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Simply Shredded FAQ - Read before posting! Frostshock 37 4 daysShoto (1): Awesome post :)
Routine Design for Dummies 1.0 eknight 143 8 daysJeffr (1): Hi everyone, Just a few questions: One of the pushing movement have to be a shoulder press? For exemple with one shoulder press every pushing day 4x6 and 3x10 this is 54 reps for anterior delt and 114 reps for chest weekly. But it doesn't match with the 10-12 sets for chest 2 times a week it makes me 6 sets push one and 7 sets push 2 for chest and the rest for shoulders with military press. I'm lost on this point. Thank's for help. :)
Meet Prep _RudeCrew 61 2 hours_RudeCrew (15055): Speed Bench 9x3 155+doubled minis Super Close Grip 2 Board 115x12 135x13 155x12 185x12 DB Rollbacks 4x15 Single Arm Tricep Extensions 4x20 Shrugs 10x15 Pullaparts and stretching
Shhhh(eiko)it WinnersNeverQuit 15 4 hoursWinnersNeverQuit (10161): This week's workouts are as follows Monday: Bench 92.5kg x5 112.5kg 2x4 130kg 2x3 140kg 5x3 Squat 132.5kg x5 160kg 2x5 187.5kg 5x5 Bench 92.5kg x5 112.5kg 2x5 130kg 4x4 Wednesday Deadlift to knees 140kg x3 167.5kg 2x3 195kg 2x3 210kg 4x3 Incline bench 100kg 4x6 Pause above knee deadlifts 155kg x4 182.5kg 2x4 210kg 2x4 237.5kg 4x3 Friday: Bench 92.5kg x5 112.5kg x5 130kg x4 140kg 2x3 150kg 2x2 140kg 2x3 130kg x4 112.5kg x6 92.5kg...
Onward Onslaught Cannonball 15 8 hoursCannonball (5725): today: paused bench 350 lbs for 1,2,1 reps ohp behind the head 110 lbs 16 reps some triceps and bottomup-presses good workout but not great strength, but thats expected with this program where i workout same muscles several days in a row
Carbs in my diet and stomach cramps help fitzy2015 11 8 hoursSOLARSUPLEX (6952): @wannabemuscular BAM, i knew i was onto something. However if I'm cutting and want food that is full of volume with as little calories as possible the whole grain, enriched options are usually worse. The most boring and puffy food is king. And lettuce. Also, anybody have good salad dressings that aren't loaded with fat? Ive tried lite, and no fat dressings and ALL of them taste like absolute garbage. Dont even get me started on walden farms....
SHOCKING FAT TO RIPPED 5MIN TRANSFORMATION!! tyrannosaurusrez 9 9 hoursSOLARSUPLEX (6952): #gotem
Rack Pulls Jsn3004 9 9 hoursJsn3004 (1126): @Yeags Yeah I don't see why he wouldn't just keep it so the gym isn't as crowded and people don't have to wait as long
Glycogen Yeags 6 9 hoursSOLARSUPLEX (6952): Just saw this. Everything that i post can be found in the FAQ or with a quick google search.
Favorite flavor protien powder Yeags 5 9 hoursGYMRVT2 (4): Precision Protein, By Gaspari Nutrition, Neapolitan, 2LB It tastes so good, i get it for 29.99 on
Swolfie thread? SRorhrbac0808 106 11 hoursJsn3004 (1126): @darklight79 I wouldn't end your bulk when you're still looking shredded lol
I think something is wrong with my torso... DavidNobre 7 22 hoursKansas___Boyyyyy (3130): your body has elected to store more fat on your right side then your left
14 year old Yeags 9 22 hoursKansas___Boyyyyy (3130): Big advocate of Fish and turkey shits amazeballs
I do what I want Log Rand 110 23 hoursRand (4288): I only had time to squat Tuesday. 335x5x5 beltless building up that high bar. Squats felt good today, I'm finding the groove. I am guessing I'm a fair bit weaker with this stance. I'm gonna keep 5x5 adding 20 pounds a week until I can't do it. Hopefully this weekend I can bench.
Do you know Spectro Supplements ? etiennegagnon 1 1 dayetiennegagnon (1): Hello ! Spectro Supplements is a brand selling supplements to improve workout. Each of our products is 100% natural and adapted to a specific need. For more than a decade we have helped hundreds of thousand people around the world to reach their goals by offering them exceptional fitness support and high quality products. We are currently organizing a contest #SPECTROCONTEST. Click here to participate and try to win 3 products of your...
