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Simply Shredded FAQ - Read before posting! Frostshock 28 23 daysletsgetlean (58): Nutrition video series by 3DMJ!!! I found this super helpful!
log to be shredded and strong csizemore21 96 1 mincsizemore21 (307): breakfast of champions lol
Powered by Rage! Prep to RPS Redemption _RudeCrew 189 28 minutes_RudeCrew (11596): Switching days around so that Saturday's are now max effort lower days. 2-27-15 Dynamic Bench Bench 9x3 135+ chains Chaos Presses 5x8 JM Press SS W/ Rows 4x10/4x15 Curcuit 3x15 Tricep Pressdown Shrugs PullAparts New closer grip isn't bothering my shoulder. Hopefully that keeps up.
Cardinal's kingpin log cardinal 145 1 hourcardinal (6022): Felt like I had a trapped nerve waking up this morning. Bad neck ache which resonated down my back and right side of my chest. I still went ahead with heavy squats. it hurt like hell and I felt I really couldn't keep tight on the lifts but still hit the numbers. All done beltless as per: low bar squats: 130 kg x 2 x 3, back-off sett: 110 kg x 5 x 1 Oly squats: 105 kg x 5 x 2 Front squats: 95 kg x 2 x 2 Did some hypertrophy work after this as...
Bulk Wars : The PHATom Menace Frostshock 24 2 hourswannabemuscular (23895): @Frostshock Happy belated BDay dude! And Happy BDay to you too @SOLARSUPLEX
Tritons log Tritons 70 2 hoursFiremanSi (37831): @Tritons The more u bring ur grip in the more u contract ur upper back meaning there will be more meat for you to rest the bar on and less bruising.. U could try thumbs under if u have the shoulder mobility.
OMW to 200 kg bench press Cannonball 31 2 hoursCannonball (5557): today squat 70x10x3 some biceps
Older Guy Training Log: 43yrs young! JHughes 50 3 hoursJHughes (76): @wannabemuscular yes we do!
How far can the Old Man go? (LOG) wannabemuscular 202 3 hourswannabemuscular (23895): Friday 2/27 -------------------------- Band pullaparts: 15,15,15,15 High Band Rows: 12,12,12 (Pro orange long) Bench Press: - 95x20, 135x10, 185x10, 235x5, 280 4x3 Low Band Rows: 12,12,12 (Pro orange short) Shoulder Shocker +Plus: 33/15/15/15 2x10 Shoulder Shocker "+Plus" -- did Reverse flyes as a 4th component. 15lb was too light for the reverse flyes. I'll go heavier on that part next time. Skipped...
A Dream~ Gen's Log TimmothyGen 76 4 hourswannabemuscular (23895): @TimmothyGen You sound like you're in a positive state of mind right now. Keep it up!
Very tight biceps femoris question ehukai 3 4 hoursehukai (10): I appreciate the advice. For the past few weeks I've been doing self myofascial release on my hamstring and it has helped and also reduced tension in my lower back. I've been hitting a 1:1 ratio of quad to hamstring training but should probably throw a little more volume for my hamstrings as they are underdeveloped compared to my quads. The only issue is my entire body is so dam tight my stretching/foam rolling routine is taking more and more...
Road to the Alba Meet 27th June! Trev182 30 7 hoursFiremanSi (37831): @Trev182 Ah here I told ya bout that band solution donkeys ago.. There's even a thread on it somewhere ! 😁 If u don't have two u can loop 1 over the top cross it over and loop at the bottom. Boom. 😁
Road to Mt Olympus a year long journey ZeusAmmon 45 7 hoursZeusAmmon (58): Felt sluggish heading to the gym. Took longer route with my warm up sets for incline bench but ultimately had to go down in weight. Things should be better from here on out with incline bench because I believe I've found my groove ^_^ Incline bench: 8x8x8 80 P/u: 8x8x8 x 60 Decline bench 12x175 12x185 CS(Chest supported) Row: 12x100 10x110 Tricep push down: 12x10 (Superset)Rear delt machine: 10x10 x110 Bicep curls: 8x8 x80 (Superset)Side...
