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Routine Design for Dummies 1.0 eknight 171 16 daysKettlebellJason (1): Hey thanks for this routine. So glad I joined this forum, already giving me some gold nuggets.
Simply Shredded FAQ - Read before posting! Frostshock 38 8 monthsRyanEdward (10): Awesome post
Onward Onslaught Cannonball 215 2 hoursCannonball (6157): Won the nationals! Did 182.5 kg. Not much more to say, don't want to list excuses as to why I couldnt get my goal of 190. Been in a huge slump since but starting to get back on track.
Hand tremors Ahmed96d 1 2 hoursAhmed96d (19): Hello guys, Hope you are all having a good day :) My hands are shaking and not only during/post workout, Someone told me it's from "masturbation" but i cannot really find an evidence to that. This really irritates me because in the gym even tho i'm lifting a light weight it still shakes apart from being embarrassing. So what are the possible causes for this ? Thank you for your time :)
Another LOG for the Old Man wannabemuscular 131 12 hourswannabemuscular (32229): Tuesday 7/25: Legs Leg Press: 300x12, 400x12, 500x12, 600x12, 700 5x10 Calf Press on Leg Press: 400 5x15 SLDL: 225 5x8 EZ Bar Curl: 60x12, 90 2x10 Really loving the convenience of this gym at the office. Knock off work, go right down, get my workout in during rush-hour, and end up getting home in half the amount of time it would normally take. I totally avoid the awful Long Island traffic. .
best strength hypertrophy routine ?NEWUSER ihsanb 11 14 hourseknight (56818): Reread the thread. -3X
Couple of questions, as a noobie CasuallyLiftin 6 15 hourseknight (56818): This is inaccurate at best and a total myth at worst. -3X
cut or bulk please help!!! vvo22181 7 17 hoursKellyKapoor (1): I think he should maintain the weight but cut the fat and build muscle at the same time. Do this by going hard af and do not over eat or eat shit. I am 5'7" 160lbs and I am less than 10% body fat. I grew up a skinny kid and was 120lbs when I started lifting. I "bulked" to 160 and never went over the 10% body fat margin. This took me about 3 years.
GF and her ex keeping contact. Opinions? KS100 7 17 hoursKellyKapoor (1): At first I was gonna say that it's no big deal, but after reading more and getting to the part where she says to him that she had that fantasy of him and is continuing contact to possibly see him. I would confront the shit out of her. Only reason I wouldn't say to leave right off the bat is because yall have been together for over 5 years. You would think people would learn basic respect and trust over that amount of time
hi harvey98 3 17 hoursKellyKapoor (1): hi
Tips on how to Harden the stomach Spencer1104 2 17 hoursKellyKapoor (1): There are a few ab workouts I have been doing lately which seem to be helping. I do planks (hold for 1 minute, if it's easy then throw some weight on your back), leg lifts, sit-ups on a decline bench, and I also do some high to low and low to high ab rotations to harden my obliques.
Hey, Im new and I could use some help Adebisi313 7 23 hoursAdebisi313 (1): Ok thank you man, yea I played football when I was younger, but when I stopped I also stopped taking care of my body and now I want to get back into it...anyways, thanks man, Im just collecting info
Smolov Jr Bench- Thoughts WinnersNeverQuit 53 1 dayFiremanSi (42166): @WinnersNeverQuit what's the purpose of the double pause box squat mate ??
Needing some advice Dorich 92 2 daysSalokin (784): Good work.
My training log getfit24 58 2 daysgetfit24 (37): I know I've been terrible at logging but I normally do 4/5 times of training a week. I should prolly keep my workouts on my phone then just paste them down here whenever I get the time.
Back from the Dead Log eknight 201 3 dayseknight (56818): 7/23/17: Machine incline press: 60x15/80x10/100x10 WGLP: 120x12/140x10/160x8 Standing single-arm cable pull down: 25x10/35x10/45x8 Tri-set: a) incline DB raise b) side lateral raises c) OHP from scaption plane 1 minute each, 10 lb DBs. 2 sets DB curls: 20x15/25x10/30x8 Cable curls: 20 pounds x30/15/15/15 30 seconds rest between sets Triceps pushdown: 30x12/35x10/40x10/45x10/3x50x10 -3X
How many weeks more should i cut? Oskidur 7 4 daysDorich (316): Congrats on your progress. What's your height? And post a few more pics.
