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Routine Design for Dummies 1.0 eknight 118 9 daysjja0016 (829): Thank you sir. Sound advice. I think I have been working out upper body too much. I'm going to stop working out for a while and go see a PT. Thanks. If I had asked questions in the first place I never would have ran the routine I've been running for like a year which I think caused my imbalances and hypertonicity as you said.
Simply Shredded FAQ - Read before posting! Frostshock 34 23 daysJustinC (1): Nice dude :)
Advice please Julia2607 4 56 minutestamekia0887 (1): I am used to cooking with food steamer. Steaming is perhaps one of the most nutritious ways of cooking your food, because it allows the boiling water to vaporize into steam, and this steam heats the food without removing its nutrients. I bought Euro Cuisine FS2500 Stainless Steel Electric Food Steamer from Amazon (I saw it on and enjoy healthy vitamin-packed foods.
keto or stay with carbs at night? fitzy2015 6 8 hoursalexmeister (25): yeah brah!at night i suggest green salad and protein only!carbs is pleasure!no carbs-no gains ;):P but the best time for them is in the morning and pre and after workout!
One Month Cut... Good idea? Input needed CaptainKanter 9 8 hoursalexmeister (25): no brah...bulk lean mass 4 a month and then start cutting! ;)and train your legs its your half body! ;)
Older Guy Training Log: 43yrs young! JHughes 135 8 hoursalexmeister (25): good job brah!keep up the good work.. ;)
My Log 2016 Fayzeh 17 11 hoursFayzeh (1198):
Running PHAT next week critique changes ParkerHenry 1 11 hoursParkerHenry (79): Upper Power Bent-Over Row 3x3-5 Weighted Pullups 2x6-10 Hammer Strength Row 2x6-10 (instead of rack chins) Bench Press 3x3-5 (instead of DBs) Weighted Dips 2x6-10 Seated DB Press 3x6-10 EZ Bar Curls 3x6-10 Skullcrushers 3x6-10 Lower Power Squats 3x3-5 Hack Squats 2x6-10 Leg Extensions 2x6-10 SLDL 3x5-8 Lying Leg Curls 2x6-10 Seated Leg Curls 2x6-10 Standing Calf 3x6-10 Seated Calf 2x6-10 Back and Shoulders...
What are the criteria have an interview Josanne23 6 12 hoursoceanair (17776): @Jsn3004 They are both my boyfriends
How many dropsets for biceps and triceps? Oslo1234 7 14 hoursSOLARSUPLEX (5968): I do an upper lower split at the moment and have no problem hitting everything in one session. Bench Cable fly BB row Cable row Facepull Shoulder press Lateral raise Dips Curls Everything 3x10 for sake of simplicity at the moment. It does take a while but you can blast straight through if you keep moving.
the1 self-improvement log the1 13 16 hoursthe1 (33690): ... 2 clients cancelled so I was able to get my workout in today.. tried pre-workout for the first time in a couple years and had a great kick / energy boost.. feeling great in the gym post-show, it usually takes me longer to recover mentally & physically from a show but this time I have been doing things differently diet is cleaner, using off-season cardio to feel healthier and slowly increasing weights weekly :) May 5/16 -...
Eagle's log EagleRare10 17 18 hoursEagleRare10 (28): @eknight @Hamb0 Thanks guys. Very informative. I'll have to put some thought into how I rework my program for core stuff, namely, how to progress it. I think the first thing I'll have to do is figure out what this RKC plank is all about, as my little bit of google research so far suggests its very difficult and effective. Right now I can hold a regular plank for 2 minutes without much shaking, and 30 seconds on side planks. Keep working...
Advise please! Katapocolypse 18 1 dayHamb0 (787): What exactly are you feeling lost about? And to add on the protein/carb thing, then protein is the #1 most important macronutrient, when it comes to improving bodycomposition. Cutting everything, when wanting to lose weight, will take care of the most important factor in losing weight, which is reducing calories (below your daily needs). So far, so good - it will help you lose weight. But when you're aiming to lose weight, then its (i assume)...
The Old Man trudges on (LOG) wannabemuscular 254 1 daywannabemuscular (29247): Wednesday 5/4 - SQUATS Band Pullaparts: 60 reps Squats: (high bar, Beltless) - 135x10, 205x10, 275x5, 315x5, 345 5x5 Lying Leg Curls: 110 5x12 Tough day to find the energy and motivation to do this. I was up since 4 AM working and am mentally wiped. Squats felt good nonetheless. Still going slow adding 10lb to the top sets per session as long as I can get easy 5s.