Periodizing/breaks from caffeine/stimulants ATN_Coaching 1 1 dayATN_Coaching (1480): NEW VIDEO: Periodizing and deloading your caffeine/stimulants Video Link: (feel free to share) To me talking about caffeine/stimulant intake is highly over looked and not talked about at all. When we start looking at nervous systems, adrenal glands, and more we start to miss the importance of longevity of progression, performance, and health. If you consume heavy amounts of caffeine or...
Fever and nasty cold 6 days out! Help EvanGrunt11B 27 2 daysEvanGrunt11B (13): I've been only doing my cardio and just making sure I'm hitting all my macros. I'm eating at maintenance until I feel better,I'm pretty jacked up on NyQuil atm haha
The Old Man trudges on (LOG) wannabemuscular 399 2 daysNorIda (45463): @wannabemuscular strong lifts dude. I am on my second complete week off from benching as I have had elbow pain (I believe tendinitis) take the time off for your shoulder it will be worth it in the long run.
New to lifting West165 5 2 daysJsn3004 (1126): Personally I would recommend a 3 day full bodysplit. I think that would be good since it's only 3 days a week, but she still is doing a high frequency split. She'll be able to progress pretty quickly. Also since you don't want her to quit right away I think it would be good since 3 days a week isn't alot. If you throw someone into the gym 5-6 days a week, they might be put off.
Getting rid of my Man Boobs emmanuel107 11 2 daysJsn3004 (1126): I hate programs that say things like "SCULPT YOUR CHEST" or "6 WEEK SHRED PROGRAM". Please don't be mislead by things like this. They're too good to be true.
My mantainance / slight body recomp diet MrBlack 12 3 daysMrBlack (1): I need to buy fish oil or fish oil caps then, what about O3 in walnuts? Even if I know the o6 o3 difference is too big to make them a good source
Even more pics of what you're eating... hollyhopeful5678 213 3 dayshghani13 (100):
Anavar cycle for women? Noname_ 31 3 dayseknight (54007): So long went we understand, yes. The word you're looking for there is "repercussions." -3X
Chiropractors? SOLARSUPLEX 7 3 daysYeags (40): I bought and inversion table seemed to help me just don't flip upside down all at once
Broccoli West165 14 3 daysAoverto7 (94): Teriyaki sauce, little bit goes a long way.
Injuries Yeags 3 3 daysYeags (40): Ok thanks man..
My Era (log) adale 8 4 daysadale (28): 9/26/2016 Back and Biceps Barbell Row 115x5 115x5 125x5 125x5 Lat Pulldown 85x10 85x10 85x10 Seated Row (v-handle) 85x10 85x10 85x10 DB Shrugs 40x12 (2 second holds at the top) 40x12 40x12 Bicep Curls 20x12 15x12 15x12 (someone stole the 20's lol, don't think I would have gotten the reps with the 20's though.) Hammer Curls 10x15 10x15 Wrist Curls (with a straight bar) 25x15 25x15 Face Pulls 40x15 40x15 40x15 At the end of...
Needing some advice Dorich 14 4 daysDorich (10): Weighed myself today (Monday), dropped another 1 kg, now weighing 93.5 kg. It's going according to plan.
Workout for 4 days straight? Kev521 7 4 daysShoto (1): Thursday - Upper (Front) 3 sets & Mid-Section 3 sets, as many reps as possible. NB: always leave 1 rep 3-5 minutes rest in between sets Sunday - Upper (Back) 3 sets & Legs 3 sets, as many reps as possible. NB: always leave 1 rep On these days, train like there's no other training you'll ever do, "tire yourself out" but always leave 1 rep. that you can do. All other days should be rest days because you...
Eagle's log EagleRare10 51 4 daysEagleRare10 (205): 9/26 workout -- upper 1 Had to skip another workout Friday due to work schedule. Should be back on track this week. Weight: 203 Bench: 235 x6 x6 x6 Think I'll stick at this weight for a few weeks and see if I can work up to 3x8 Pullups: +35lbs x6 +30lbs x6 +25lbs x6 incline DB press (30 degrees) 75 x10 70 x12 planks: 1 min x2 hammer strength row: 160 x10 x10 x10 lateral raises: 30lb DBs x10; x10; x5 + 25 x5 facepulls: 57.5 x12...
