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Three days remaining (Fri, Sat, Sun).

And these last days feel like weeks.
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After so many months and so much work... finished.

April 03, 2017: 63.10 kg / 139.1 lbs
April 10, 2017: 62.25 kg / 137.2 lbs
April 17, 2017: 61.60 kg / 135.8 lbs (final weight)

Total weight loss June 06, 2016 - April 17, 2017: 52.4 kg / 115.5 lbs

In regards to the lowish body weight for my height (184 cm), I don't have issues with it. Untrained guy, never bulked, only started lifting during deficit. Thin bones (barely 15.5 cm wrists & very small ankles), plus low body fat, plus being depleted, IMO are all contributing factors. I see it as a temporary number either way.

Starting today I'm aiming for estimated maintenance kcal minus 10% for safety reasons. Will monitor weight closely and adjust. Goal is to remain at maintenance for 4-6 weeks prior to going into any surplus. Will also keep fats low during high carb days.

Body weight will most likely increase during actual maintenance and stabilize at around 142 lbs I'm predicting, even prior to going into any surplus.

Although I'm "exhausted" after all of this for various reasons, I also feel fantastic for many other reasons. Overall I just feel great to be honest.

Will post photos and other stuff including skin-folds in an upcoming post. I'd do it sooner but really really busy with lots of things at the moment.

Thanks to all for your insights provided in this thread. Will write more later.
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Alright, now with the journey being over, here are some recent photos:

Depleted, no pump. Muscles may look fuller eventually after everything's restored. The last several weeks I was very low carb because that was the only way for me to make my calories fit.

The lack of developed abdominals and minimal loose skin makes me appear slightly fatter... but I'm pretty sure that's around 10% BF, especially when taking skin-folds into account.

Current skin-folds:

Bicep - 2 mm
Tricep - 3 mm
Chest - 4 mm
Midaxillary - 4 mm
Calf - 4 mm
Suprailiac - 4 mm
Thigh - 6 mm
Subscapular - 6 mm
Abdominal - 8 mm
Lower back - 8 mm

These were checked numerous times, and different calipers were used. I guess it's the OCD in me, heh.

To those new and/or unfamiliar with my situation, here are some cliffs:

- 30 year old male, 6'0" tall, was obese @ 251.3 lbs

- Had an uncontrollable, huge, destructive appetite

- Went from 251.3 lbs to 135.8 lbs, dropping a total of 115.5 lbs in 10 months and 11 days

- Previously untrained, only started lifting while in deficit

- Gained strength and endurance, got rid of hypertension, pre-diabetes, and strange headaches

- Goal was to reach around 10% BF, which I see as achieved (mirror & skin-folds are sufficient IMO)

- Had to buy tons of new clothes

- Will stay on maintenance for at least 4-6 weeks prior to carefully lean bulking

Me at my starting weight - 251.3 lbs:

Me after some fat loss - 220.5 lbs:

Nothing more to say except that I feel like a new person and it's only been four days of maintenance so far. There aren't words I can use to describe the feeling, really.

I'm also well aware that I don't have a "bodybuilder" physique, reason being that I never trained prior to this weight loss. However, I'm pretty certain I now have a good base to start building from, and I'll try to read/learn as much as I can in order to start making those gains. Eventually, if I do things right, I should have a solid physique.

I thank all the folks who helped me out, you know who you are. Comments and well-meant advice for the future are always appreciated. Questions are welcomed.

Full weight loss log:

June 06, 2016: 114.00 kg / 251.3 lbs
August 28, 2016: 100.00 kg / 220.5 lbs
September 19, 2016: 94.50 kg / 208.3 lbs
October 10, 2016: 91.80 kg / 202.4 lbs
October 17, 2016: 89.40 kg / 197.1 lbs
October 24, 2016: 89.00 kg / 196.2 lbs
October 31, 2016: 87.50 kg / 192.9 lbs
November 07, 2016: 85.85 kg / 189.3 lbs
November 21, 2016: 83.80 kg / 184.7 lbs
December 05, 2016: 81.40 kg / 179.5 lbs
December 26, 2016: 78.10 kg / 172.2 lbs
January 09, 2017: 76.00 kg / 167.6 lbs
February 06, 2017: 71.95 kg / 158.6 lbs
March 06, 2017: 67.85 kg / 149.6 lbs
March 13, 2017: 66.60 kg / 146.8 lbs
March 20, 2017: 65.85 kg / 145.2 lbs
March 27, 2017: 64.50 kg / 142.2 lbs
April 03, 2017: 63.10 kg / 139.1 lbs
April 10, 2017: 62.25 kg / 137.2 lbs
April 17, 2017: 61.60 kg / 135.8 lbs

Sincerely hoping that my transformation can serve as an inspiration to overweight individuals who want to make a change in their lives.
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Congrats on the weightloss. So many people tell themselves that they are going to lose weight/be healthier and never follow through on their goals, but you actually did it and you look great.
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@Jsn3004 Much appreciated.
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From obese to 'dickskin-shredded' transformation:-D

Congratz on smashing that goal!
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@Tucane Thx.
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It's only been one week of maintenance. I went from extremely low carb / depleted state at 61.6 kg (135.8 lbs) to maintenance calories with moderate-high carbs. Normal eating, more or less.

Weight has increased to exactly 64.4 kg (142 lbs) with skin-folds remaining exactly the same. Muscles look fuller, face looks more "lively" and fresh. Strength levels are fantastic.

My assumption is that my weight will stabilize at around 65-66 kg, and that will be my final weight at this level of body fat, prior to going into a surplus.
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Just wanted to say that I started my lean bulk this Monday, May 22nd, after five weeks of maintenance.

Weight on Monday was 66.7 kg (147 lbs), with skin-folds being exactly the same as they were with 61.6 (136 lbs). This weight seems like a great starting point. I also look somewhat "fuller", not fatter.

My goal is 1 kg weight gain per month. Wish me luck.
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Unbelievable. Well done
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Originally Posted by Sendsol
Unbelievable. Well done


Bulking is going great btw.
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strong weightless
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