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Simply Shredded FAQ Frostshock 17 2 monthsSwoleAnimal (5965): excellent thread guys. thank you for taking the time to put this together
Powerlifting Singlets GrizzlyBerg 11 24 minutesGrizzlyBerg (4249): @craig im like 87 kg
APF Outlaw Tampa PL Prep (dec21) SRorhrbac0808 29 36 minutesSRorhrbac0808 (37498): The tension.
The1 Offseason Log- Part 1 the1 303 45 minutesthe1 (27465): ^^ thats perfect brother ! cant wait to see the results of this next ON-SEASON. sept 22/14- chest/delts a.m- incline closegrip db press 35lb/12 45lb/15 55lb/15 60lb/2x12 closegrip benchpress - elbows in.. 2-3" off chest w/ pause 95lb/15 145lb/12 195lb/12 215lb/12 255lb/12 first time doing real presses in 3 weekse #shoulderprogress partial cable fly/presses upright angle 60-100lb/5x 15-25 reps side...
Log to 1600 total WinnersNeverQuit 155 52 minutesFiremanSi (33970): @WinnersNeverQuit Lettice, spinach, courgettes, cucumbers, tomatoes and mushrooms all KING volume fillers !! 😁
Food Prep? ErickFromOmaha 23 1 hourNorIda (41770): North Idaho 100" of snow comin at me errr winter
Trev's Cube Method Gainz Log! Trev182 175 1 hourMMB (1795): Where's the squat at dude?
Prime inc. Cannonball 186 2 hoursMMB (1795): Congrats dude! Real bench mofo haha
My Journey To The 1000lb Club Part 2 AarronStenner 186 2 hoursMMB (1795): @AarronStenner Better gains? Uhmm I'll have to jump on this myself to! Can't let you win this thang ya know?
Mat the frenchie's log MMB 259 2 hoursMMB (1795): New cycle beginning. Bw oly squats, bw low bat squats Leg swings Hip opening stretch DEADLIFT WUS 2x5@135/2x4@175/3@215/2@245/1@265 WorkingSet 5@230/5@245/5@260 Jokers 5@275/5@290*/5@305* Amrap FSLS 15@230* (T&G) Front Squat 8@140/8@160/8@180 Good Morning 8@120/8@130/8@140 DB Lunges 3x12@35 GHR 3x12@BW Far Hands Plank 3x45s@BW So far so good, happy that I'm finding my groove on the deads! Also low back seems to be back on track.
Parker's 5/3/1 log ParkerHenry 13 2 hoursParkerHenry (19): Around 6 months
5/2 Diet Fosta41 12 2 hoursDanimal_88 (8443): 1700 kcal crew checking in. Did that shit for like 2 weeks. it was brutal. Glad to be back up in the 1900 range.
Yo PHAT crew! Konstantinov 436 4 hoursKonstantinov (1375): Deadlift: week 1 cycle 7 Deadlifts: 10 60 5 110 3 140 5x5 150 Squats: 5 bar 5 40 5 60 5 80 5 100 Left it there. I'm terrible at training early in the day, always feel weaker than usual. Did some ab and mobility work later on, trying to get more comfortable in the hole when squatting.
When Hope Is Not Enough (Log) hollyhopeful5678 59 4 hourshollyhopeful5678 (529): Fri - Bench x5, OH Press x5, Weighted Dips x5. Sun - Deadlift x5, plank x5.
Big But Boring 5/3/1 ErickFromOmaha 51 4 hoursgolago (55): @ErickFromOmaha i meant to say " it look like as a better way hhh."
Would 531 be good for me? ParkerHenry 12 5 hoursMMB (1795): Everything said.
The Cube log Tritons 54 5 hoursTritons (145): Today talked to my phisyo professor about my back condition, and i asked him should i do heavy deads and squats, he answered that i can but should i, and that message cought in my head trough my todays workout and threw me off a little bit. 22.09.2014. Deadlift (reps) Deadlift 160x8;8;8 Block pulls 170x3;3;3 Deficit pulls 150x8;8 Lat pulldowns 70x12;12;12;12 Shrugs 35x10;10;10 DB walks 45x30sec;30sec;30sec Pullups 6x;5x;5x Hanging leg rise...
