate Curls: 30 3x12 Band Pullaparts: 30 .
Pro hormones, ok topic or na? Steve132inf 2 50 minuteswannabemuscular (30855): How old are you? Most good PH's are long gone. Banned. Illegal.
Fats West165 4 2 hourswannabemuscular (30855): Beef Whole Eggs Almonds Peanut Butter
16 year old natty or no? ;) MarcoMacias 22 3 hoursSalokin (322): You're right, I am. And you're a genius who is going to go far in life. Congratulations on all your future success. You take criticism like a pro too. I'm so jealous of you. Please be my friend forever.
For wemon weights and cardio or just cardio Spencer1104 3 3 hoursSalokin (322): Help her to appreciate that weight lifting can build muscle, muscle increases lean body mass, more lean body mass equals more calories burned daily. Get her out of the mindset of "losing weight" and into the mindset of losing fat. These are different things. The scale is an enemy in this battle for many because they associate lower numbers with progress instead of smaller measurements, looser clothes, and a better looking body. The...
Back from the Dead Log eknight 103 4 hourseknight (55063): I'm not a huge fan of any movement that utilizes spinal flexion or rotation as its primary component for trunk strengthening. -3X
Strength log lolssons 33 5 hourslolssons (1096): Had a light back day yesterday and a great leg workout today consisting of Front squats 90kgx6 95kgx6 and 100kgx6 Then some paus squats high bar 2x5 100kg 2x5 110kg Good mornings Even tried some low bar squatting which is my favorite squat. But due to a injured leg it has been out of the question for 6months today they felt pain free!!! Hamstring curls
Onward Onslaught Cannonball 99 6 hoursCannonball (5863): My hip feels kind of weird, it's like i wanna twist my feet inwards until my hip pops in the back mid part. Sometimes the sensation gets worse but then I can lie down on my back, put my left leg in neutral position, and then my right leg straight out to my left side and lean a bit on it and my hip pops and it's all good for a while. Anyone know what this is?
Cutting advices Jeffr 5 7 hoursJeffr (7): So at the end it's the same a calorie is a calorie, but the most important is a good protein intake to preserve muscle ? I eat 3 times a day i hate eating 5 times a day a guy the other day in my gym (good shape) told me i'm doing it wrong i should eat 5/6 times a day ... every 3 hours
Older Newb, Dumbbells only FattyMcFat 4 7 hoursJsn3004 (1882): Yeah if you call yourself a fat lazy bastard you're just setting yourself up for failure. You can say you were a fat lazy bastard but not anymore. Like @West165 said read the FAQ and let us know where you plan on going from there.
Back and Leg day 1 or 2 a week? Spencer1104 3 7 hoursframe (28): everything works, do whatever you like more. you can hit body part to failure so it will recover in one week - you will grow, if you like more half-ass workouts not going to failure on one of your gym sessions - you can hit larger body parts twice per week and you still will grow ( you must be able to know your body possibilities perfectly in this case). It all depends on how you like to train, muscle growth occurs if you give muscle enough work...
Trying out clen MarcoMacias 19 23 hoursMarcoMacias (16): @Jsn3004 fuuuark brah, thanks for 10/10 motivation😊😊
Long triceps head Hambo 4 1 dayMarcoMacias (16): Anything overhead will train the long head brah
2017... bringing my best!! Swede90 26 1 daySwede90 (64): Decided to take a full year off to grow, plan is a lot of food and going back to basics in the gym.
Calories in BCAAs AnthonyDee 1 1 dayAnthonyDee (1): I think this is the first article I've seen that provides research on the caloric content of BCAAs and explains why supplement companies label their products the way they do!
Planche & One Arm Chin Up Journey zachh85 14 1 dayzachh85 (1): Workout 33
BODYBUILDING AND CRITIQUE PHYSIQUE Alexander7 9 2 daysAlexander7 (1): Thanks, I think I will stick to l/p/p but instead do some more research on it, as I've read a few things about it recently that have got me thinking I need to change my version up, I've been going through some very old posts with Alex Muller, here on simply shredded, and he is a living god, (wonder what hes looking like now) he thought that l/p/p/l/p/p/ off was better for hypertrophy gains and phat was better for strength gains, may try a...