Need help(pics) Nick212915 5 4 daysAhmed96d (19): As Dorish said you are far from having gyno lmao, you should see my chest but I'm fat tho. Hoping when I lean down it's not gyno but it's unlikely, Anyways just make sure you get adequate amount of calories if you want to lose fat ( deficit ). you can use resistance bands I think to help you until you get your strength back. Good luck man!
Need some advice for cutting Wannabelean 8 4 daysWannabelean (1): Thank! I'll progressively increase my Calorie intake to have at most 500 cal deficit.
Steroid + PCT Juicywog 7 4 daysforgottenpass (259): Wouldn't him being in a depressed/anxious state cause him to have a bad trip? One that could fuck him up depending on the psychedelic.
Peptides OliverWatson 1 4 daysOliverWatson (4): Can anyone recommend a good Peptide website?
Left shoulder pain Chriss 6 5 daysAoverto7 (217): Applause.jpg
Chrome school 25 mm barbell Hambo 4 6 daysSalokin (784): They're passionate about what they do, but lack the strength to truly commit to their actions. Overall, a joyful piece of equipment, but they're haunted by what could have accomplished if they'd only pursued their Olympic size dreams. Regrets are plentiful, but they try not to let it rob them of happiness they find in their Monday thru Friday monotony.
Obluqies Freakydecky 1 6 daysFreakydecky (1): How the shit can you get obluqies to look like this... Like holy shit what exersises to grt them that big and yet have a extremely tiny waist like this guy no doubt has at least a 29 and below. Also nope did thr ultrasound. Just a extreme muscle strain as they called it. Told me to just do breathing excerises and actually work them. Sure enough... one,get one free! forgottenpass 1 7 daysforgottenpass (259): What's up! Found this awesome deal from a friend and thought I share it with you guys who are chipotle lover! Just go through the game like site and the coupon will be immediately sent to your phone, took me 2 minutes! There goes my macros!
Your Approach to ending a cut... Jreay4 5 8 daysJreay4 (1): @Salokin opposite to what I thought, interesting, thanks !
Gaining too much fat on bulk? LiamChecks 4 8 daysSalokin (784): 19 pounds in a 21-25 week period may be a little fast, but not too bad for a newbie to the game. If you feel fat gain is a little more than you'd like, you can always lower your calories a bit. Lower by 100 cals/day at first, monitor strength and scale weight, adjust accordingly. You can lower that protein level a bit as well. Not much use for more than 1 gram per pound of bodyweight, especially in a bulking phase.
Advice on last part of my cut strengthathletics 14 8 daysstrengthathletics (16): Thank you for blessing this Jew with your holy wisdom. I'll give those a try, always mired the exercise.
Is Lemon Water good for Weight Loss Emmac01 14 8 daysJesus (136): Chilli water for best weight losses
Nutrition and diet Hambo 10 9 daysAoverto7 (217): Things and stuff, carl
How's my diet? acoble02 19 9 dayszhouchunzi (1): ====================================== Hello, this post I 7 months ago to reply, I have been busy fitness to lose weight, did not notice Huitie, I am sorry, I recently lost a lot of fat, ready to eat protein powder muscle, this drink I drink The effect is good, aloe no side effects of any drugs, the body is good, I drink the version of sugar, exercise supplement sugar, moisture, aloe pulp is also conducive to the absorption of dietary fiber, the...
Fresh and frozen fruit Mustbenice 9 10 daysjamiee321 (1): If you really want to know, maybe try weighing out 100g of raw berries, chucking them in the freezer and reweighing once frozen.