Grizzly Gets Stronger Than A Bear GrizzlyBerg 325 5 hoursSRorhrbac0808 (37498): damn dude nice squatting.
jim wendler 5/3/1 log golago 30 6 hoursgolago (55): shoulder day cycle 2 week 2 pre workout: pvc for foam rolling (back ,late and shoulder) kelly starret mobility upper body routine workout : barbell shoulder press : 1 set 3 reps 40 kg 2 set 3 reps 45 kg 3 set 8 reps 50 kg bench press 5x10 57.5 kg (slowler than previous shoulder day) dumbell row 5x10 25 kg barbell bicep curl 3x10 20 kg floor tricep extension : 3x10 30kg face pull 3x12reps super set lateral raise...
**Candito gets Fireman Stonger (LOG) FiremanSi 251 7 hoursTrev182 (12829): Dude just record. I get dodgy looks all the time, then i hit big numbers and people realise why i video it, watch it, reset and hit it again! I normally take atleast 2 videos a session to check form and see where i need to adjust. Haters gon hate and all that pish. Just do it. Nice squats, now get the weight up
It's big, it's heavy, it's wood! eknight 60 7 hourseknight (41977): Monday: 3 min band shoulder warm-up Blackburns: 4 positions 15 seconds each, 2.5 pound plates Barbell bench: 135x10/185x5/210x3/240x3/270x4 CGBP: 2x135x15 Seated Cable Rows SS with Reverse band flyes: 20 plates x 15; 24x12; 26x 10 reps/15 reps Incline DB shrugs: 45x15/2x65x12/70x10 DB 3 way curls (reverse/supinated/hammer): 3x20x21 Triceps rope pushdowns: 4x105x15 PT: prone back extensions/quadruped upper/lower extremity extensions/posterior...
Mr O SRorhrbac0808 320 8 hoursoceanair (14275): well i personally thought buendia and hadzovic came in a lot bigger this year. and i like their size. cook also added mass.
Pathetic to Aesthetic NaturalBrawn 55 8 hoursNaturalBrawn (43): Thanks man, really concentrating on chipping away real slow - starting to seem some solid results this last week.
Teen newbie bulking tomredman22 4 8 hoursFrostshock (12160): @tomredman22 you can lift at any age and any weight to grow so long as you are in a caloric surplus and progressively overloading. If you are lifting with GOOD form, challenging yourself constantly to the point where its hard yet you're not failing, and in a caloric surplus however slight or major - you'll grow. If you're 17 just take advantage of the free test surge you'll be getting, bulk for possibly years and stay safe on the gym. You'll be...
Rebuilding the South. _RudeCrews Log _RudeCrew 428 9 hours_RudeCrew (8314): @SRorhrbac0808 HAHAHAHA
The Long Haul(continued): A Chicken LOG kickinchicken 31 16 hoursFiremanSi (33970): @kickinchicken No probs man it's what i did for my hols recently. Worked a charm. :) Also if u have a fence, gate, wall or a large pole.. somewhere that u can have a high tie off point u can use ur bands for tricep pushdowns, facepulls and high band curls.. sneaky arm day.. or just stand on the band and hold each end of the band and do alt curls/ham curls... feet elevated diamond push ups work a charm. :)
Dat Forearm Vascularity Doe oceanair 117 16 hoursoceanair (14275): Hottest thing ever. I'm done. I can't...
Rate My Cut Plan SliqDiqRick 10 16 hoursthe1 (27465): also try to use more whole foods in your diet if possible and get rid of all the shakes.. cottage cheese instead of casein protein, chicken/white fish/beef/greek yogurt instead of whey shakes
Tamere Pays His Dues (Training Log) tamere01 81 17 hoursTrev182 (12829): Good work man!
Dietary question swollenscott 3 21 hoursdarklight79 (865): When i came off my UD 2.0 cut, i was sub 10% at 68kg, 5'8". In the past 4-5 months of bulking I've gained only 4kg but lifts have exploded and body comp improved. Been adding 15-25g carbs weekly, sometimes more. Tolerating 750 ish g carbs daily. My advise is to focus more on performance in the gym than the weighing scale.
Pound for Pound: Cardinal's Log cardinal 309 1 daySRorhrbac0808 (37498): It's because only alphas get 13mm and can handle 13mm. @cardnal- hahahahahaha dude that story is priceless.