Discount Code thread wannabemuscular 239 1 daywannabemuscular (29247): BOGO 50% off on VS products. Up for 4 more days. I took advantage today.
Upper/Lower/P/P/L DYELBOYO 2 2 dayseknight (52852): Too much push, not enough pull, leg extensions will wreck those knees. Have you read the "Routine for Dummies" sticky? More details in there. -3X
When Life keeps giving Lemons. A LOG varunj17 94 2 daysvarunj17 (453): Day 3: Squats: goal was 4X4 at 112.5kg Only got 4X3 at 112.5kg stalled again...
Help please! Kmar 8 2 dayszach216 (1): Do you have a solid muscle base now? I had the issue where I wanted to lose fat but didn't have Good mass to lose fat into. So it may be better to gain muscle and deal with the fat for a few months then when you think you've gained enough size, then cut
Swolfie thread? SRorhrbac0808 11 2 daysoceanair (17776): @Aoverto7 Nice. Well if you're here June 17-19, I would go to EDC if there's still tickets left. I have yet to go but it's a must if you like edm music. Also check out the High Roller ferris wheel at the Linq. Amazing views of the city. Best nightclub imo would be XS. Also since you're staying at Mandalay, check out the shark reef.
Project Symmetry jordzmetcalfe 49 2 daysjordzmetcalfe (385): Latest Episode just went live! 2 week out update showing were i am currently at with everything. Desided to do a slight depletion week over this week and then will be increasing calories back up over the final week to make sure i stay full.
Dems log Dem41 329 3 daysDem41 (586): Cycle 5 week 2 bench day 5x5. Ssl AMRAP Warm up paused bench 45x10 65x3 85x3 100x3 120x3 145x3 Work sets 170x5 195x5 220x4 Ssl AMRAP 195x7 Band pull apart 100 Wide grip pull ups 6x8 + 2 Seated cable rows 3x170x10, 2x180x10 Triceps v bar push down 5x70x10 Defranco 21's 5x15x21 Weight is down to 203.8 a steady 1 Lb a week loss now
Not losing weight? barbellbunny 25 3 daysbarbellbunny (76): yeah I know what you mean, I just figured there's no way I could be gaining at such a big deficit 😮
Squat shoes? forgottenpass 8 3 daysFiremanSi (41482): @forgottenpass ALot of the time people use a oly shoe because of limited ankle rom and cant track knees as much as ur claiming to. So unless what ur not seeing is ur heels raising at depth which will lead to knees issues. I'm 6'3 also and bought adipowers initially because i wanted to remain more upright but i can hit depth no problem and even too much so it's hard to get a stretch reflex (I do have ankle issues currrently working on). So...
Band pull aparts!? SOLARSUPLEX 5 3 daysFiremanSi (41482): This. I did them for too long locking back my shoulders and not protracting the scaps through the full range of motion. Especially on the days u do a shit load of bench when ur trying to keep ur scapulae in a retracted position u want to use the band pull aparts to put them through a full ROM.
Life at the Daily Planet. A log. eknight 186 3 daysoceanair (17776): @eknight eek i'm glad you're ok. hope you recover quickly.
I do what I want Log Rand 59 3 daysRand (4096): 560x1 beltless deadliftI love monday night training, its my one night I can lift for as long as I want. Bench 225x10x3 then 275x5x8 eassssy reps! yeaa buddy bench is rollin, here is to healthy shoulders and big pecks Deadlifts in-between bench. My knee and hip have been feeling a tad better, deadlifts are now 100% go and I feel as strong as ever with deads, squats are still iffy and strength is down on them. 405x5 beltless then 500x1...
How long is the leap from 40kg to 60kg bench Oslo1234 6 3 daysHamb0 (787): I have a feeling that alot of people look straight towards solely the lack-of-muscle part of having a weak lift. On the other hand, when i see people struggle with improving a lift, mostly when it is considered "low'ish" weight, then the form they have in the movement is often very very awkward. Obviously, to improve your bench, you need to train and eat, but i would put my money on claiming, that for you to go from 40 to 60kg in...
"INSERT SNAPPY LOG TITLE HERE" kickinchicken 30 4 dayskickinchicken (8275): So it looks like this is the last time I will have Internet access for a few weeks due to temporary work relocation. At the moment the plan is to continue with 5/3/1 since I'm still making pretty good progress towards getting my strength back up. I may even be able to hit the same PRs but at a little lighter body weight. But I won't have access to free weights till I get back so looks like calisthenics for 2-3 weeks.
