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Cortisol effect Lilfitgirl 8 3 monthswannabemuscular (32247): Great. How about some progress pics? :)
Won't grow if I don't eat enough?! Kev521 6 5 monthsJsn3004 (2716): A calorie surplus is when you eat more calories than you are burning off. I'd read the FAQ first, just for a better understanding on how to gain, maintain, or lose weight.
Detox Tips. Credit: PopDQ billy 3 5 monthsAoverto7 (217): I take it you do not understand basic biology.
Clen + duromine? Help! Morrel 3 8 monthsColossus (76): ...and cardio...
Diet and exercises problems wheremyabs 1 2 yearswheremyabs (1): Hi folks, I'd like to learn from you what kind of problems do you have regarding diet and exercising. Together with a friend we've started working on some web/mobile app to make life easier;) Can you please fill in a short survery regarding your diet and exercies? It's available @
9 Reasons your not losing weight ! FiremanSi 11 4 yearsFiremanSi (42166): Haha... Pet peeves, everyone has them. :)
My daily nutrition plan!! Rate it* alexmuller 3 5 yearsalexmuller (5452): Correct. Weighing in at around 194lb. Been gaining around 1.5-2 pounds per week with no noticeable fat gains, as a matter of fact my abs are showing even more.
fataznbloke help thread fataznbloke 5 6 yearsmikew (11187): Organic food is always almost always better than canned food. Food straight from the garden will obviously taste better and contain less sodium/preservatives than a processed/canned version of the same food. However, aside from taste it makes little difference since corn has so few calories. Your focus should be on reaching your protein and fat intake goals.