Posing Hambo 11 4 daysJsn3004 (1126): Ahh the rear double glute spread. Always a classic
PPL routine mix up... haole 4 4 dayshaole (1920): That's what I was thinking...I tried chest bi's the other day and was able to increase the weight which was motivating...going to try pull + triceps today
Anybody ever wanted to make a meaningful eknight 15 4 dayshaole (1920): This is why you have to use proper form when doing squats and take it easy on the quad leg extensions...:|
Anyone used an Adjustable Kettlebell? kettlebellguys 1 5 dayskettlebellguys (1): Hey Guys. Has any one used an []adjustable kettlebell[/url] instead of a standard of competition kettlebell? I'm the author of adjustable kettlebell reviews and want to get your opinions on how they compare to standard kettlebells? Cheers KBG
Chicken Shake thenotoriousgainz 6 5 daysSOLARSUPLEX (6952): @Hamb0 I'm sure op prefers the latter.
How do I get broad thenotoriousgainz 9 5 daysFiremanSi (41785): Hahaha. Great.
Advices for My PPL Jeffr 5 5 daysJeffr (1): What do you mean by how much weight you use?
Steve Cook oceanair 14 6 daysSOLARSUPLEX (6952): Oh my god si. You have just sparked a thought. This is gonna be such a broken and bad representation of what I'm thinking but read. Pyramid scheme. Everybody is trying to start a fitness brand based off motivation and quality products. (Quality....) He now needs to make an app, or an extension of his website that helps launch other companies. He can handle printing and shipping and for large fees he can help with advertising. Obviously...
Workout Schedule jostrosky 10 7 daysjostrosky (22): My other option might be: Monday: Push Tuesday: Quad Wednesday: Pull Thursday: Hamstring Friday: Off Saturday: Full body
Feedback on natural bodybuilding product GoBigAndHeavy 13 7 daysCincinnatus (22): who needs the FDA? He's posting anonymously on a bodybuilding imageboard i dont think you can be more reputable than that
Box squats for LEGIT knee pain? forgottenpass 8 8 daysFiremanSi (41785): @forgottenpass Dont wrap the whole knee now.. isolate below and/orabove depending on where the pain is... and do 20x3 bw squats with it on while holding onto a squat rack or something.
school barbell Hambo 3 8 daysHambo (823): Thanks for answer.
Pull-Ups/Chin-Ups everyday. Do they work? thenotoriousgainz 7 8 daysthenotoriousgainz (4): @West165 PLP routine? Haven't heard of that before. I'll check it out and yeah, thanks for the heads up man, really appreciate it!
Olympia Predictions? ski870 60 9 daysHamb0 (2146): Nobody has it in for you, @BlakeScar. You are just getting called out on your ignorance, and you react very defensively to that. If you actually weren't just being monumentally ignorant on the topics you engage in, you'd present quality arguments as to why you're right, but you don't. You just babble on with nonsensical and incoherent walls of text, and it just enforces the generally negative impression people have gotten of you. Being...
Hey all. BlakeScar 40 10 daysBlakeScar (28): I know but I just HATE to see my belly all bloated. Heck my waist goes up which just truly piss me off not online trolling which ain't gonna work keep trying. From 34 to 36, I drop carbs down again back to 34, so?
Loose skin or fat? Nicolelou 6 10 dayswannabemuscular (30228): @Nicolelou The only way to judge if it's fat or not is to see a booty shot. ;) Seriously, you look damn good for just having had a baby 10 weeks ago. You must have not put on much weight during the pregnancy. Pretty profile pic too.
My log finishit 5 10 daysfinishit (1): Just a 35 min brisk walk today. Today's meals:1707kcals Protein 133g, carbs 160g, fats 46g Meal 1 30g soy protein isolate 45g oats 40g frozen blueberries 301kcal Meal 2 15cm subway chicken sandwich without sauce or cheese 1 small apple 378kcal Meal 3 1 quest protein bar 207kcal Meal 4 110g chicken breast 400g frozen vegetables mix 15g ketchup 320kcal Meal 5 380g light ice cream 113g frozen blue berries 501kcal
Cincinnatus Teenage Bulk Cincinnatus 24 10 daysCincinnatus (22): no like how i said when i say "arms" it could mean either triceps, biceps or forearms. But when I say "legs" it means the entirety of the legs like calves and quads and hams
Protein sources acoble02 8 11 daysCincinnatus (22): That's definitely true. Thats why they're called "supplements" lmao
When to bulk or keep cutting?! CD55 6 11 daysTucane (28): 'Looks' as in how he looks. The rest is a mess, but you guys told him that already.