Opinions? dserious111 2 4 dayseknight (52852): Find a trainer for her. She gets in shape and you keep your gf. -3X
Condition check guys, what do you think? Gideon 13 4 daysGideon (4): Thx guys! Nice to Get some advice and help!
Quick question GreekLegend 8 5 daysHamb0 (787): Yea me too. I cant do many seks of 10 in squats for weeks on end, but it clearly works, in my experience. If someone never really feel taking deloads to be necessary, Then a couple of weeks of 5+ sets of 10 in squats Will do the trick 😝
Strength bands sammieboi 5 5 daysNorIda (45235): @Hamb0 though I agree with you for the most part. They are a tool to be utilized, and not a crutch as a lot of people use them for. With that said I have some bands that I utilize for shoulder warm ups and TKE's. I've used them for added resistance as well. Mine are eliteFTS. Nice bands, often on sale at half price. With that said idk of I would buy more than what I already have. And to quote @Hamb0; Just pick shit up and you'll make gains...
Upper/lower advice Savageguru 3 5 daysHamb0 (787): All of the above. The setup you have is a train wreck
Starting Log kmac 8 6 daysLiftamusprime (46): What about lower body? Deadlifts won't just cut it for legs! you'll look out of proportion. Find a routine thats been properly designed and run it for a fair amount of time. You could try an upper/ lower split, theres a template in the routine for dummies thread but you might need less volume for your experience level. You also need to eat to'll find all the information you need in the faqs.
Gym Clothing realwomenlift 5 6 daysrealwomenlift (1): Sorry that's I can sell through another vendor
My Gym Story. 2011-2016(so far) SanderKaasik 51 7 daysSanderKaasik (31): Hey guys. Tomorrow is my first competition. Weight will be 94-94.5kg. Can't wait to hit the stage. Stay positive, and Go Freaking Get it !
Waist line ruinevesfitness 10 7 daysruinevesfitness (1): Great! Thank you all for your Feedback 😊
How big Hambo 9 7 daysEagleRare10 (28): That article discusses "natural potential" models from some pretty reputable fitness minds, such as Martin Berkhan, Lyle McDonald, and Alan Aragon. Also has stats from some (purportedly) natural pros.
Anyone? Lol dserious111 8 7 daysSOLARSUPLEX (5968): It's called a tsunami bar. Check it out on their website.
15 years old bodybuilder Outthetics 18 8 daysJackShon (1): @Jsn3004 and go lift! Your arms wont protect you from getting fucked up
Gaining Weight!! sandy 6 8 dayssandy (1): Ok, thank you. Maybe I will just go back to what I was doing. I would rather stay the weight I was then to continue to gain. Have a great day!
Saw this..couldn't resist.. emmyweird84 2 8 daysA_em (1768): Maybe you've already seen it, but I couldn't resist, either 😉
upperback,shoulder,neck tightness jja0016 11 8 daysjja0016 (829): Thanks. I've been doing a greater push to pull ratio for a long time looking at my routine as well. Or at least it looks like a 1:1 ratio if I'm not mistaken? Probably the main reason.
Doorway Pull Up/Chin Up Bar hollyhopeful5678 8 8 dayswannabemuscular (29247): As long as it's properly installed and the door frame is solid you should be fine.
15 Years Old chest Outthetics 1 9 daysOutthetics (55): Motivation :D
Building muscle with low t Coopsdaddy 13 9 daysjostrosky (1): you are lucky to have it that high. I was diagnosed with low T and i was constantly hoovering in around 70 with my lowest at 30 and this was with TRT @ 150mg every other week. It took my doctor about 2 years or so with clomid and HCG to try and naturally kickstart my Test but nada. I am now on a 150mg/week of cypinate. This keeps me at ~400-500. I was diagnosed at 26 (and no i didn't take anything to drop my t levels) and doc said if i want to...
Squats and old injuries scauffiel 12 9 daysscauffiel (1): Excellent, thanks a ton for the help!
Best body part split?! Zcoin 8 10 daysdarklight79 (2827): Not enough arms bro.
Where to train in Buenos Aires? MissM 1 10 daysMissM (1): I am moving to Buenos Aires and am looking for a hard-core gym to train with like-minded people. I generally take classes (body pump, some HIIT, etc.) with solid instructors that push you, but that's in the U.S. and I don't know about Argentina where the standards seem to be lower. I can't afford a personal trainer unfortunately. Can anyone advise on a gym with high-quality, serious instructors that push you and a hard-working community of...
Vacation Gym Blues jostrosky 18 11 dayseknight (52852): 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 -3X