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Routine Design for Dummies 1.0 eknight 101 10 daysskullay (4030): Good to see EK is still around dropping science. great post.
Simply Shredded FAQ - Read before posting! Frostshock 33 2 monthsFiremanSi (41029): I can speak for most in saying, Nobody gives a flyin fock about ur street workout.
Bench form check/advice csizemore21 5 1 hourwannabemuscular (27969): clickable text
Cutting diet - calories stranger 2 2 hourseknight (50941): Read the FAQ thread. It's the one that reads, "Simply Shredded FAQ," with the note that indicates it should be read before posting. All of your above questions are addressed in it. -3X
Let's talk about the pump. SOLARSUPLEX 16 2 hoursThatguy81 (370): Am I the only one who gets crazy quad pump from hack squats?
Phat by 16... Thatguy81 24 2 hoursThatguy81 (370): 11/28 Back/shoulders hyper Yates row: 135x8, 155x3x6 Lat pulldown: 145x12x3 Seated cable row:105x12x3 DB row: 50x12x2 Seated DB shoulder press: 35x12x3 Upright DB row: 35x12x3 Seated DB lateral raises: 10x15x3 2 weeks down and feel my strength coming back nicely, although doubtful ill hit my goals...
Breathing Hambo 2 3 hourseknight (50941): Exhale with effort. Keep the "E's" together. Did you really just ask how to breathe? -3X
Research on highly trained Norwegian golago 1 5 hoursgolago (163): do u think train muscle every day with almost no recovery can help in term of muscle gain ?
Uni student doing Candito's 6 week program Robinson252 129 9 hoursRobinson252 (88): ME upper day Close grip high pin press 120kgx5 112.5kgx3x5 This equates to about a 10kg PR in about 2 and a bit months. Chuffed. 2-board press 80kg ->95kgx7x5 100kgx5 So I managed to break my max effort PR from a few weeks ago after having already done a different lockout focused max effort. I think I might actually have made some bench gainz! Single arm machine rows 3x10 Machine flyes 3x10 Lat pull down 66kgx3x8 w/ rope...
Front lat spread and shoulder internal rot. SOLARSUPLEX 4 9 hoursSRorhrbac0808 (46567): Hahah. Good stuff man.
should i do figure or should i stay in bikin paulisu 3 9 hourspaulisu (4): Thank you
Offeason for powerlifting. WinnersNeverQuit 17 13 hoursWinnersNeverQuit (10023): Squats 8X5 197kg 435lbs Hack squats 4X9 (50X0 tempo) Seated ham string curl 4X15 (50X0 tenpo) Lat pulldowns 137.5lbs 3X10, 1X8 (50X0 tempo)
Prepare. Perform. Prevail. [Log] _RudeCrew 199 24 hours_RudeCrew (14293): @Zepa first off, great job man! Sounds like 260 went good but I don't think I'd count it either if a spotter put his hands on it, oh well, that just means a bigger PR next time. Keep working on board presses, paused bench and then focus on Tricep strength and start hitting a lot of Dumbbell bench presses to grow some man boobs.
Single Digit Body Fat %? JackGarrett 9 1 dayLifeofaFighter (13): Every .1% you have to drop once you go below 10% become exponentially more challenging. I understand the mindset of a mock cut since I have done that myself for fighting. But weight cutting for aesthetics and sports are two different ventures. From the physiological perspective and as many mentioned before the tax you pay by dropping to single digits body fat% can be more detrimental not only to you mentally but to your metabolic rate,...
The1 Prep Log 2016 the1 83 1 daythe1 (33399): 222-225lbs floating right now, not cutting extremely hard yet.. another 2 weeks and then i'll drop calories and manipulate my macros.
Even more pics of what you're eating... hollyhopeful5678 69 1 daywannabemuscular (27969): @hollyhopeful5678 Yeah, me too. There were too many people and I was too anxious to get started and forgot to take pics.
