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Routine Design for Dummies 1.0 eknight 139 17 daysMusicThings (4): @acoble02 He beat me to it and nailed it.
Simply Shredded FAQ - Read before posting! Frostshock 35 1 monthBrianz (1): Great post!! Thanks for posting here. This post will surely help many people :)
Sodium: use it/eat it/drink it/consume it ATN_Coaching 3 14 minutesATN_Coaching (1348): Thanks buddy!
Ketosis and heart rate increase Boydsta 10 43 minutesATN_Coaching (1348): Here is my question to this as we have a general basis as to what your goals are. 1.) What are your current numbers, people think they are running keto and really are not as people truly misunderstand. If you have no clue as to how much you are eating issue as that may causing the issues. 2.) How much salt are you taking in, are you using any added sodium at all? 3.) Hydration what does your hydration look like? There is no set goal for water...
Dietian Services beltlab 4 48 minutesATN_Coaching (1348): I could spam this thread like a creep but in all truth dig more as there is a lot of good information here and other viable places. Before hiring a coach please understand what you are looking to get out of working with one because a shitty coach can actually make your experience/goals a 100% worse for you than an aid. Check out the FAQ section and ask questions here you will get solid content and feedback from good people on here.
The Barbell Floor Press. Jesus 12 50 minutesATN_Coaching (1348): Believe 1/2 of what you see (the video) and none of what you hear (dumb asses who have no clue), knees bent sir.
Aesthetics Cooking eBook: COMING SOON! ATN_Coaching 14 52 minutesATN_Coaching (1348): @ajones46 preesh this luv and the bump kid means a lot and appreciate the support and trying to hold this thread down :beer: @blakescar my clean referenced has nothing to do with your reference to food but a grammar based use/statement. As well if you eat nothing but whole foods, nothing processed (even though ALL FOODS GOES THROUGH A PROCESS) I suggest you do not buy as I do not want you to buy feel you wasted your money because you felt...
Clen vs fat burners fitchick33 5 58 minutesATN_Coaching (1348): Just trying to figure out why bikini competitors continue to use clen in the first place, ok NPC non tested federation I get it but it is not like you need to be excessively lean to compete in bikini. Does being lean help, sure but if your physique matches non of the criteria at whatever organization its pointless.
Swolfie thread? SRorhrbac0808 86 1 hourwannabemuscular (29991): Following.
Moment of truth pics (horriby done LMFAO) BlakeScar 103 5 hoursEagleRare10 (184): Does your dad know you're posting random pictures of him for strangers to view on the internet?
Eagle's log EagleRare10 44 6 hoursEagleRare10 (184): Word. If you do, you should look up RKC planks (something I learned about from @eknight). They're killer.
The Old Man trudges on (LOG) wannabemuscular 363 12 hoursajones46 (11692): Back for one day and see nothing but excuses.
I do what I want Log Rand 94 16 hoursRand (4258): @NorIda I had like 15 min breaks between sets. but today my back is soooore feels good. off to do some sled pulls to recover
Help me look like this? BlakeScar 29 16 hoursArimac44 (442): Prove Yourself - Mark 8:11 The Pharisees came to Jesus and asked him questions. They wanted to test Jesus. So they asked Jesus to do a miracle to show that he was from God.
Keto advice west6727 1 19 hourswest6727 (1): I've been trying many different diets and ways to lose weight, and after searching and searching found this book. It's great since not only it explains to you how the diet works, but also teaches you how to stay motivated during the process, gives you recipes and also gives you a 21 day meal plan. I lost between 0.5 to 1 pound per day, which for me was amazing. Here's the book if you are interested, I thought I would share this with you since I...
Even more pics of what you're eating... hollyhopeful5678 208 19 hoursBlakeScar (4):
Phat Log ParkerHenry 94 23 hoursParkerHenry (94): Tuesday, August 23 2016 Lower Power * Squat 315x3 315x3 315x3 * Hack Squat 270x3 (different machine kind of felt akward on knees, might switch to leg press) * Leg Extensions 150x10 150x10 * SLDL 315x8 (PR) 315x5 315x5 * Lying Leg Curls 150x10 150x10 * Calf Press 270x10 320x10 360x10 * Seated Calf 180x10 205x10
PPL routine acoble02 5 2 dayshaole (1911): I personally like to do pullups and dips at the end of the routine. Especially if you are going to AMRAP aka to failure. Mainly because it will tax you so hard that your next exercise (like BB rows after pullups) is going to suck.
Dips Hambo 8 3 daysHambo (823): Thanks.