Injuries, setbacks and moving the goal posts shannowman 40 8 hoursDLift49 (46): In for this log. Good lifts and good luck with your own rack!
Log to 1600 total WinnersNeverQuit 419 8 hoursWinnersNeverQuit (8550): @FiremanSi thanks @shannowman 95kg at present
Tamere Pays His Dues (Training Log) tamere01 349 8 hoursTamere02 (1159): @shannowman About 10 too many. Nice to see you back on the forums. @FiremanSi Thanks man. Really think I found my groove on squats.
Dems log Dem41 132 9 hoursDem41 (328): cycle 3 week 1, military press day ! 5/5/5 warm up 5 minutes on treadmill pvc pipe dislocations band pull apart internal/external rotations explosive push ups foam roll upper back/lats warm up, military press 20x10 30x5 40x3 55x3 70x3 80x3 work sets 90x5 105x5 115x5 SSL 105x12 superset with pull ups/band pull apart purple band pull apart x100 shoulder width, neutral grip pull ups 10x BW x6 assistance, close grip bench...
Ragnarök Awaits! GrizzlyBerg 353 9 hoursGrizzlyBerg (6550): Last night was a rest day. Had to go in to train the missus. Did close to 200 pull aparts and some abs. Workout today I was feeling pretty worn out from the week. Turned into an average workout. Tried to take my time (around an hour and a half). If I never do the Cube/JuggerCube ever again, rep squat day will most likely be to blame. JC1P2W1D5 Squat 335 x 10, 9, 11 ...
New belt fitting/problem problem SSJ3FinalFlash 4 9 hoursRand (2536): I do the opposite but I'm a newbie Did you break in the belt?
Danimal Strikes Back - USAPL Here I Come Danimal_88 75 10 hoursDanimal_88 (9556): well im baack guys. Had to take a two week hiatus from the gym. I was working 19-21 hours days the past 14 days but we got our work done. Take the rest of these week of to rest and then back to gym on Monday. Going to hit up a little mini-cut as well, eating out every meal with reckless abandon has put probably 3lbs on me
*Strength Log: A Song of Ice & FIRE* FiremanSi 51 11 hoursFiremanSi (37831): Fairly hard to get in the zone today felt very sluggish. I don't know if i've mentioned but i've given up COFFEE recently as of my Alergy Test.. NOT CAFFEINE, just coffee but i would easily have 2-3daily.. it SUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKS without coffee. Also not eating eggs and Bread much either, just to try and introduce variety into my diet and also they were the foods that came up on my test. C6W4D4 Squats: Goal: 125kg x3, 130kg...
Cutting/transformation to <10% or bust! wxfreekj 2 11 hourswxfreekj (103): I'm 38. 5'11 and currently sitting at 184 and 12ish?? percent bf. I get bod podded a week from today. I'm excited. My last bod pod was 3.5 months ago and I was > 20%.
Discount Code thread wannabemuscular 187 12 hourswannabemuscular (23895): Big sale at again. Bands are 40% off including many other great deals.
Starting Stronglifts!! - log DLift49 14 13 hoursDLift49 (46): Lacking in updates, so here a my last 2 workouts of this week. Good feeling about this program and enjoying the gymtime Workout A Squats: 5 x 5 with 60 kg Bench press: 5x 5 with 60 kg BOR: 5 x 5 with 44 kg BB shrugs: 3 x 8 with 80 kg Triceps extension: 3 x 8 with 40 kg EZ bar curl: 3 x 8 with 10 kg on both sides AB work: planks for 3 x 1 minute Workout B Squats: 5x5 with 62, 5 kg Deadlift: 1x5 with 90 kg OHP: 5x5 with 30...
