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* The Official Motivational Thread * biganf 474 7 hoursleanr0x (3082):
Simply Shredded FAQ Frostshock 13 6 daysIlladian (250): smoothly done :D i cant wait to see new folks argueing ur info x)
Quest Bar Giveaway: Free Sampler Boxes Logie_bear 24 17 daysfloriduh (43): My faaaave. Better microwaved
should i bulk? Rollins7 8 5 minutesRollins7 (1): Alright thanks for all your help guys.
Really want to see how shredded I can become Johanna 17 10 minutesteewhat (1636): IIFYM luv. and if you continue to over eat on food you shouldnt, you just dont want it that bad!
How can I get a 6 pack? markstopher 14 53 minutesKansas___Boyyyyy (2332): impressed trev
Duke is cutting... Dukenhiemer 43 1 hourTimmothyGen (67): Its beautiful how you can shape/change your body like your a sculptor except your eating/not eating and working out. Gl man nice nice nice keep going.
Log Staying on track! Tritons 84 1 hourTritons (46): 18.04.2014. Upper hyp Flat bench 100x10 100x7 92,5x8 Chest supported db rows 30x10 30x10 30x10 Incline bb press 70x10 75x10 75x9 DB rows 40x10 45x10 50x8 Dips 10x 9x 8x Pulldown 70x12 75x10 70x10 Ez-bar curls 20x12 25x10 27,5x10 Skullcrushers 25x10 27,5x10 25x10 Seated db curls 12,5x10 15x10 10x10 Side laterals 10x12 12,5x12 15x12 Facepulls 30x10 30x10 30x10
Biggest Loser Challenge - Ocean's Cut Log oceanair 48 2 hoursoceanair (12256): @Scotian Awesome. Always glad to have your support ;) @FiremanSi It is the best combo. So orgasmic lol @TyrannosaurusFlex Thank you! 4/18/14: Metabolic Meltdown This is a 45 min class I do every Friday at my work. It's a combination of strength training and bouts of high intensity cardio drills. We use dumbbells and resistance bands. The strength training is pretty easy, and I always grab the heaviest weights, which are 10lb...
The1 Offseason Log- Part 1 the1 47 2 hoursjja0016 (562): is pre / post workout really that important? I dont eat anything until about 1 1/2 hours after i workout. is that bad? pre workout i eat a huge meal so i think im ok there.. curling 80 lb dbs for 8 reps insane.. especially after hammering you biceps beforehand. i cant do 1 rep with 70s lol. maybe i can get 1 with the 60s.. lol
Beast Mode | Log | PHD4 nine0seven 32 3 hoursnine0seven (1003): Hyper Day - Back/Shoulders Speed Deadlifts 6x200x1 BB Rows 4x135x12/15/12/12 ISO Row 2x90x8 Pulldowns  1x70x6 1x50x15 1x60x12 Cable Rows 1x60x12 DB shoulder Press 4x45x12/8/8/8 Front raises w/cambered bar 1x40x11 2x30x12/15 Rear Delt Flies(seated) 2x10x15/10 The speed deadlifts felt great! I lifted with a really narrow stance and pushed my knees outward which seemed to give me a lot more torque and hip drive!...
Take another pic of what you're eating!! wannabemuscular 110 4 hoursJohanna (79): Salmon
Maximus log maximus24 416 4 hoursmaximus24 (1573): very nice! Has it been affecting your workouts? How's it feel to be done with your deload?
Grizzly Takes the Stage GrizzlyBerg 391 5 hoursmaximus24 (1573): @GrizzlyBerg I may need to invest. I do love my chucks. Do you low bar?
Muscle Warfare Thermofuse Hyzz 23 5 hoursJohanna (79): I know test boosters really don't need to be taken by men before age 40, this is when slight decreases in testosterone occur. You are in the age (or soon will be) where testosterone is at its peak. Supplements aren't all that bad. I'd concentrate on diet, lifting, and whey protein sups to get your gains. You look good though!
Yo PHAT crew! Konstantinov 279 6 hoursKonstantinov (949): @mattd534 always @xPerfidy thanks man. I'll start light and do my best to fight through it!