Tritons log 3 Tritons 28 3 daysTritons (652): @wannabemuscular Thanks! Todays session Push Bench 150x6;6;5 140x2x6 Incline bench 100x8;8;8;7;8 Seated shoulder bb press 70x3x6; 50x12;15 Did some flyes, dips, and finished with tricep work.
Boxing for Cardio acoble02 4 3 daysHamb0 (1885): seperate it if possible. Boxing is great cardio, just keep in mind it can also be semi heavy impact, in relation to recovery. You can definately train boxing and liftong concurrently, but finding the right balance in terms of volume and recovery might need some trial-and-error'ing
Training for the military Cannonball 95 5 daysCannonball (5722): Thanks :) Yeah I gained 11 lbs in the military and then 11 after, so I weigh 180 lbs now.
How's this look for a cut? Mpff5 11 5 daysBlakeScar (4): Is this even real? You can suffer metabolic damage? Really? I use to starve myself to get a six pack even though I was bones and muscle I never suffered this the opposite happened and my metabolism speeded up which I never realized was my muscle burned of. For you no I highly doubt anything will happen. All I eat now I whole foods (no junk foods nothing) and I go to the bathroom just fine, I'll even say my number 2 is long but comes out soft and...
Tricips not sore but Bicips very sore BlakeScar 11 5 daysBlakeScar (4): What did I do? Alpha is a commplement not a scarastic approach to keep on trolling. This fourm is Alpha BB is Beta. But alright then I will to avoid the troll comments and thinkers from showing up or reappearing.
Meet Prep _RudeCrew 45 5 days_RudeCrew (15043): Bench 5x5 235 Incline 5x8 165 DB Bench 5x15 Barbell Rows 5x12 Shrugs 3x8 Skull Crushers 5x15 Tricep Extensions 5x20
Correcting you posture for performance ATN_Coaching 2 5 daysBlakeScar (4): Farmers walk did it for me especially even adding sprinting with the weights in my hand. Couple of days your posture will improve and if you push yourself to lift heavier weights with the Farmers Walk then that will speed up the process even further. Like no joke this to me is the Holy Grail for posture stabilization. Uses your core the way it was created and that is stabilizing your entire core also weak posture pretty much means weak core...
Back to basics Penat 7 5 daysPenat (1): @SOLARSUPLEX For sure. I will still go to the gym but will stay away from those heavy exercises. Hopefully in time I will be ready for some strength gains but for now some light training will do fine while working on my mobility. Really appreciate all the feedback. I might even start a log someday when I'm ready for some heavy training, who knows! (probably to shy to do that though)
Project Symmetry jordzmetcalfe 75 5 daysjordzmetcalfe (400): New 2 week out vlog is live! More of a vlog about how everything has been going over the past few weeks/months. Been one of the hardest preps mentally which is weird because my last prep was one of the easiest. There is some posing in there so you can get an idea of my current physique, currently 73kg which is lighter than 1 day out from my last comp but feeling flat because of the diet. Time to ramp things back up and bring a better physique to...
What are your goals in "fitness" Rand 9 6 daysRand (4258): I have been thinking about the topic for a while now. I have very little free time nowadays, and I still find time to lift while not really having "real" fitness goals other than to be stronger (a 700 pound deadlift would be cool). It has become a habit, something I love, and I truly believe that it has made me a better/more self-actualized person. The act of setting goals, putting in hard work, and seeing the payoff is a cool...
Favorite HIIT cardio exercise? Jsn3004 9 6 daysRand (4258): I made a sled super cheap to do weight sled sprints and they are killer. I do them the day after squats and it seems to help with doms for me.
2 day split, no rest days Donyski 7 6 daysframe (16): Never skip leg day unless you have injury, then just wait a bit until it heals ( 2-4 weeks) and start hitting them on schedule, otherwise you miss a lot of gains.
Body Composition Estimates? spartanluke 6 7 daysjohnnys (1): Its a low body fat.
NEED ADVICE ON Conditioning Jenrboyle 7 7 daysSOLARSUPLEX (6547): yeah lets just break her knees
Some of your favorite warm-up/mobility work? ATN_Coaching 3 7 daysFiremanSi (41713): Ankle- weighted barbel crush, wall touches, banded lunge, Knee- BSS, lacrosse ball smash, TKE HIp flexor- couch stretch, gut smash, 90/90 sretch, foam roll GLute activation- chris duffin side-to-sides, air planes, banded single leg rdl, GLute med smash, glute bridge. Hip- banded hip stretch against wall on the back banded hip distraction dynamic leg swings (do these nearly every day) Shoulder- db pec fly stretch alan thrall...