Log: Consistency is the key to success lolssons 204 1 daylolssons (1030): Dynamic Day Upper W2D6 1.Speed Bench 8x2 85KG 2.Floorpress 80KGx5 85KGx5 85KGx5 90KGx2 3.Skullcrushers 3x8-15 15KG per side 12:8:8:8 4.TricepPushdowns 3-4x12-25 50KGx20 50KGx15 50KGx15 5.Banded Tricep extension 1-2sets for reps 6.Shouldershocker 15kgplate 5kg dumbbells
What do you think? Vasilispbns 6 2 daysVasilispbns (1): Thanks everyone for your responses :D
Happy Thanksgiving U.S. peeps wannabemuscular 10 2 days_RudeCrew (14293): Got all the macros today! Happy thanksgiving everyone!
Pursuit Of Beast Mode Deadlift jordzmetcalfe 1 2 daysjordzmetcalfe (346): Hey everyone, Currently starting a deadlift strength phase so thought i would post my progress and also get feedback on what worked best for you all in getting this lift up. Let me know your stories/strats, would be awesome to compare Here are my first 2 vlogs, will be posting more with current diet and training split etc
advice and suggestions on where and how lancethedog 5 2 dayslancethedog (4): cheers mate. no i'm not familiar but will look into it. consider myself a novice still but i get the concept. is there any particular time frame to stay at maintenance. i guess it's high carbs to me is what i meant but i understand yr point re other countries and diets.
SRohrbacher's LOG SRorhrbac0808 3 2 daysSRorhrbac0808 (46567): I fake it til I make it. Lol nothing I do or say is set in stone
Training for the military Cannonball 78 2 daysCannonball (5710): I very rarely film so I might aswell upload here when I do. I give you 100kgx4 band pinpress, where i 100% relax on the pins (how pinpress is supposed to be done)
Proportions & Symmetry? JackGarrett 5 2 daysBeans (3205): I accidentally read that as waist size = 86% of penis size. Time to cut :/
The untitled: MMB's Log MMB 149 2 daysFiremanSi (41029): @MMB I think it was Bryce Lewis on super training said sumo is ment to be a slower lift than conventional because of the mechanics of it, especially off the floor !!
Best Tasting Whey IMO JackGarrett 17 3 daysJackGarrett (13): @ezvmoneybeast
Body Dysmorphia Questionnaire - **Research** DvG 2 3 daysFiremanSi (41029): @DvG Filled it out for you there pal.
Nutrition Help Aedan 8 3 daysFiremanSi (41029): @Aedan Peronsally i have ALOT of my carbs in and around 300g ish pre-intra-postworkout but thats because my LIFESTYLE allows me to do so. If it didnt i would just eat as much as i could and was comfortable in that time. And based on mike israetel's findings and the coaches at TSA (Bryce lewis's) company both are coaches with the majority of clients being natural and they advocate trying to incorporate carbs in and around workouts. But this...
Deciding workout program TheP 5 3 daysTheP (1): Thanks, will start this program next week, i see that some exercices has you to do supersets, can i do normal sets instead? By the way, whats your thought on candito linear program? the strength/hypertrophy template. clickable text
My Current Reference Log JackGarrett 1 3 daysJackGarrett (13): Age: 21 Height: 6ft1 Weight: 87kg (Current) Bench: 110kg Squat: 140kg Deadlift: 210kg Experience Level: On & off for first 2 years but solid consistent training since 2014. Goals: Overall symmetry and aesthetics for one day to reveal to the world.
Thoughts on LR3 IGF-1 for the aware ezvmoneybeast 4 3 daysezvmoneybeast (1012): Yea i'll give it a shot I'll have my blood tested before using igf and hgh and if the changes are positive and my levels shoot up ill link you guys my source if not then lesson learnt lol
The Old Man trudges on (LOG) wannabemuscular 93 3 daysBeans (3205): Damn, that squat workout looks absolutely killer.
THE KING OF PUSH UP - LÊ PHẠM THẾ VŨ lephamthevu 1 3 dayslephamthevu (10):
getting hard and dry for a show rylie111 2 4 daysdarklight79 (2464): @the1 has a contest prep log from some time back. Check it out.