Newbie Need Advice End14 4 10 daysAhmed96d (19): @end14
Plank Takeiteasy 4 11 dayseknight (56818): Did you skip the part where I said: "Without seeing your form no one is going to be able to give you any kind of accurate answer." Great that you videoed it, but unless you upload it here, I still can't tell you what you're doing wrong. -3X
Loose skin or fat? Nicolelou 14 11 daysJsn3004 (2716): I'm just surprised this thread is still kicking despite OP never responding and this thread being 10 months old.
Want to enter a bikini competition.. ewhite 4 12 daysAoverto7 (217): Alpha Training Protocols works with a lot of bikini prep contestants and they do fantastic work from what I can tell from their client posts.
Russian twist Humblelifts 10 12 daysAoverto7 (217): Try Mexican twists. They are covered with cinnamon sugar and they are great!
Phil Heath Livestreaming Today swolevaro 1 13 daysswolevaro (1): Hey Guys- Join Phil Heath today at 2pm PST / 5pm EST for the flagship episode of his new subscriber series "Chasing Arnold." Follow Phil as he trains for his historic run at Arnold Schwarzenegger's 7 Mr. Olympia titles. Download the App, and follow Phil Heath, also check out previous sessions. You can ask questions and can interact Phil any questions live! Download the Collide app on iOS: Android app...
Bouncing Back? livfresh 2 13 daysjamiee321 (1): Hey :) There are plenty of dairy/gluten/soy free foods you can incorporate into your diet. I personally cannot tolerate gluten or dairy either! My staple gluten free carb sources are sweet potato (baked into fries with cinnamon), quinoa, brown rice and fruit. As for fat and protein sources, I love coconut oil, avocado, nut butters, chicken, salmon, eggs/egg whites and white fish. Also make sure you season your food- otherwise you'll get bored...
Can I Drink Tea? evegrant 4 13 daysjamiee321 (1): Tea is fine! As long as you aren't having 50 cups a day haha Also make sure you aren't adding sugar to it :)
Simplyshredded is dead... haole 5 14 dayswannabemuscular (32229): @Jsn3004 Yeah, I said it once before, we're like the bastard step-child.
Refeeds..... Jreay4 6 14 daysjamiee321 (1): If you are still dropping bf then there isn't a need for them. Cheat meals, however could be introduced every 1-2 weeks if you do want the mental benefit that comes from eating an non-tracked meal.
Bad pull? Or muscle tear Courtneyross52 2 15 daysSalokin (784): It's hard to say exactly the cause of the injury. We're not in any position to diagnose. It would probably be best to get in to see your MD as soon as possible.
Anyone used an Adjustable Kettlebell? kettlebellguys 7 16 daysKettlebellJason (1): One of the problems with adjustable kettlebells is the handle - can be difficult to use properly so you want to make sure you choose the right model. I also found that some brands only go between certain weights so you end up needing to buy two different adjustable kettlebells anyway. For example, Rocketlok have a 14-20 pound model and a 24-36 pound model. Then if you are like me you also want to have a 50-60 pound kettlebell for goblet squats...
4 month at the gym, NO PAIN NO GAIN BRUH !!! idanfroy 8 16 daysDorich (316): @forgottenpass LOL nice gif but don't feel that way.
LMFAO at these spotters Dorich 1 16 daysDorich (316): There are no words to describe it. :D
Macros.. need advice Ashmeister 3 17 dayseknight (56818): When you really want this- more than just words- you'll invest in the time and effort to get there. You're 18, which means you're old enough to cook your own food and do your own work. -3X
Carb cycling help pretty please Berriertobeast 35 17 dayspdobdfgeater (1): How to get rich out of trouble Today's generation of Maldives is unwilling to work, but who wants to eat dozens of hours a day at work. There comes a solution. The dream of every young man. Money for fun. There comes a new social network lulter. Make money for both the fun and the lulter Presentation for new social site ! Who is lulter Lulter is new social site from slovakia and representation from New York in year 2018 Do not work and get...
Specialization program NeCr0sSsxDD 2 18 dayswannabemuscular (32229): I'm curious where you heard this?
Abs Darkfloppa 6 19 daysAoverto7 (217): Probably need a waist trainer and some sweet sweat to really "tone" your abs. Maybe look in to a detox/fit tea.