Best Cardio for Fat Loss Benzenunovic 15 7 daysDylanJa (1): @pashpash i cannot see my self doing 30 minutes of jumping rope a day haha, whats everyone's thoughts on cardio post training or keeping cardio separate from training in reference to maximum muscle retention> fat loss????
Any ladies cutting after reverse diet? Aussie_gal 6 8 daysAussie_gal (1): Oh no that's bad!!!! This approach to weight and health (reverse dieting and being more balanced and not living in the gym) is new to me and I guess I need someone to hang my faith on that it works..... I hated the diet change but there is stuff online about body types and Layne Norton talks about it too.... Don't u guys rate him at all? Maybe I am a sucker that's paying big bucks for crap coaching. Yeah I think I'm going to quit...
Forearm pain! BlakeScar 5 9 daysBlakeScar (4): Well okay, but if it hurts, do you think it will continue to grow? Like it has grown i measured it and asked someone else as well but right Forearm hurts on the top and the left is the very bottom side. Also this is still the worst pain ever even my legs heal quicker than this and I put them through hell.
590lb deadlift at 180lbs. Your thoughts? DylanBergFitness 8 9 daysDylanBergFitness (1): well said lol, sorry guys
Hand protection when lifting jillthom 11 9 daysjillthom (1): Thanks for the advice everyone! I did try out the Cobra Grips & am really happy with them. My hands were such a mess, I couldn't workout some days. These have helped a lot. Thanks again!
Top bodybuilders striations Hambo 10 10 dayseknight (53743): Look up the sliding filament theory. -3X
Calf raises Hambo 19 10 dayseknight (53743): ^^ the striations thread would suggest otherwise. -3X
28 free training programs Dai 2 10 daysDai (262): Currently doing the intermediate 2x on the 3 lifts. Got my maxes on bench, squat and deadlift to 110, 152,5 and 210 kg, from the weights of 106, 140 and 180 kg
Weight loss slowing down. SnackIt 11 10 daysSnackIt (76): Thanks,your right, its probably just water weight masking my weight loss, so i stick to my macros and hope that the water weight drops soon, so i get get a better picture where i am and more motivation... just gotta keep at it!
Things you should/shouldnt do but do... SOLARSUPLEX 15 10 daysRawsteel (937): I actually used to hate OHP as well, but when i switched to doing it unilaterally (standing) with a db, in the scapular plane and full ROM + shrug in the top i fell in love with it, makes my shoulders feel great. And the disc got injured in dragon flags, turns out it isn't very good to lie on the upper thoracic and lower cervical spine when they're flexed (top half of the movement). I was actually aware of this before i started with the...
am I doing this right? Weight / tracking MusicThings 3 11 daysMusicThings (4): @eknight even if I had previously been at >2200? Was under eating by accident. Work/ stress/ wasn't tracking, always felt miserable. I've been upping them over the course of 2 weeks adding 100 or so every few days Trying to get my nutrition on point and feed my body. Haha Is that something that will even itself out? I'm not used to eating this much, but damn do I feel better already 😌
Shhhh(eiko)it WinnersNeverQuit 6 11 dayswannabemuscular (29991): @WinnersNeverQuit How's everything going with the new job and location?
P/P/L with deadlifts? MoarIron 9 12 daysHamb0 (1885): @MoarIron Oh, you can still do squats on the day where you're doing DL, just make sure its on the backburner, and not the same intensity, and/or volume as on the squat leg day. I think it makes sense to have both leg days work quads + posterior chain, but the emphasis alternates, if that makes sense.
My recommendation on executing LI cardio ATN_Coaching 5 12 daysFiremanSi (41713): @ATN_Coaching From my experience especially with treadmills they overshoot by 100-150cals per session but i totally understand ur angle as being consistency is king and ur going to have a long time in ur prep to increase said calories at will presuming it wasn't a last minute decision to go on a cut.
New to Lifting Worried about Cutting Help? blakeelizabeth 6 12 daysblakeelizabeth (4): Thank you eknight. Appreciate the input and guidance.
Daily Undulating Periodization SnackIt 6 13 daysSnackIt (76): Alright thanks guys, but if we look away from DUP, does the routine template look okey for gaining muscle mass and strength? just workout to workout, week to week progression, add weight when i can, then probably incorporate some kind of periodization to this routine later on. Lets say if i wanted to add some kind of periodization to this routine when it is needed, what examples can that be? i see how PHD 4 uses 5/3/1 etc (ATN_Coaching you are...