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Routine Design for Dummies 1.0 eknight 108 26 dayseknight (51823): Either of those options is fine. I'm not sure that one offers an advantage over the other. Re. quads, jump squats, any type of lunge or step-up, or TKE's with a band are good options. -3X
Simply Shredded FAQ - Read before posting! Frostshock 33 4 monthsFiremanSi (41347): I can speak for most in saying, Nobody gives a flyin fock about ur street workout.
Life at the Daily Planet. A log. eknight 84 14 minuteseknight (51823): Squats: 135x5/185x3/225x1/3x270x5/275x8 TKE cluster sets: 2x20/10/10/10 Leg curl cluster sets: 2x20/10/10/10 Calf raise cluster sets: 2x20/10/10/10 Last set of squats: -3X
MOVED TO SAN DIEGO FROM AUSTRALIA broads92 5 41 minutesSOLARSUPLEX (5524): There is a huge car scene in that area if you are into modifying cars at all. Also a ton of dudes down there do mountain biking. Nots sure if thats more Norcal though. DISNEYLAND PLAYA
German Volume Training West165 4 1 hourBeans (3571): I ran it once, but I think I took a day off every 4th day. I don't remember any real increases in doms, and I generally run routines with high frequency vs high volume.
Stay "Shredded" All Year West165 21 2 hoursSOLARSUPLEX (5524): Eat those macros for 2 months and then come back and talk about what has changed.
The Old Man trudges on (LOG) wannabemuscular 172 3 hourswannabemuscular (28641): Friday 2/12 - Bench Band Pullaparts: 60 High Band Rows: 40 Pushups: 25 Bench Press: - 135x10, 185x10, 235x5, 275x5 (final rep paused) - 300 4x2 (TnG) Pin Press: 285 3x3 Seated OHP: 135 5x5 Went close grip on OHP and kept rest period and reps lower.
Calories to macros inaccuracy YM97 5 4 hoursSOLARSUPLEX (5524): Food labels are allowed to be within 20% from their actual contents iirc. So often times your bag of chips was actually 13.3 ounces instead of 12.8. Also some companies like to say NO CARB but not mention that there is 12 sugar alcohols and 3G of fiber
Fitness YouTuber UK! OXPerformance 6 4 hoursOXPerformance (1): @ezvmoneybeast I used to train along side football for a couple of years and now just focusing on physique so in total around 5-6 years buddy! I'm happy with my current physique but also know I have a long way to go to where I want to be like most of us
Grip Strength Lizzy 12 5 hoursA_em (1546): Haha, @wannabemuscular, why I am not really surprised by your reaction ;) Well, I am not sure. And I was talking about pole dancing as the gymnastics, women are bare foot and wearing sports underwear. The one you would like to see is an exotic pole dance. This one will be reserved for my husband (if I ever had one). But you can type it on you tube. There are tons of videos there (Anastasia Sokolova is fine). I must admit last year I was...
New to IIFYM and decide to ask here Kievdju 7 7 hoursKievdju (1): @FiremanSi if i can, i would, but unfortunately, with my current situation, i can't even get a heavier weight than this (no gym yet, because.. out of business). any suggestions? no, i just recently track my calories. but before that, i've been eating much food (>3000 per day). really sorry for the grammar/spelling mess :/
Robot’s Log: New goal, new thread… RobotEars 172 7 hoursFiremanSi (41347): @RobotEars No probs dude, my experience with joker sets just try to leave at least 1 rep left in the tank so your not taking the joker sets to failure. U should get a hold of Beyond 5/3/1... has load of improvements from the original wendler that he made.
Log: Consistency is the key to success lolssons 262 7 hourslolssons (1066): Yesterday I did DE LOWER DE LOWER 10x2 130kg lowbar squat 1x1 130kg highbar just to feel it out frontsquats 90kg 2:3:3 3sec pause alot of hamstring curls. squats feeling really good my shoulder still bugging me alittle. Therefor no deadlifts. Today was DE UPPER but with a hurt shoulder I just do what i can. DE UPPER/Volume upper Slingshot closegrip 60kgx5 80kgx5 90kgx5 100kgx3 90kgx5 Floorpress closegrip 60kg 4x10 easy Cable...
fat loss supplements Msjamaica 10 8 hoursFiremanSi (41347): @Msjamaica Fatloss supps are just generally full of Caffeine, just gives u more energy for the day enablingyou to expend more enrgy therefore creating a bigger deficit. Thats it.