Mat the frenchie's log MMB 22 6 hoursMMB (139): OHP day Limber11 5min MISS on elliptical Band shoulder mobility OHP WUS 1x5@65/1x5@70/1x5@75/1x5@80 Working Sets 1x3@90/1x3@115(supposed to be 105)/1x7@120/1x1@130 Speed OHP 6x3@90 DBs Bench 5x10@65 Wide Grip Horizontal Rows 5x10@140 Seated Lat Raises 2x12@10/1x12@15(with light pause at top position) DBs Rolled Shrug 3x12@50 Unilateral Tricep Pushdown 3x12@30 Hammer DBs Curls 3x12@25 After all good workout but was too long, gym was crowded so...
_RudeCrews Iron Strength Log _RudeCrew 60 6 hoursheddaway (760): @_RudeCrew Well I kind of got that but it rly looks like a kitchen counter or something lol nice to squat @ home!
*Firemans Log:Older,Wendler,Faster,STRONGER! FiremanSi 347 6 hoursmattd534 (2275): I love morning workouts but unfortunately I only can go in the afternoon on the weekdays because of school: /
New skinny kid needs help to get jacked!!!!! mattd534 427 6 hoursmattd534 (2275): ?
Progress on Progress - Perfidy's Log xPerfidy 181 7 hoursxPerfidy (1549): Yea I looked at a few of the 4 day ones, and damn they look rough. Guess I'll wait and see! Sheiko is a for sure go once I heal though.. looking forward to it.
SOLARSUPLEX // Five x Five // Bulk log SOLARSUPLEX 21 7 hoursFiremanSi (29017): @SOLARSUPLEX U know it... Full eye contact !! :)
My Journey To The 1000LB Club AarronStenner 120 7 hoursAarronStenner (9505): @xPerfidy as @FiremanSi said if we squat we lift
Wtf! Zyzz bish SRorhrbac0808 69 7 hourssriram (1798): Open thread to view post.
Lyle McDonald max genetic golagola 28 9 hoursnine0seven (1003): I'm going to be real with you all. Who gives a shit if they're not natty? What ever happened to recognizing one's hard work & dedication instead of blasting their morals? It's their life & if they want to hide the truth then let them do it, who are we to judge when we hide shit in our lives too? All those guys mentioned above have worked harder than 98% of the lifters in the gym & deserve to be where they are at...natty or not!...
The epic hunt for the perfect squat ass heddaway 279 9 hoursheddaway (760): Form check after some candy n' heavy squats MY LEGS LOOK TINY I KNOW but I forgot to flex them a bit as well Im sry.
How much bodyfat do I have? newguy298 10 10 hoursnewguy298 (1): Okay thanks
FatBoy HIT Log FatBoy 56 10 hoursFatBoy (85): @leanr0x Caffeine. The one and only drug :D My calories fluctuate so much on a daily basis, that I though I'll just start out with 2500kcal. Maybe I'll up them a little, if I lack in energy. 18.04.2014 .75h Punching Bag 1h Stationary Bike I did some Kick Combinations and Palm-, Backfist-, Bladehand-... strikes on the punching bag. Also some combos with them altogether, so some kind of medium intensity intervals in there too. Nothing to...
Beast Trev - Mission improbable log! Trev182 115 11 hoursTrev182 (8938): Dont be sorry dude! Its all good! Im still going to train at 5 days a week, but thats a personal choice! Do whats best for you! Will watch the vid when the wee one goes to bed!
Log- 3X attempts the impossible! eknight 139 11 hourscardinal (1768): Looked solid on that last set. Seemed like you were getting the weight up no problems!
Cardinal's Return Log cardinal 157 11 hourscardinal (1768): @FiremanSi I guesstimated about 600-700 for this one. Unlike quite a lot of clubs the mayo wasn't too heavy and there was no cheese or coleslaw, just smoked chicken and bacon. To be honest if anything there was a bit too much salad filler! First day of heavy weight acclimation today. Went well. Weighed in at 65.8 kg today. Considering I only weighed 64.8 kg on Wednesday, I imagine the carbs from yesterday had something to do with that...
Igf-1 lr3? illwill 9 12 hoursBucky (88): Lol what's a PCT? Never come off... Also if you're truly serious about steroids, you pin ED and use acetate or prop. as your esters for everything pretty much.. If you were going to use it, you would be best to use it in conjunction with GH. I believe it's mixed with GH to mimic or get as close as you can to Kigtropin. Anyway, if you're truly interested in it I would look at /r/steroids
SOS!!! cutting help: am i doing it right???? BigBerry 24 12 hourseknight (37324): If your diet is 100% spot on, they may make a difference of 5% tops, IMO. The effect is largely overrated. -3X
Bachinator Updates! SRorhrbac0808 191 12 hoursFiremanSi (29017): I'm a lower back and luv handles fat holdin' mofo.. SUUUCKKS. :)
Cut Feedback Prof123 11 12 hourseknight (37324): There's nothing *wrong* with fasted cardio, but it's certainly not as good as fed HIIT or even fed LISS. -3X
What is the best oil to use for cooking? Pearce_Bolton 8 13 hoursGrizzlyBerg (2524): Im all about that coconut oil.