Doing back workout with back issues... Spencer1104 2 2 dayseknight (55063): I would seek physical therapy through your GP or ortho doc, which will be covered by insurance, not chiro care. -3X
Macros for cutting VictoriaAlexis1 4 2 daysWest165 (382): Do a bit of research on leptin and refeeed days. Your body is probably getting used to the drop in calories. 450 calories under isn't as bad as I thought it would be, 1400 calories just seemed a bit low. Then again I'm 60+lbs heavier lol.
Glutes isolation (MEN) Jeffr 2 2 daysJsn3004 (1882): Try barbell hip thrusts or a weighted barbell back extension. Pete Rubish has many videos on the back extensions.
Eagle's log EagleRare10 96 3 daysEagleRare10 (385): 1/13 OHP Weight: 213.0 Working: 155x5 (5 rep PR); 140x7; 125x8 BB rows: 160x10x2; 160x12; underhand grip 135x10 Arnold press: 50s x10; 45s x10 Chin ups: BWx8x2 Overhead cable tri extension (rope handle): 185x6 (dropset) + 175x4; 180x7 + 170x4 Incline curls: 30s x8x2 Rolling tri extensions: 30s x9; 25s x9 facepulls: 160x12; 155x12 Preacher curls: ez bar + 40 x13 (failure) Superset: 17.5 DBs lateral raises (3 sec pause at top and 3 sec...
Benchpresses top position Hambo 3 4 daysJsn3004 (1882): Just use a normal guillotine, much more effective.
Demonize supplement Spencer1104 2 4 daysYeags (514): You'll have to take several preventive supplements to curb side effects such as titts liver protection joint aches and pains low testosterone after cycle etc etc I believe I'd just go natural and skip all the drama that it comes with. Just lift hard it takes time to build muscle stay patient and skip the short cuts...
Back training tips by Dr Mike Israetel AnthonyDee 1 4 daysAnthonyDee (1): Back training tips by Dr Mike Israetel!
E.D. Slimsally 14 4 daysSalokin (322): You may also want to look into natural supplementation like Horny Goat Weed combinations.
"You lift like a man"...log emmyweird84 113 4 daysemmyweird84 (727): Wednesday: 5min 15%incline warm up walk Seated db shoulder press: 10x2x30, 8x2x35 Single arm lateral raise: 10x17.5, 8x2x20, 6x25 Front plate raise: 10x4x25 Reverse pec dec fly: 10x30, 8x2x35, 6x40 Back ext with plate raise: 10x4x45 20min HIIT 15%incline sprints
Needing some advice Dorich 58 5 daysTucane (154): Comparing pictures, it's a world of difference! You were guaranteed 35%BF back then.
Super hot girl with too many tattoos? MuscleMan 15 5 daysTunyBobi35 (4): super babe
Quitting lifting for good. SOLARSUPLEX 8 5 daysSOLARSUPLEX (7714): @NorIda The only app i know that can do it is snapchat but you have to hold your finger on the record button which is useless when recording a lift. Strangers dont like me asking to use their phone and then send myself a minute long video. haha
Cut pr keep bulking? Betin135 2 6 daysYeags (514): Keep bulking!!!
Why fat loss diets fail AnthonyDee 4 6 daysAnthonyDee (1): rekt
My training log getfit24 24 6 daysgetfit24 (25): Not the best workout but I tried to finish something up today, was feeling under the weather so yeah. 15 3lb dumbbell curls 15 5lb dumbbell curls 15 8lb dumbbell curls 15 3lb dumbbell hammer curls 15 5lb dumbbell hammer curls 15 8lb dumbbell hammer curls 15 3lb dumbbell triceps extension 15 5lb dumbbell triceps extension 15 8lb dumbbell triceps extension 10 minutes bike
Cutting Jaxbhoy 2 6 daysSalokin (322): Surprised I got here first. Ok, first of all, welcome @Jaxbhoy Second, please read the faq's and sticky threads thoroughly. A lot of work has gone into them to help out people new to the forum. Third, please use punctuation. It will make your posts and questions easier to read. And lastly, your calories are already VERY low. My guess is that you are already on about 800 calorie a day deficit, maybe more. DO NOT LOWER CALORIES ANY...