Log to get back on track Snowboard901 7 8 hoursSnowboard901 (139): 2/12/2016 Pull A Pull-ups: BWx6x6x6x6x6 (up 5lb next week) BB Row: 120x6x6x6x6x6 (up 5lb next week) Low Row: 16x12x12 (up the weight) Facepull: 4x12x12x12 (up the weight) BB Curl: 30x10x10x10x10 (up 5lb next week) Overall a good workout. BB Curl is not including the EZ Bar.
My Loggg Fayzeh 210 8 hoursFayzeh (1153): @robotears! 😜 He fits rite in @wannabemuscular and thanks!
Even more pics of what you're eating... hollyhopeful5678 141 9 hoursemmyweird84 (4): friday lunch treat lol
Discount Code thread wannabemuscular 235 11 hoursonlychevy6 (19): Discount code TEAM10 for 10% off put Slatter in the notes as well.
A Very Grizzly Update GrizzlyBerg 13 11 hoursGrizzlyBerg (8896): just a little clip from today's deadlifts. was doing doubles but things just felt so great.
Ericks Log ErickFromOmaha 182 13 hoursErickFromOmaha (3910): Thursday Deadlifts Warmup 225x10 Main lift 65% 275x5 75% 305x5 85% 345x5 Couldn't do my full 5x10 50% so I did 3x225 deads Did some core and went to the overnight just now got home
Help in Calculating Bulk Calories! Oslo1234 8 13 hourshghani13 (31): @Oslo1234 Aim for between 120-150g protein. That's all you will need. However, make sure you are hitting your other macros too. It's alright if you don't have protein shakes. Google protein rich foods. Yes you can get protein from milk, eggs, chicken etc.
My conjugatory journey Robinson252 13 18 hoursRobinson252 (106): DE upper day Close grip 95kgx6x2 These all moved pretty well, felt a bit wobbly this morning though! Floor press 85kgx3x5 Pullups 5x5 Cable rows 3x8 Rope extensions 3x10 So during the week I think I did something to my glute again because it now feels worse... Because of this, I'm going to stop squatting, deadlifting and probably most other lower body exercises (maybe the occasional leg curl if i'm feeling adventurous) until probably about...
When Life keeps giving Lemons. A LOG varunj17 52 1 dayvarunj17 (453): Day 5: Lower Hypertrophy/Triceps Rushed workout...had just 40 minutes because of work meetings 1. Squats Set 1: 100kg X 8 Set 2: 100kg X 8 Set 3: 100kg X 6 - Just phased out on this set...dnt know why..mentally just gave up after 6. Set 4: 102.5kg X 8 because i f***** up in Set 3, increased the weight by 2.5kg ..and pushd out 8 reps... 2. Leg press Set 1: 200kg X 15 Set 2: 220kg X 12 Set 3: 220kg X 10 S/s GHR Set 1: BW X...
back on it!!! but not motivated at all juanf122388 6 1 dayjuanf122388 (46): Thanks man really appreciate it ... its hard to keep on track when everyone around you pretty much puts you down all the time i do got a dream i wanna achieve i got no problems working out just my eating habits i start eating good for a few days then just forget about it
70 years old Bodybuilder dstreetworkout 4 1 dayeknight (51823): Seriously when you copy and pasted this from, you didn't even bother to change the name of the site in your post??? -3X
Myostatin inhibitor JPmac 5 1 daymikew (10929): Open thread to view post.
Some help on workouts, what to eat, etc ghinobrah 32 2 daysghinobrah (7): @SOLARSUPLEX Been sticking to a gym sched that I'll post soon. Also been minimizing cardio, not stopping, minimizing.
Wireless earbuds! SOLARSUPLEX 13 2 daysdarklight79 (2785): Jabra is pretty good. Using them atm.
THE OFFICIAL PUMP THREAD SRorhrbac0808 355 2 daysSOLARSUPLEX (5524): I always think of a water slide when i see your biceps..
Road to the 500lb Squat _RudeCrew 38 2 daysSOLARSUPLEX (5524): Jeez. a couple days won't hurt you at all. Take it easy man.
What program to run?! Illusional 8 2 daysIllusional (1): The thing is even if I'm a beginner that push pull legs routine on the thread you gave me doesn't look too bad, my main goal is obviously a strong relative strength for my weight but to be pretty lean and muscular as well. I have been training in a heavy and Hypertropy split where I divide the week up and have 2 of each, I am currently doing phat just with a few changes but with the upper lower I feel like I can't get strong at every lift at a...
