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Couple of questions, as a noobie18927

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Very new to lifting, I weigh 225 lbs, am 17 years old (fat ass I know, we're here to change that), probably 35% body fat. I was wondering, should I lift to lose weight or should I do cardio to lose weight and body fat percentage and then start lifting to gain muscle? Also, how much weight should I expect to be able to lift doing deadlifts, squats and bicep curls?
Thanks in advance and I hope to be here alot =)
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Lift so you can take advantage of newbie gains and recomposition ur body.
There's a unique window of opportunity where u can build muscle and burn fat in the first roughly 12months of lifting...
U will look much better physically then if u just did cardio.
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Yeah, definitely start lifting. Even so, you can (and probably should) include some cardio for weight loss and general health reasons, along with weight lifting.

Read this thread if you haven't yet:

Assess your calorie needs as described in that thread, shooting for a deficit of -100 to -500 from maintenance per day, get started on one of the begginer lifting routines, and reap the rewards!

Good luck!
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I agree with @FiremanSi. Lift and see where that will take you. You will see some newbie gains as well as some water loss. Now would be a time to look at your diet and just track what you typically eat in a week and see what you would cut out/add in. Cut out anything from a package or fast food and try incorporating whole foods (fruits, veggies, and lean meats) add in oats and other grains as well. I am not saying change your entire lifestyle, you want to do it gradually and make it lifestyle change.
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