Pre-meet programming Thomas_Rascon 5 8 daysBeans (4201): The amount of time lifting is a big factor in how strong someone is. I wish I started lifting at 15, but didn't start until I was in college. One thing you'll learn is that nobody worth a damn cares about how strong beginners are. They appreciate that you like the sport and work hard. I think you're numbers are good for 15, but never worry about not being strong enough. Just lift consistently and do you. I don't compete, but you have nothing...
Osgood Schlatter DanLifts 8 8 daysDanLifts (1): I was thinking something along those lines, a close variation to increase the frequency a bit. Thanks
Hamstring and glutes Hambo 11 9 daysHambo (823): I wonder how this is done ^^^. I have only basic free weight equipment, how do I train my glutes and and hamstrings using these.
Getting back into gym after sickness johnb46 4 10 dayshaole (1950): I'm in the same boat except I'm still sick with the flu. I'm worried about losing gains...its an addiction!
Upper back exercises and sample back workout AnthonyDee 6 11 daysSOLARSUPLEX (7714): @AnthonyDee yeah dude.
Greg Nuckols on size vs strength AnthonyDee 1 12 daysAnthonyDee (1): Really good article by Greg Nuckols on size vs strength
ICF 5x5, and how to cut? Oslo1234 1 13 daysOslo1234 (1): clickable text That was my old thread. If I cut @20% deficit, so at a deficit of 750kcal/day, can I still gain muscle/strength while losing fat? I'm 185lbs, and currently bench 115x5
New Year - New Routine (seeking for advice) Damu 15 13 daysJsn3004 (1882): @Damu I've been working out 3 days a week and have been progressing as well. You still hit each bodypart 3x a week and have plenty time to recover. I'm not saying any routine is better i'm just saying more doesn't always mean better. But Phat is a good routine. I'd recommend you do abs on your lower body days.
NEW YEAR GOALS (EVERYONE) lolssons 8 13 daysYeags (514): (Dedication)
Shrug while shoulder pressing?.. SOLARSUPLEX 2 13 daysAnthonyDee (1): Have you considered not shrugging on that side? :P
Are not full bodybuilding better or split? vucutgelistirme 5 13 daysAnthonyDee (1): It depends. Any routine which is based on scientific principles and has sufficient volume, frequency and intensity as well as a good progression scheme and planned deloads should get the job done. With the above in mind, full body routines AND splits can work well, provided they are properly constructed.
Bulk didnt work properly. Cut? Oslo1234 5 13 daysAnthonyDee (1): Nutrition: - Caloric deficit (enough to lose on average around 1% of your bodyweight per week) - Around 1-1.5g protein per pound of lean body mass - Fill the rest with carbs and fats according to personal preference - Aim for 3-5 protein feedings spread evenly throughout the day Training: Any routine with sufficient volume, frequency and intensity that hits all major muscle groups. Personally, I like Lyle's GBR, ICF 5x5, etc.
What the hell did I do to my knee today? forgottenpass 7 13 daysYeags (514): I tore my bicep loose curling 45 pounds once. Freak ass accident had done that same weight a hundred times probably . Like you said shit happens keep your head up...
Cutting for 5 months with no huge changes tman87 13 14 daystman87 (4): That's what I'm afraid of. I do want to bulk but I don't want to do it with +10% bf because I don't want to add fat on top of fat. And you could be right about losing the water weight fast. My first week I lost about 4 lbs.
Happy new year, people :) A_em 6 14 daysemmyweird84 (727): Happy New Year! Yes...let's save the forum!!! Remember positivity!!! :)