Log: Consistency is the key to success lolssons 82 14 hourslolssons (805): Chest/back week 7 1:1Incline dumbbell bench press 5x5 36kg 5:5;5;5:5 FUCK YEAH! 1:2 dumbbell rows 5x5 46kg 5:5:5:5:5 30-45sec rest between 1:1 and 1:2 And after 1:2 there is a 90sec rest before doing it all again. For as many sets that is prescribed Slight incline dumbbell flies 4x8-10 20kg4x8-10 10:10:10:10 / Rear delt raise 4x8-10 12kg 8:9:9:9 Cable flies 3x12-15 22.5kg3x12 / high pulls 3x6-8 40kg Shoulder shocker 3sets Week 7 is now in...
Log to May 31st RPS Meet SRorhrbac0808 110 15 hoursSRorhrbac0808 (43156): DE upper- 5-10ish mins banded shoulder/pec warmup/ rotator cuff Superset before main exercise- Incline DB press (light) 4x25 Lat pulldown: 4x15 9x3 speed bench, changing grip every 3 sets. 145 bar weight + 80 lbs of chain. close grip bench w/feet up: 5x10 Superset Bent Over Row: 5x10 155/ 225, 165/225, 175/225, 185/225, 195/225 Band pull apart: 3x25 Superset Tate press: 3x15 Red band/25lbs (did incline Tate press)
Been awhile since Ive been on Simplyshredded RabelAracena 7 19 hoursLVjack (1060): Focus on the look not the number
friend is jumping 40 pounds a week on bench csizemore21 6 20 hoursLVjack (1060): All his posts crack me up.
Am I doing HIIT right? jazus 2 20 hoursLVjack (1060): In theory yes but doing them outside so that you are at a max sprint and propelling your body forward instead of having the ground moving beneath you will always be better. If I use a machine for HIIT I find the stair climber works best. Just my opinion.
WILL MY BODY QUIT PRODUCING HGH IF I STOP.. ezvmoneybeast 17 20 hoursBucky (1588): this is true. men's physique can get away with low dose/generics but true bodybuilders need at least 6-18iu a day depending on what stage you're in.
USAPL Prep 18 weeks Eat2Trainn247 28 21 hoursRand (2536): Thats sick... I love ben and ryan great follows on the youtube and the fake ben instagram is great. lucky lucky
Steady State Cardio V HIIT (*SIGH* I KNOW) Slowprogress91 1 21 hoursSlowprogress91 (46): To start, I want to say that my intention is NOT to spark any aggressive comments or tell anyone that their beliefs are wrong. It is merely to ask questions about research I have done and hear of trainers/individuals experiences with HIIT V Steady State Cardio and which returned the greatest result. Once upon a time……:D I started writing a new workout for myself and I was incredibly intent in keeping in my 2-3 times a week 10km runs....
Average time for workout ArchT 25 21 hoursAndyCap (37): Botswana is a great country, i cant wait to get back and visit to be honest. The people are a lot friendlier then here in South Africa, and there is a lot less violence from what i hear. Most of the income when i lived there was from diamonds, but man the beef there is epic. You can get huge steaks that cost a fraction of what they cost elsewhere. Darn all this talking about Botswana makes me wanna go back, there are some world class game...
Instagram names Hamer93 20 22 hourswxfreekj (103): That's the Mrs.. @that1grlchristy. For some reason the pic didn't upload the first time!
Nasty Plateau after an all protein diet trober1010 9 1 dayBeans (1696): @trober1010 I think you have more to think about than continuing to lose weight. You've already lost a ton of weight, and people aren't really meant to be on a caloric deficit forever. I'd what @eknight said. Learn how to reverse diet, get up to a healthy amount of food, get your shit figured out, then continue to diet. I don't see any reason why you need to lose weight while on vacation.
Mat the frenchie's log MMB 457 1 dayMMB (2674): Won't get my two other workout when supposed to. High chance I'm changing gym, my year contract ended tuesday the 24th. Went to a small gym which is based on performance, mostly a gym for athlete. It's not really a commercial gym, the guy who owns it told me they have a whole new concept so they meet ppl before getting them a contract so you sure you'll keep at it and they don't have unwanted ppl joining. The only loose time he have to meet...
Bulk/Cut Codyx95 16 1 dayBucky (1588): @Codyx95 why did you ever let yourself get that fat then?