Do you take a week off? A_em 18 4 daysA_em (1402): Thanks one more time. Seeing your points and how you guys deal with it is very helpful. My gym is open 24/7 through the whole year, I would be pissed if they closed it. But at least it is a good reason to take a break, true. I feel like it is time to slow down a bit, take a break and deload. I am going to incorporate cardio in that case. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone :)
3 year transformation, hope it will motivate Milado 14 4 daysMilado (55): @haole its ussualy people with love for the sport. As far as i my knowledge go(especialy in europe), you spend more than you make from bodybuilding/fitness championships. only the elite make some cash, people who compete in arnold classic amature for example.
Workout program and diet advice richards007 7 4 dayseknight (50941): Using DBs only is fine. There's no reason and no excuse for you not to train legs unless you are disabled. Finally, YES the "Routine..." Thread spells out for you exactly what a well-rounded, functional routine should look like, including sample exercises. Compare yours to it. -3X
Show prep 2016 Zyzzst 57 4 daysThatguy81 (370): I'm not on any kind is social media, but I'd like to see your progress. Looking solid...
School barbell Hambo 1 4 daysHambo (16): How much does a 210 cm school barbell (25 mm diameter) weigh both in lbs and kg? Thanks for answer.
Not a tighter butt, but a bigger butt balkan123 3 4 daysA_em (1402): Don't igonre hip thrusts/glute bridges. I feel like girls are so crazy about the squats, but there are many other exercises that will help you build nice, round glutes. As mentioned- hip thrusts, lunges, floor work (with ankle weights/resistance bands) focusing on your hamstrings (e. g. donkey kicks, rainbows). I do circuit training on a leg/glute day and I love it. A lot of different movements with heavy/low weight. Just keep it...
Kinesiology degree Aoverto7 2 5 dayseknight (50941): Most of the people I know with degrees in either exercise phys or kines are either teaching or went on to get a DPT. -3X
Stumped on diet ErickFromOmaha 48 5 daysErickFromOmaha (3517): Blast and cruise baby.
Strain/torn Pec kozzletoff 8 5 dayskozzletoff (364): @SRorhrbac0808 okay I'll definitely try it out when I get home tomorrow. I'll take after you and be smart about it, thanks a ton and good luck with the rest of your recovery @_RudeCrew yeah I definitely don't wanna mess around with it anymore. Taking off sucks but at least I can still squat and deadlift. Hopefully when I see a doctor on Wednesday I can get more info
Bodypowe expo 2016 pomo code BPJN gasgas300 1 5 daysgasgas300 (1): Hello Everyone, Use promo code BPJN when getting your Bodypower Expo 2016 tickets to receive an EXCLUSIVE SIGNED FRAMED BODYPOWER MEMORBILIA - Check out the link below for future updates on this). The expo was huge last year and no doubt will be even bigger this year. Get your tickets early to avoid queuing and also the risk of the tickets selling out as some did last year. Also take a look here for future updates, info and...
Kozzletoff's First Log kozzletoff 39 5 dayskozzletoff (364): Hurt my pec bad. Info in other thread Power 1 - Bench/Dead Bench Press 215x5 215x5 220x2 Deadlift 330x5 330x5 330x5 BB Row 185x12 190x8 190x6
THE OFFICIAL PUMP THREAD SRorhrbac0808 326 5 daysdarklight79 (2464):
M'lord sends his regards ezvmoneybeast 9 6 daysErickFromOmaha (3517): Damn EZ they investigated your ass. Lmao.
Can I do any sort of a one week peak? Baggy 8 6 daysWinnersNeverQuit (10023): Would that comp by any chance be the South West Classic? If so, that's the next comp for me
Ericks Log ErickFromOmaha 99 7 daysErickFromOmaha (3517): Welp I hit 415 deadlift tonight. Which is a PR and I'm cutting. Fucking. Yes.
DUP Cross 10 7 dayseknight (50941): Like exercises. They're a means to an end. It's a fine set-up, but it's not magic. I personally prefer a conjugate method. Either one will get you results if you train hard and eat and recover correctly. -3X