Macro guidance jasonsmcdonald 8 2 daysSOLARSUPLEX (5524): @jasonsmcdonald Rice cakes sweet potatoes rice noodles bagels fruit juice yogurt icecream anything bro.
Proper nutrition after a year of lifting? Oslo1234 2 2 daysSOLARSUPLEX (5524): Hey dude, you are going to get the exact same results that you got in your first thread. Read the faqs and apply your size and weight to the formulas as a starting point.
The last 10% - some advice Rraywheel 5 2 daysRobotEars (766): That's where adequate protein intake and heavy resistance training come in. Just remember you may have to adjust your macro ratios when you reduce cals--if you're using percentiles--to keep your protein where it needs to be.
Circuit Training vs Isolation emmyweird84 3 3 daysSOLARSUPLEX (5524): When friends come to train with me that are not very 'into' weights i'll use circuit training as a way to keep things fun and get their heart rate up. Everybody struggles to flat bench, deadlift and squat their first time so we avoid those for a while and ease them into it. For me personally? Circuits can be a lot of fun, but i would never replace my traditional weight lifting with them. You can incorporate a circuit into almost any weight...
I has a question 10v13 NorIda 22 3 daysFiremanSi (41347): @NorIda Defo dont lift enough for it but i got a Single prong 13mm Inzer... Break in was worse when i was wearing it too low. I got prong because i wear it diff heights on squats and deads.. single prong because alot of people with double prong complained about them being annoying to take on and off. It's great, have a shitty 10mm lever also.. like the ease of use with lever but dont like the lack of vesatility.
What to do now jostrosky 3 3 daysjostrosky (1): I don't eat anything without weighing and nothing from packages, very strict. About 6 weeks now and gradually added cardio in and now up to 7 days @30 mins either running or elliptical. And I started at 3300 and just been dropping ~100 calories a week for adjustment but scale went up. Getting stronger though but muscle is not built that fast and I really don't know if it just a lot of water or what
Leg press footing variations! SOLARSUPLEX 12 3 dayswannabemuscular (28641): @eknight Yes, true. My quads were more sore overall. Not just a specific part of them.
Some motivation ErickFromOmaha 1 3 daysErickFromOmaha (3910): Here's some motivation for you guys
Right tricep everyday soreness. Help needed George1234 1 3 daysGeorge1234 (1): Hey all, I'm 19 and been working out on and off for about 2.5 years. During the last months I experience something strange. I feel that my right tricep gets sore very easily just by doing simple things. E.g When I lay down on my bed holding my phone with both hands, after some time my right tricep will start hurting. Basically it happens almost on every activity I do, simple or not, that involves tricep usage. Now imagine what happens in...
Where should I go now? Oslo1234 7 3 daysOslo1234 (1): Hi, Thank you for that suggestion. When is it a good sign to stop the bulk? I have struggled enough in my life before with that much fat, I cannot afford to go back.
What are you listening to? ErickFromOmaha 14 3 daysThatguy81 (517): Always deathmetal baybee!!
The Best grip for training triceps akas 7 3 daysDiyanYonkov (7): minecraft YT channel intros and music + dafuq i just watched
Super Bowl 50! wannabemuscular 45 4 daysThatguy81 (517): Good for you Nor, I personally think video games are for children, but who am I to judge...
Holla Back Youngin oceanair 10 4 daysoceanair (17716): sorry i've been away. can't quite find the time/motivation to create a new log or post as much as before. still tracking every workout in my phone though. been busy with other ish. hope everyone is well.
Chipotle wannabemuscular 33 4 daysoceanair (17716): Chipotle is my life.
I do what I want Log Rand 32 4 daysNorIda (44782): I essentially do an upper lower split like you're mentioning. Bench/squat bench/dead rotating overt other week. Working decently for me.
Leg Extension/Adductor/Abductor useless? MizAlmie 7 4 daysMizAlmie (4): Thanks EK. I get it now! The translation that you have fully described above make sense and links to a conversation I had with a PT in the past. Thanks again-
Dems log Dem41 293 4 daysDem41 (577): Cycle 2 week 2 squat day Warm up 45x10 95x3 135x3 175x3 Work sets 200x3 230x3 260x3 BBB 5x145x10 Band pull a parts 100 Ab roller 4x12
Not sure what to do max12480 37 4 daysJsn3004 (457): I don't see a problem if your numbers are going up