It's big, it's heavy, it's wood! eknight 268 1 dayeknight (47122): Thursday: Band chest press: 40/30/30 DB floor press: 60x10/2x80x10 Pec Dec: 70x15/2x90x12 Dips: 2x20 DB OHP: 50x12/2x60x10 Cable lateral raise: 3x17.5x15 One arm lateral raise: 2x20x10 Skullcrushers: 60x15/2x75x10 Triceps pushdown: 3x90x12 Bench dips: 2x25 Done. Easy. -3X
My bulking log ,"From launching pad to moon" Sharkoon1 69 1 daySharkoon1 (313): Speed Squat 6x3 70 kg 155 lb Front Squat 3x10 60 kg will up weight soon faster needed to work on form a bit. Leg Press 4 x 12 80 kg Romanian Deadlifts 3 x 8 70 kg Lying leg curl 4 x 12 15 kg Seated Calf raises 3 x 12 10 kg Yes i decided to do Phul instead of phat, similiar but less volume wouldn't be overkill from icf to phul. Also i like the deadlift lay out and overall more. How i lay this out: Upper Body...
Need help to bring shoulders out anteis99 11 2 daysTyrannosaurusFlex (2563): Shoulder shocker is brutal for sure. Defo recommend!
DUP log Rand 169 2 daysWinnersNeverQuit (8550): @Rand aha fair enough, solid workout either way
How to calculate how many calories to eat? calexrose 5 2 dayscalexrose (46): @JHughes thanks for your suggestions! I found out yesterday afternoon from my doctor that my thyroid function is low, so that's probably been playing a factor. I will work on getting that under control and keep measuring and tracking my food intake.
Save the bros. letsgetlean 3 2 daysbrian12 (9477): love this!
Phat/Cutting Log ErickFromOmaha 25 2 daysErickFromOmaha (2050): Hypertrophy back and shoulders Pendlay Rows 6x3x165pds Seated Cable Row 1x10x160 1x10x180 1x10x190 Close Pulldowns 1x10x170 1x10x180 1x10x190 Shrug Machine 4x12x285 Seated Dbell Press 2x12x50pds Lat Raises 3x12x15pds Weight AB Crunch Machine 4x25x110pds Stationary Bike for 20mins Nothing really to update other then the workout, i need to get on top of my diet, switching job sites so much because im on call kills my food planning, never...
Help me win $10 Kecaldesian 11 2 daysKecaldesian (4): @nine0seven that's the thing, my form is perfect. That's the first thing I adressed when I started to notice the imbalance. I did how ever start incorporating hammer stength bench and for some reason I feel my inferior pec activating WAY more than I ever did with DB or bb
Calories Jjg886 5 2 daysKecaldesian (4): @eknight I knew about the beginner and chemical help in order to achieve muscle gain and fat loss at the same time. Didn't know it was possible for everyone els tho, even if it's at such a slow rate. Learn something new every day!
2015 Contest Prep. Natty BB. 23 bwadas9 44 2 daysbwadas9 (130): That I am and proud of it! Lifetime drug free baby!
Interesting Nat Geo documentary wannabemuscular 7 2 daysBucky (1588): @TimmothyGen if you're asking cause you want to use it, don't do it. you're too young. but yes I have, not necessarily a fat burner but it aids in accelerating fat loss. and yes, your heart rate is through the roof sometimes on it.
Ocean's Training/Cutting Log oceanair 138 2 daysoceanair (16312): Push Day B: 2-25-15 Standing OHP 45x12 50x10 55x9 55x8 60x7 Incline DB Bench Press 15x12 20x12 25x8 25x9 Assisted Dips 70x13 60x12 60x12 50x10 Rear Delt Flys 8x12 10x12 10x12 12x12 Cable Tricep Kickbacks 5x12 per arm 5x12 per arm 7.5x12 per arm 7.5x12 per arm Seated Trunk Twists 3 set, 25 reps per side using 10lb plate. Pic before work today lol ...
Take more pics of what you're eating ErickFromOmaha 434 2 daysAs4do6 (34): I'm the Burger King