Hello everybody! Aitorious 12 13 hoursFiremanSi (29017): Welcome brother. Personally if i went back to a stage when i was 8months into lifting i wouldn't be gooing ANYWHERE near these type of programs i'd be doing 1 of the 3... Full body program Upper/Lower split Strength program (5x5 or starting strength)
Strongest family in the world? SnapCity m8 TimmothyGen 6 16 hoursScotian (9514): Open thread to view post.
leanr0x PPL leanr0x 140 16 hoursleanr0x (3082): @FatBoy forefoot running is crazy, this is calf killing + you get really fast with this running stil i took 2 breaks on 3 km because my lung was about to burst, tempo was like half sprinting
The long road to 100kg WinnersNeverQuit 183 19 hoursAarronStenner (9505): @WinnersNeverQuit you just clarified how much a .1 of 1kg is in in lbs for me haha wraps help a shit load on squats, I wrap mine so tight (when i use them) it's a struggle to walk out of the squat rack and I can guarantee your 1RM without them will feel a hell load easier
Health or Beauty, Can I Take Them Both? ivanova 3 20 hoursAarronStenner (9505):
#bodybuilderconfessions SRorhrbac0808 34 22 hoursoceanair (12256): I hate back squats because they've always been my weakest exercise. However, there are other squats I like and am much better at lol. I love lifting heavy ass weight and lifting more than some dudes, but I hate my bulky physique. I'm hoping I'll lean out on my cut. I love vascularity so much that I'll search under hashtags like: #vascular, #vascularity, and #veins on instagram so I can mire forearm vascularity pics, and sometimes calf...
Consistency is the best supplment log simply_michael 71 1 daysimply_michael (304): Workout) Leg press : Sled plus 50x12x12 Leg Curl: 40x12x12 Leg Extension: 80x12x12 Walking Lunges: 15x12x12 Calf raise machine precor: 70x12x12x12 Chest press machine precor: 70x12x12 Cable seated row: 55x12x12 Incline dumbbell press: 25x12x12 Lat pulldown: 70x12x12 Lat raise dumbbell: 5x12x12x12 Bicep dumbbell curl: 15x12x12 French press dumbbell: 15x12x12 woot woot ..wasn't as hard as i thought but i did push myself so will see...
5/3/1 bbb jja0016 7 1 dayjja0016 (562): Thanks man. always ;)
Junk food in the gym. LOLOL SRorhrbac0808 10 1 dayDai (118): This reminds me that on the second gym I ever where to, there started a girl that first day all she did was walking on the treadmill staring on all the boys, the second day she actually did exactly what they do in the video. She was walking on the treadmill again and eating icecream^^
Strength Progress elizabethanne 85 1 dayelizabethanne (268): Busting through my bodybuilding day. Glutes and quads are useless from yesterday haha. Today's Workout (04/17/2014): Bench 5x5 55 lbs DB Rows 3x8 20,25,30 lbs DB Military 3x10 17.5,20,25 lbs Pullups 3x8 Romanian Deadlifts 3x10 60,65,70 lbs DB Curls 3x15 10,10,12.5 lbs OH Tricep Extensions 3x15 20,20,25 lbs
Bulk Wars : The Empire Lifts Back Frostshock 464 1 daycardinal (1768): @Frostshock My last job gave me flexi-time which was a godsend because prior to that I was regularly late for work due to my insistence of working out in the morning and just getting to into my sessions to quit early. At my worst I would turn up at 9:30 when due to start at 9:00 am. In retrospect I must have actually been very good at my job because they tried to persuade me not to quit when I did..
ONWARD, TO GLORY Cannonball 47 1 dayCannonball (5029): thanks man :)
Fitness DVD MissEmily 392 1 daySOLARSUPLEX (1816): Dont worry about it. Im not all that great at putting my thoughts into words and i can end up going on and on not making much sense. Then i get pissed off when people are confused. Just trying to help where i can haha.