PHAT log (first log) lolssons 47 1 daylolssons (493): ME BENCH Bench 5X5 80KG Militarypress 30kg 8x3 CGBP 4x4-6 75kg4x4 Chins 5x3-5 10kgx3 BWx5 BWx5 BWx5 BWx5 Cable rows 4x12 Facepulls 3x10 30kg Bicep/tricep superset 3x10 EPIC WORKOUT!
Darklight's Powerbuilding Log darklight79 114 2 daysFiremanSi (33970): Strong chins man.
Need honest critique on new plan anteis99 9 2 daysFiremanSi (33970): MORE CARBS.
Danimal 3weeks out update pic Danimal_88 25 2 daysoceanair (14275): shredded as fuark. good luck! you got this.
You guys oceanair 30 2 daysoceanair (14275): @DEXchidera thank you :)
This picture is beautiful. OlympusSculpted 81 2 daysBucky (922): pull-ups errdayy. ^
Bondys 5x5 bulk log cbondy 21 2 daysFiremanSi (33970): I like logs... in for this mang.
Killin my Back and Makin GAINZZ wannabemuscular 376 2 dayswannabemuscular (19098): I haven't done video of my bench recently. Here's one of a non-paused 305x1 from about a month ago before I started this routine. Setup and grip width is the same still, but I've been paying more attention to getting set on the bench and foot placement. I'll get a new vid next time I do paused singles.
Vlog 1 - let it burn shoulders! Jealster 6 2 daysdarklight79 (865):
Danimal's 2014 Contest Prep Log Danimal_88 255 3 daysLuMo (1): Looking good! good luck man!
Rebuilding The North. Norida's gon' Bulking. NorIda 173 3 daysFiremanSi (33970): @GrizzlyBerg FUCKIN love chromeo.... seen them live in barcelona.. UNREAL. :)
Bucky the Gainpire Slayer - Cutting Log Bucky 419 3 daysTimmothyGen (466): Ohhh i see i understand now. Cant wait to see the end of you're cut like everyone else!
Train at @_RudeCrew complex, spring 2015?? wannabemuscular 172 3 dayswannabemuscular (19098): Haha, OH man. Rohr is really gonna hate me now!
Biking and lifting SOLARSUPLEX 12 3 dayswannabemuscular (19098): @SOLARSUPLEX I like to make my own sauce, but don't always have time. Below is what I use the most for store bought stuff. Brown up some lean ground beef, drain it, then throw the red sauce on it, bring it up so simmer, and you have a nice quick protein packed meat sauce. The light Alfredo is good on tortellini with a bit of extra parmesan cheese and chicken breast. ...
BODYWEIGHT MASTERY PROGRESS dwrkk 13 4 daysdwrkk (13): Short video this time, my attempt on "Impossible Dips".
Take more pics of what you're eating ErickFromOmaha 103 4 daysNorIda (41770): @wannabemuscular well played
Advice Appreciated (Routine) BarbellBOB 12 4 daysBeans (622): @hollyhopeful5678 In this case, yes. Since the point of starting strength and ppl is to increase those lifts, any other lift done to help improve those is an "accessory" lift. That's my take anyways.
33 years old - Never had Abs showing ... themav 57 4 daysthemav (7): Hi, Thought i'd post up where i am now on my cutting journey. Ive lost 15lbs in about 35 days - so been losing around 3lbs a week. Feeling flat at the moment but this could be to do with the T3 and extra cardio i'm doing. Enthusiasm is still high and i'm now looking at reducing my food costs. Ive been buying 250gram packets of veg , uncle bens microwave rice, packs of pre-cooked chicken etc all of which I can save around 40.00 a week buying...
RJ Perkins "4P" Journey to the platform ATN_Coaching 245 4 daysATN_Coaching (1036): Wednesday 8/27/14 Box Jumps 32" x 8 sets x 3 reps Weighted Box Jumps 30lbs x 16" x 8 sets x 3 reps Battle Ropes 4 sets x 15 sec. x 45 rest Farmers Walks 5 sets x 15 sec. X 45 rest. Sledge Hammer 5 sets x 15 sec. X 55 rest Sled Sprints 70 lbs x 4 sets x 40 yards Backward Sled Drags 70 lbs x 4 sets x 40 yards ...EASY!!!